Renju and other related Games

Computers programs Links Part-1 - Maybe weak programs but many games from different countries.

Computers programs Links Part-2 - Strong programs.

Computers programs Links Part-

Renju is well known as a simple game of Five-in-a Row.

The new Internet possibilities give us new chance to connect with players from other countries, and also with the help of Searching Machine select information from whole world.

This information is for those who want to investigate about Five-in-a-Row Games. The Best (to my opinion) searching mashines are Hotbot, Alta Vista and on Russian Rembler

(Comments from Tommy Maltell: Northern Light is also interesting because when searching for example for renju you will get the information structered based on from which servers you will find information) (AltaVista in USA) (AltaVista in Europe)

There are a lot of different names for this game : You can try

Renju, Wuziqi, Go-moku, Gomoku, Connect5, Five-in-a-Row, Five-in-Line, Rendzu, Go-muku, Go-bang, Gobang, Piskvorky, Noughts & Crosses, CrossZero, Omok, O-mok, Gomoku Narabe , Kakugo, Luffarschack , RistiNolla, Pente.

I have found above 25 freeware games and above 30 games for JAVA .

The Game WuZiQi - renju playing DOS

Go-Moku by Dominik Murk

Horvat program Demo


by Konstantin Gredeskoul from Austria Version 2.0

Go-Moku 95 2.0 Win-95 by Stanislav Drapkin

Demo-version only, 1997 Canada

Funny US program.

Gomoku Narabe 2.0 Win 3.11 by Steve Neeley 1995


Russian Gomoku program by Stas Korotky Win 3.11, Win95

Five in a Row from Norway

Luffarschack -

Swedish program

Luffar Schack one more Swidish program


Factory v1.5 by Dagoth. Gomoku v2.8 by Dagoth

Finish program Five in a Row

Very weak. by Mika Pihlajamaki Version: 1.0

O-mok, Dos

Players from former USSR very often name all Five-in-a-Row games as Renju.

Rendzu Windows 95 v2.0: Japanese National Game

Mark's Mammel five-in-a-row games

Active PBeM player suggest his own programs in Renju, Gomoku, Pente.

This Renju program have solved test on 5 Kyu.

FiveInLine Author: Nj?l Fisketjon Version: 2.2


Gomoku DOS

Go-Muku Windows 3.1

Go-Moku V1.3 by Daniel Osman

Poland program

Make5 Version 1.1



Slovakia program named "Piskvorky" Piskvorky 1.2 Win 3.11 by Kukisoft

One more "Piskvorky" from Chechia.

Japanese renju program

Programs for MAC & UNIX


Playing program for Mac. Version 2.4

Gomoku for Unix


Ver.1.20 com /ibi/home/cs/94/c94096/games/gomoku gomoku.ver1.20.tar.gz


Russian programs



Renju - by Shaposhnikov

Five in Line - Go-Moku

Argentina program

O-mok - Korea program


Not bad program from Germany


Information Page

Playing Pente program

I ‘ll be glad if you will inform me about new sites of programs in Internet.

Regards Alexander Nosovsky

Computers programs Links Part-2


We are interesting to unite all programmers of Five in a Row Games

So, We'll have 3-d World Championship among computers Program in 2000 year.

We have two WC.

First Problems Solving WC - it show real analyzing search of each programs.

Second we have Tournament according RIF Tournament Rules.

Programs are playing each other as real players as Black and as White.


Renju is sport variant of well-known game Go-Moku.

Such names : Renju, Wuziqi, Go-moku, Gomoku, Connect5, Wu-Zi-Qi

Five-in-a-Row, Five-in-Line, Rendzu, Go-muku, Go-bang, Gobang, Ameba, Caro,

Piskvorky, Pisqvorky, Morpion, Noughts & Crosses, Omok, O-mok, Gomoku Narabe

 Kakugo, Luffarschack , RistiNolla, CrossZero,

In my first search I don't want to give strong links, I had tried to show programs links from different countries but now I show new links and rather strong.


Gomoku-DOS Winner of 1-st WC and Maastricht Computers Olympiad in 1991






WuZiQi - DOS


Renju  for Windows (StoneMaster) (not free !!!) There is bug for Renju

And No RIF Renju Rules , Strength above 1 Dan


Blackstone - WINNER of 1998 World Championship in both Tournaments

3- DAN !!!  RIF Rules Win-98 (not free 40 USD)


It is possible to play with RIF Rules !!!!

Mark's Mammel five-in-a-row games  3 kyu - DOS



Rendzu - 5 kyu



Gomoku with central prohibited Zone



For Apple-Macintosh. Version 2.4



Gomoku for Unix


             Ver.1.20 com /ibi/home/cs/94/c94096/games/gomoku gomoku.ver1.20.tar.gz





It is possible to play with RIF Rules !!!!

SUPER-RENJU- by Zhang Tongixiang from China !!! Strength above 1 Dan








Renju - Tools


DataBase-Dos by Stepanov (see link at RIF WWW-Page) -(3500 games Base free)


RenBase-Dos free


RenBase-98 (not free Light 7-USD, Pro-25 USD)


Base with 10000 games working with RenBase-95,98 - free




Dear Renju friends
We had 2-d WC in Renju among computers programs last year.
There were participants from Russia,USA, Japan, China.
We want to have more countries.
In many countries there are programmers who have write programs for Gomoku
Gomoku (five in a row) was solved by Victor Allis from Netherlands
See his theses at
Renju is the sport variant of gomoku.
Renju is unsolved game.

The new winner program in both championships "Blackstone" by Victor Barikin
is now the best program in Renju.
Mr. Kawamura former Meijin and World Champion kindly write about this
program :
"It is enough strong to play against top players !"
But 2 problems with sure win (tsume renju) from problems solving
championship were not solved by all programs.
It means that it is a lot of work for programmers.
All participants are welcome !
Next 3-d WC will be in summer of 2000 year.
We plan to have Pentium II 400-800 , 64 Mb machines, Win-98
Please, test your program before with the renju test at 5 kyu
there are 10 problems.
You can send solution in pos files to me (ziped please)
You need in your programs English Menu and some information and
also possibility to load and save .pos files.
Format of .pos files is in this letter.
Rules of 3-d WC in Renju among Computer programs is the same as 2-d WC.
You can download it from
You can download DOS-program 2-d place winner of Tournament Championship
made by Mr.Mark Mammel
from :
If you are from Japan you can read information on Japanese
Please, send me your Entry-Info forms for receiving future information.
You can download information about previouse WC and games at :

Please, make possibility to load files in .pos format (Pascal)

    Buffer : array[0..225] of Char ;
 mm:=GetMaxMove(s); // mm=moves count
  for i:=1 to mm do
     while ((GetMoveNumber(s[j])<>i) and (j<=225)) do INC(j);
     Buffer[i]:=Chr(j-1); // where is move number i

Best Regards Alexander Nosovsky
vice-president of RIF

For participants of 3-d World Championship in Renju among computer
Info # 2
Please send me your applications
Like this

Name of program
Name of programmer
I want to participate in World Championship in Renju in 2000 year (summer)
among computer programs:
WC solving problems    Yes or No
WC Tournament (RIF rules)      Yes or No
Please, send me further information to e-mail :

My e-mail