11.1985 the 1st two Swedish players Peter Jonsson and Jan Palmgren visited Moscow. In December 1966 this troup went to Leningrad (S:t Petersburg).

12.This is the photo from a meeting preparing the foundation of RIF. From left you can see 1.Viktor Kaufman, now international connection man of Russia, 3. Alexander Nosovsky, then international connection man of the Soviet Union and now chief-editor of the Renju World, 4. Andrej Sokolsky, then President of Soviet Federation and now Vice President of RIF, 5. Tommy Maltell (I was elected President of RIF at the 8th of August 1988 and I am still the president). 6. S. Mikami, the President of Nihon Renju Sha was elected the Honourable President of RIF. 7. Mr Kosho Hayakawa.8. Norio Noshizono, one of the best players of Japan.

13.This picture is one of the more than 500 photos that I have from the 1st World Championship Tournament i Kyoto, Japan.

14.This is a picture of the World Champion challenge trophy.

15.Mr Kosho Hayakawa, the organizer of the 1st World Championship tournament.

The following pictures are mostly presenting top players in the World. Therefore I here mention the results of the 3 World Championship tournaments.

1st World Championship in Kyoto, Japan

2nd World Championship in Moscow, Soviet Union

3rd World Championship in Arjeplog, Sweden

16a The players from 1st World Championship from left: Ingvar Sundling, Jan Palmgren, Petter Gardström, Nikolay Mikhailov, Yevgei Bobkov.

16b The players from 1st World Championship from left: Mikhail Koshin, Shigeru Nakamura, Kazuto Hasegawa, Hideki Nara, Toshio Nishimura.

17.The 12 World Championship players of the 3rd World Championship Tournament in Arjeplog, Sweden. From left:

18.Yevgei Bobkov, Russia

19.Petter Gardström, Sweden

20.Kazuto Hasegawa, Japan

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