Renju Newsletter No 1-14 2001

Date sent:      	Sun, 10 Jun 2001 23:48:26 UT

Renju Newsletter No 14 - 2001

Lars B Melin will retire as auditor of RIF, so we have to choose a new auditor. Suggestions for
new auditor may be sent to me.

Results from the Swedish tournament Oestgoetadraget played in Vadstena 2-4 of June 2001

1. Rickard Johannesson, Joenkoeping
2. Kristian Lindberg, Joenkoeping
3. Stefan Karlsson, Stockholm

26 June-1 July the final of the Swedish qualificatontournament 
before WC in Japan will be played. The following players will participate:
Petter Gardstroem, Tord Andersson, Stefan Karlsson and Joachim Gaulitz.


4-d World Championship in RENJU, GOMOKU and PENTE among computer programs

Dear RENJU, GOMOKU,PENTE computer participants !

We plan to have next WC in Renju among computer programs in the 7-10
of 2001 year in Moscow, Russia.

1. Renju WC problems solving.
(1 hour - 10 problems, each participant add one problem, other problems from

2. Renju WC Tournament Championship (RIF Rules)
(2 hours for 60 moves each, bayomi 10 moves for 10 minutes)

3. Go-moku WC Tournament Championship (New Rules) board 19x19
(2 hours for 60 moves each, bayomi 10 moves for 10 minutes)

4. Pente WC Tournament Championship (PBEM Rules) board 19x19 .
(2 hours for 60 moves each, bayomi 10 moves for 10 minutes)

Please, inform me will you visit Moscow during WC-4, we can book hotel, make
please also inform us will you need to borrow the computer from organizers
or you bring computer with yourself, if you don't visit Moscow you can send
your program (protected variant or time-working version, but you need to
have English menu and download .pos files this case).
I hope we can suggest Computers with only Celeron 750, or Pentium III-750
Mb RAM) Windows-98
Entry fee for WC participation 30 USD
for two WC - 40 USD
for tree WC - 50 USD
for four WC - 60 USD
Please, send me Entry form 2 before 11-th of Saptember !!!!

Please, send me Entry Form-2

Name of programmer, Country
I - WC Require
1.Renju-WC-Solving - Yes or No
2. Renju Tournament - Yes or No
3. Go-moku N-Rules  - Yes or No
4. WC Pente - Yes or No

II)I want to visit Moscow during WC-4 (7-10 Nov. 2001 Moscow) - (Yes or No)
a)I need book hotel "Slavyanka" (near metrostation "Prospect Mira" (above 40
USD per night (two rooms, toilet, bothroom, TV, two person badroom) or
cheaper above 10 USD for one place in dowble-room (like ** hotel).
No breakfeast included to price.

b)I need visa (I will need more information about you this case, please
contact me as fast as you can because we need more time for making it)

III.I need computer from organizers

IV.No, I will send only program. (ziped by e-mail )
*(My box is above 1 MB if your programm bigger send me link for download it
from ftp or http)
V. Please, also send me your problem for WC Solving before 25 of October
If you refuse to send the problem for WC , please ask me I'll add to
participants one of my problems.
All participants who will stay at home will receive all problems of WC in
first day (7 Nov) of WC in .pos format by e-mail.
VI. Please, send me your postal address for sending Cups if you will win
first place in one of WC.
VII. Please write which computer language is write your program and size.

VIII. I agree to pay Entry fee( 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 USD) before 25 of
October 2001
Please, contact me I'll advise best way to pay for USA, Japan, China and
Taiwan participants.

Next Info will be in the end of Saptember
If you have any Questions don't histate to ask me.

Best Regards Alexander Nosovsky

Date sent:      	Tue, 22 May 2001 00:16:26 UT

Renju Newsletter No 13 - 2001

Report from renju tournament at MSO Cambridge


We did have a renju tournament at MSO Cambridge, but unfortunately there 
were only 3 entrants. The results are below (results of all the 
tournaments at MSO Cambridge at: )

The winner was 12-year-old William Brooks. He is 8-kyu at Go, and he was 
the overall champion at MSO Cambridge (he also won at Fanorona, and played 
in Xiangqi and Omweso).

There were some friendly games of renju too, as well as the competition. 
One of those playing friendly games was one of the people from Purple 
Software (MSO Cambridge sponsors) who helps to develop their renju 
program. He was a tough player to beat!

We are going to have some regular games meetings in Cambridge now, so I 
hope more renju will be played then.

We don't have any problems using the RIF rules, our only difficulty is 
that we don't have 15x15 boards, only Go boards. That makes it difficult 
to remember where the edge of the board is! Is there an easy place to get 
fairly cheap 15x15 boards? (the Go Association here sell 13x13, but not 

Best wishes,

Paul Smith


1. William Brooks 3/4
2. Chris Dickson 2/4
3. Paul Smith 1/4

William 2-0 Paul
Paul 1-1 Chris
Chris 1-1 William

Date sent:      	Mon, 21 May 2001 10:26:26 UT

Renju Newsletter No 12 - 2001

Last 1.5 years Mikhail Kozhin has lived in USA (working there). He is within Top 20 players
of the RIF Rating List:
According to our previous decisions he is within Top 20 players but he has not
played 10 games during the last year. So he cannot by usual rules be participant 
of QT as a member of 20 Top players.

However, Koshin´s situation is extraordinary. It has been 
impossible for him to play those necessary games. Because of 
his extraordinary situation RIF Central Committee has decided to
give him exemption for the 10 games and he has the right to play
in QT. 

Friendly Yours,

Tommy Maltell
President of RIF

Date sent:      	Fri, 18 May 2001 00:53:26 UT

Renju Newsletter No 11 - 2001

The agenda for the RIf General Assembly in August
which is published on the URL-address:
is preliminary and some parts may be changed and texts and documents may be added.

In the minutes of the General Assembly 1999
you can read:

14. Decision: Every Chairman of a RIF Commission have to send a report to the
 President about the commission activity before May 10 every second year i.e. May 10
2001. I have received no RIF Commissions reports yet. Therefore I ask all chairmans 
of RIF Commissions to send me their reports about commission activity via e-mail as 
soon as possible.

Every report must give the answer to the question if the commission should remain 
as it works today or if some changes are necessary? The reports should also include 
eventual proposals and for each member of the commission if the member is a candidate 
for 2 more years or if the member wants to withdraw from his task. The reports will be 
published on this page.

The following persons should send the report:

THE CORRESPONDENCE COMMISSION - Chairman Igor Sinov Russia (He has replaced Oleg Fedorkin)
(Please, in report also make comment to the suggestion of Tomas Hagenfors published on the
URL-address: and also sent to Joachim Gaulitz

THE SPORTS COMMISSION - Chairman Konstantin Nikonov Russia

THE REFEREE COMMISSION - Chairman Alexei Skuridin Russia

THE YOUTH COMMISSION - Chairman Alexei Skuridin Russia

THE RULES COMMISSION - Chairman Yoshimi Hayakawa Japan

Chairman Oleg Stepanov? (Has he or someone else replaced Bengt Asplund)
Other members: Kazuto Hasegawa Japan, Sergei Smirnov Russia, Na Wei China, 
Ants Soosorv Estonia or Lung-Chuan Chen Chinese Taipei

(The Commission should translate the book Click of stones)

THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION - Chairman Ants Soosorv Estonia

THE ASIAN COMMISSION - Chairman Yoshimi Hayakawa Japan

Report from Renju class and Ando Meritee

This is the report about the anniversary of online renju class.
I forward you the content of the email that I sent to all my renjuclass

The URL of our renju class is

Ando Meritee

Dear students of Online Renju Class,

I am very happy and pleased to announce that our Online Renju Class will
have its first anniversary on May 18.
One year has passed since we moved our renju class to,
opened our own website and named our class to be
Online Renju Class.

Since the celebration day is so special for us, therefore the renju
lesson on May 17 will be a bit different than usually.
That day, we will have shorter lesson. When the lesson is over, then we
will play the celebration game teacher versus students.
Old students already know how we play such game, and the newcomers can
see how it works right before we begin the game.

I will also say some words to all of you on behalf of Online Renju Class
and myself.

That night, the credits for attending the class are doubled. Everyone of
you can earn 2 cp for active participation that day.
I hope the lesson on May 17 will be very special for all of us. I hope
all of you will come to the lesson, dear students.

Lets look back at the past year. Lots of things have happened since
then. When we moved to playsite, the class was small, the
system was weak, students were random and irregular. We improved our
class step by step. The new system that we use
today was my vision of the active renju community. At that time, I didnt
know if my vision can become reality or not. But today
we know it has become true. The website, the credit and download system,
message boards, students community,
tournaments, active study and homeworks - it all works perfectly.

Today our renju class has 74 active students from 18 countries all over
the world - Canada, China, Taiwan, Macau, Russia,
USA, Ukraine, Japan, Korea, Australia, Estonia, New Zealand, Vietnam,
Sweden, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Finland,
Czech Republic. It is the biggest international community in the world
of renju. Our class helps to spread renju to many
countries and helps to improve the renju players' level in those
countries. Our renju community has grown together to be like
one big renju family. We communicate with each other actively, study
every week, join the lessons and do the homework. This
is very intensive renju activity compared to general renju process in
any renju country.

We have gone long way. It is time to sit back and think for a while,
about the past, present and future. The past was
challenging and hard, the present is satisfying... how about the future?
What will happen to us and to our class in future? Partly,
it depends on me and my helpers, but it also depends on you, my dear
students. The future of the class is very much in your
hands, too. The recent questionnaire feedback will help us to make
important decisions about the future of our Online Renju
Class. We will know better what our students expect and dream of.

I thank all of you for being so great students. It has been my honor to
teach you and help you on your way to the heights of
renju. I thank all my renjuhelpers, assistants, supporters. The class
could not be so good without your efforts. Maybe it would
not even exist today if you weren't there to give your help when it was
needed. You always helped our class. I respect all of
you very much. I am so thankful.

You are all so wonderful!

Always Yours,
Ando Meritee

Date sent:      	Tue, 15 May 2001 18:19:26 UT

Renju Newsletter No 10 - 2001 - Agenda for GA

On the URL-address:
you will find the agenda for the RIF General Assembly 2001


On the URL-address:
you will find some photos of Anders Henningsson in Renju Club in Korea.


Results of Estonian WC qualification:

1. Ants Soosyrv 7
2. Tunnet Taimla 5
3.-5. Timo Ilu, Johann Lents, Ain Ostra 4
6. Maris Tuvikene 3
7. Margus Tuvikene 3
8. Ester Eggert 2
9. Kaarel Peetersoo 2
10. Kadi Milva 1

Margus could not play round with Kaarel and lost without game.
6 best got right to play in 2.stage, but Ain had lack of time, 
so 5 players continued and played Round Robin twice:

1. Ants Soosyrv 7,5
2. Tunnet Taimla 5
3. Johann Lents 4,5
4. Timo Ilu 2
5. Maris Tuvikene 1

1. game between Johann and Ants was draw. Johann could not play 2. game and lost
without game.

Estonian women Qualification:

1. Evelyn Tihkan 6
2. Maris Tuvikene 4,5
3. Eve Harju 1,5

Tunnet Taimla will not go to Kyoto, so Estonian delegation is probably next :
Ando Meritee (AT), Ants Soosyrv ( AT), Johann Lents (QT), Evelyn Tihkan (QT and WT),
Maris Tuvikene (WT).

We will have international renju tournament in Tallinn, June 26.-27. called "Kalev"
Open .

Karepa Open will held July 23.-29. and costs 60 USD (including lodging, food and
Tallinn - Karepa).

Who wants to participate in these tournaments, please contact with 
Ants Soosyrv - 

Friendly, Ants

Date sent:      	Fri, 11 May 2001 17:49:34 UT

Renju Newsletter No 9 - 2001

This is a test sending from

I am preparing for Agenda for RIF General Assembly. I miss all reports from all
commissions. Please, send them as soon as possible.

I also miss proposal from Mr Hayakawa and from Nihon Renju Sha regarding new Central
Commitee and new president. Please, send me this reply as soon as possible.

I cannot send agenda if I do not receive the above mentioned.

is the URL-address to the Swedish Federation
with info in Swedish
is the URL-address to the updated info about 
all time Swedish Championships (in English)

Date sent:      	Wed, 2 May 2001 01:22:17 UT

Renju Newsletter No 8 - 2001

Sun, 29 Apr 2001 in Moscow Russian Qualification Tournament started.

Intersting Results :
K. Nikonov-Yu. Tarannikov 0.5-0.5
K. Nikonov-I. Sinyov 1-0

It was finished Russian Qualification Tournament
I. Sinyov 3 points
K. Nikonov 2.5 points
P.Salnikov 2.5 points
P. Makarov 1 point
S. Smirnov 1 point
Yu. Tarannikov (not finished) - 0.5 points

V. Sushkov, I. Sinyov and K. Nikonov gets the A-Final places from Russia.

Best Regards Alexander Nosovsky


The complete results from South Korea Qualification Tournament 
before Renju World Championship in Kyoto, Japan in August 2001 you 
will find on the URL-address:

Date sent:      	Sun, 22 Apr 2001 23:46:17 UT

Renju Newsletter No 7 - 2001

The new URL-address for the RIF Web Site is: so in the Web browser you only have to print is also possible but it is not necessary with www

The pages has recently been moved from the old site and maybe some internal
links will not work. Please, let me know if you have found such a link.

Frank Arkbo, RenjuLib program creater (
and with his personal presentation:,
 has annnouced he want to be my successor as Web master of the RIF 
and Swedish Association Web site. I am grateful for this help and within short 
he will start. However, first I have some updates to do. I will annouce coming
changes within the Web site in Renju Newsletter.

No one else has so far announced that he/she is willing to take one of the tasks
that I announced in Renju Newsletter No 6. However it is not impossible for more 
interested players to get tasks within the site which can be divided in several 
parts as I wrote in Renju Newsletter No 6.

Results from Sweden:

STORA SM (Highest League Of Swedish Championship)
Played in Joenkoping April 18-22, 2001

1. Goeran Holgersson      Joenkoeping     8
2. Petter Gardstroem      Enkoeping       6.5
3. Stefan Karlsson        Stockholm       6
4. Joachim Gaulitz        Stockholm       5
5. Rickard Johannesson    Joenkoeping     4
6. Marcus Eriksson        Hoegsjoe        3.5 (17)
7. Tord Andersson         Uppsala         3.5 (14.5)
8. Martin Carlsson        Joenkoeping     3.5 (11)
9. Bjoern Eriksson        Stockholm       3
10 Linus Hermansson       Hoegsjoe        2

LILLA SM (Second League OF Swedish Championship)
Played in Joenkoping April 21-22, 2001

1.  Peter Jonsson         Joenkoeping     8.5
2.  Johnny Nielsen        Malmoe          7.5
3.  Joergen Rehnstedt     Borlaange       6
4.  Irene Karlsson        Stockholm       5.5
5.  Haakan Moeller        Malmoe          5.5
6.  Peter Carlsson        Kumla           5
7.  Sven-Aake Pettersson  Hoegsjoe        5
8.  Jan Paulander         Malmoe          4.5
9.  Jonas Kaellman        Stockholm       4.5
10. Linnea Widman         Arjeplog        4.5
11. Martin Karlsson       Joenkoeping     4
12. Erik Lissel           Kumla           4
13. Bengt Nyberg          Vadstena        4
14. Kristoffer Fjaellstroem Arjeplog      4
15. Sandra Fjaellström    Arjeplog        3
16. Lars Hellander        Arjeplog        2.5
17. Wu Quang              Joenkoeping     2
18. Christina Kaellman    Oerebro         1


20 best players according RIF ratings
You can find the latest information (after Japanese Qualification) at RIF

Those players who will be among Top 20 RIF rating and will play more then 10
games last year will have personal place to participate QT in Kyoto !
Seems that Klimashin, Sinyov, Hasegawa, Nara, Karlsson, Sooserv, can get
this possibility.
(Mr. Sushkov and Ishitani got the places in A-Tournament)
May be Mr. Tarannikov and Nikonov can join this Top 20 after Russian QT
which starts at Elektrostal 29 April.

Best Regards Alexander Nosovsky


RIF Central Committe has made the following decision regarding renju in Korea.

We have 2 organizations in Korea. None of them has yet been adopted by 
General Assembly.

The 1st organization is Mr Tak´s organization Korea Renju Omok Association. 
Mr Tak´s association has paid memberfee to RIF but it seems that the organization 
has no members and the organization has arranged no Qualification tournament
before WC in Japan.

Mr Kwon in Korea Omok Laboratory seems to have all serious renjuplayers in Korea 
within his organization and it has also arranged the QT in Korea. The names of
the 3 best players were announced in Renju Newsletter No 5.

RIF Central Committee has decided to recommend General Assembly to adopt Mr 
Kwon´s association as the valid renju organization in Korea. 

The association has to send to RIF its official name and statues in 
English within short and also the member fee (50 US $). 

RIF CC has also decided that the players from the QT already arranged should 
be safe to prepare there travel to Kyoto. The results of the QT reporteed 
should be regarded as official. 

In case protest will come from Mr Tak´s association both he and Mr Kwan will be 
invited to Korea as leaders with leader´s rights in WC for host and 
lodging. Then they can both argue in front of General Asssembly. If 
no protest will come from Mr Tak only Mr Kwan or someone else in his 
association is invited as leader from Korea.

The money paid by Korea Renju Omok Association will be paid back by RIF.


Friendly Yours,

Tommy Maltell
President of RIF

Date sent:      	Sat, 14 Apr 2001 01:07:17 UT

Renju Newsletter No 6 - 2001

The General Assembly will be held on the 6th of August 2001.

I have now been the president of RIF since we started RIF on the 8 of August 1988. 
About half of this time I have run the RIF Web site and I have sent Renju Newsletter
to you.

Of many reasons it is time for me to retire. Maybe some of you are not so
to know why but as I know a lot of players I will still mention some words about the
reason and how to solve the consequences. Maybe you can contribute in the future.

1a.The first reason is that because of my work I have no longer any time at all to
a good job as president for example when something occurs and when the situation
the president to act.  

1b.I have not either the time to run the RIF Web site or Renju Newsletter.
When I started the RIF Web site and Renju Newsletter more than six years ago very few
could help me with this task. Now the Web site is so large to update that I am no
longer able to
do it in a good way and absolutely I have not time to make a good design for all old
The Web site has about 60 Mb (Maybe 45 Mb text and 15 Mb images), more than 2000
files in more 
than 70 folders.

The latest three years the average Renju Newsletters for a year has been about 100.
I think the RIF Web site and Renju Newsletter has been very good to introduce renju
to new players and to keeep old players informed. So it is important that some
serious players
could be willing to take the task to continue. 

2.The second reason is that it is nearly 20 years since I seriously analysed. All my
renju time
except for some quick games one our a week in the Joenkoeping club goes to president
For example I have never played my self on Playsite or other such sites. I started
Joenkoping Renju club 20 years ago. At that time I was the best player in our club.
Now every player in the club beats me. I want to remember renju as an interesting
Believe it or not but I really do not like organizing. I like much more to play the
So in the future I will be only a player.

Proposals of members or RIF officials which are to be included in the agenda 
for the General Assembly, should reach the President not later than three months 
before the beginning of the General Assembly, together with reasons for the
It means that they should reach me not later than the 6th of May.

I suggest my tasks to be divided into several and different persons could be selected
for each task. The task:

1. President of RIF according to the statues:
2. Webmaster and infomaster of the RIF Web site.
I have prepared for this and the site must change from the old URL-address on my 
personal domain. Once I suggested RIF to get its own domain but the suggestion was
disliked. At that time it was possible for us to get the best domain  
Now this domain belongs to in South Korea. 
What is that? Tell me if you know.
When I realised we were very late getting a domain I understood that I had to see to
it that 
RIF got its own domain. I registered and now the URL-address points to Try it!
This could be changes and one solutions which I probably will start with after the
6th of May is
to move all RIF pages to a Web Hotel with the above URL-address. I could do it to the
good hotel where the RIF pages now are situated to the same cost as now.
After the 1st of September I will not update the site if no successor is choosen.
3. Webmaster of the Swedish Federation Web site. Now also the Swedish Federation
are a part of the RIF Web site. It has been necessary for me to do so to be able to
work effectively. It is mainly about 4 Mb with the magazine Fem i Rad.
4. Renju Newsletter sender. The task is to receive info from players in the world and
to forward
this info to the subscribers as soon as possible and after that to publish the
as soon as possible on a web page. 
Now the subscribers are about 190 and it is not always easy to send as an ordinary
Today I use a better system as you know where each player can sisbcribe using www and
5. To answer all e-mail questions from players in member-countries and such persons
that has read about RIF and renju on the RIF Web site. On this point I would be if
could help me at once. Such letters are now not always treated nice because of bad

RIf has no Commission to prepare for selection. 
This work must be done by current Central Committee and the President. 

1.Therefore I ask the members of RIF to discuss and send me their proposals for new
acccording to the statues preferably at the latest on the 6th of May. 

2. Therefore I ask the members of RIF to discuss and send me their proposals for the
other tasks
mentioned above preferably at the latest on the 6th of May. Regarding the other 4
tasks mentioned
above I think that also individual players could send me suggestions and
applications. I mean
that a single player could apply to take one or several of the 4 tasks and especially
I am 
pleased if someone can help me to answer such e-mails as mentioned in task 5 above.
This help
could star at once.

After the 6th of May I will inform the Central Committee and discuss solutions.

Date sent:      	Sat, 14 Apr 2001 01:05:18 

Renju Newsletter No 5 - 2001

Below will follow a middle report about Renju WC in Japan in August.
As you can read below the General Assembly will be held on the 6th of August.
It is high time for me to receive reports and proposals to be included in the

Proposals of members or RIF officials which are to be included in the agenda 
for the General Assembly, should reach the President not later than three months 
before the beginning of the General Assembly, together with reasons for the
It means that they should reach me not later than the 6th of May.

Also all reports from the RIF Commissions must reach me not 
later than the 6th of May.

I will retire as president. I will soon send you Renju Newsletter No 6
with more info about the consequences of this irrevocable decision.

It is possible for you to see a lot of statistics about the
visitors to the first page of the RIF Web site:

You will find the statistics on the URL-address:


Rif Ratings 1999 - 2001 and the most important renju tournament 
during this period you can find on Oleg Stepanov´s Rating site:


Results from the Korean Qualification tournament for WC in Kyoto, Japan: 

1. Kim Byung Jun
2. Park Jung Ho
3. Park Sung Jae

These 3 players are qualified to play in WC.

I hope soon to get a more complete list from the tournament.


Friendly Yours,

Tommy Maltell
President of RIF

Results from 2nd Taiwan championship 

    01 Wei-Yuan Zhen   02-0 07-2 03-2 04-2 06-2 8-30          to be 2D
720 02 Yi-Fong Zhang   01-2 03-0 08-2 06-2 05-2 8-29          3D
    03 Wei-Han Chen    08-2 02-2 01-0 05-0 09-2 6-27-13-127   to be 2D
    04 Sen-Wen Lin     07-2 05-2 06-0 05-0 08-2 6-27-13-126   to be 2D
719 05 Shi-Wen Li      10-2 04-0 07-2 03-2 02-0 6-25-11       3D
718 06 Cheng-Kuo Chen  09-2 10-2 04-2 02-0 01-0 6-25-09       2D
    07 Nai-yi Huang    04-0 01-0 05-0 09-2 10-2 4             1D
576 08 Long-Chuan Chen 03-0 09-2 02-0 10-1 04-0 3             2D
803 09 Xun Luo         06-0 08-0 10-2 07-0 03-0 2             1D
811 10 Jun-Zhi Zhong   05-0 06-0 09-0 08-1 07-0 1             1D

and Wei-Yuan Zhen, Wei-Han Chen,Sen-Wen Lin  will play WC7 QT

        Vata Chen


Alexander Mikhaylov Moscow won N. Novgorod OPEN

Shinichi Ishitani won Japanese Qualification.

The 15th St.Petersburg Cup tournament is finished. Vladimir Sushkov wins a
title of the Cup Owner third time and therefore he receives the Cup
lifestate. That was the second Cup in a history of Petersburg renju.

In the Final Match Vladimir Sushkov won against Aleksandr Klimashin with the
score 3:1.
Match for the 3rd place: Pavel Ses - Viktor Aleksandrov - 3:1.


2 GoMoku-games to try

     To Renju fans in the world!
The 7th Renju World Championship in Kyoto
Middle report 1
The 7th WC Organized Committee, President Yoshimi Hayakawa 
                                                    Chairperson Toshio Sawai  
Hello Renju fans!
We are preparing WC so that everybody stays Kyoto with comfort and relax. 
12 countries have finished entries so far. We give the middle report 1.
Please make sure it even if you have already finished the entry.
1) Schedule
   3/8 (FRI) arrival
   4/8 (SAT) QT (1-3R)  
   5/8 (SUN) QT (4-6R)
   6/8 (MON) QT (7R) Opening Ceremony  & meeting
   7/8 (TUE) AT (1-2R) WT (1-2R)
   8/8 (WED) AT (3-4) WT (3-4R)
   9/8 (THU) AT (5-6) WT (5-6R) BT (1-3R)
  10/8 (FAI) AT (7-8) WT (7-8R) BT (4-6R)
  11/8 (SAT) AT (9-10) WT (9R) BT (7R)
  12/8 (SUN) AT (11R) Britz  Price & Closing Ceremony
  13/8 (MON) Departure
      Note; QT Qualification Tournament, Swiss 7 Round.
            AT Men's Final.  Round - Robin.
            WT Women' Final.  Swiss 9 Round.
            BT Kyoto Renju Open Tournament. Swiss 8 Round.
            Britz Open, Quickly Game.
And we plan to hold the "(Japanese) tea ceremony"(7/8), 
"To-sen(it means Japanese traditional game"(8/8) and bazaar (5-8/8).

2) To postpone the dead line of the entry
 We will postpone the dead line of the entry because of faster visa application.
End of April-----the country that needs visa
End of May-----the country that NOT needs visa
Entry Form
        a ; Name , sex , date  of  birth
        b ; Address , Phone , Fax , E-mail
        c ; Nationality , Passport  NO
        d ; Occupation , Place , Address phone
        e ; Renju  Dan - Kyu , RIF  rating , Career(of Renju)
           Ambitions (wishes, hope, etc)
        f ; Entry
               QT   AT  WT  BT  Britz  Accompany

These documents are necessary to apply for visa.
*I attach the entry states so far. Please tell me if something is wrong.
3) Note for applying for visa
We will send invitation around 20th of April. Japanese Ministry 
of Foreign Affairs said it was bad to take visa too fast because it 
would be available for 3 month.

4) For participants!
We hope to show photos of participants as many as possible on the program. 
Please send your photos. Especially, players of AT,QT,WT must send it.

5) For the leader of delegation!
 We hope to show the introduction of the leader with his photo and comment. 
Please send us a short comment and photo by the end of May.

6) Place (Tournament and accommodation)
Both places are in Kyoto - park - hotel
 Kyoto - park - hotel 40US$ / day (with breakfast) àIt's very cheap!
Entry fee is 20US$/person
All attendants of opening and closing ceremony are free.

That's all. Thanks.                                      3rd /April/2001

   Nihon-Renjusha  URL 


The above info:
The 7th Renju WC Middle report 1
will also be found on the URL-address:


According to message board renju class a site 
about Renju WC in Japan is prepared:


Letter from a player in France:

Hullo ! 

I'm French and I wish to know whether there are any Renju
players in France at all - and if so, could you please tell me where. Is
it possible for me to take part in the next on-line world championship ?
If so, how do I apply ? Here is my e-mail address :
I thank you very much in advance. Yours sincerely.


Date sent:      	Thu, 1 Mar 2001 06:48:35 UT

Renju Newsletter No 4 - 2001


We had the Russian Championships this February.

9th Russian Women Championship. Rybinsk. 3-6 February 2001

1.Yulia Savrasova (Podyuga, 1999 WWCh) - 7.5

2.Oxana Sorokina (Podyuga) - 7 (kf.29)

3.Elena Chizhkina (N.Novgorod) - 7 (28.5)

4.Elena Lebedeva (Podyuga) - 6.5

5.Irina Metreveli (Podyuga) - 6

6.Nataly Vasileva (Rybinsk, 2000 RWCh) - 5.5

7.Anastasiya Leshukova (Rybinsk) - 4 (15,75)

8.Anastasiya Sokolova (Rybinsk) - 4 (12.5)

9.Marina Yudina (Podyuga) - 3.5 (15)

10.Nonna Salnikova (St.Petersburg) - 3.5 (11.25)

11.Marina Sokolova (Rybinsk) - 0.5

9th Russian Championship.High League. Nizhny Novgorod Region.

16-25 February 2001

1.Vladimir Sushkov (Gatchina) - 11.5

2.Igor Sinyov (Moscow, 2000 RCh) - 11

3.Konstantin Nikonov (Elektrostal) - 9

4.Pavel Makarov (Moscow) - 8.5

5.Alexander Radzevelyuk (Rybinsk) - 8 (kf. 54.75)

6.Pavel Salnikov (St.Petersburg) - 8 (47.75)


7.Pavel Ses (St.Petersburg) - 8 (47.75, Salnikov-Ses 1:0)

8.Maxim Karasyov (N.Novgorod) - 6.5

9.Vyacheslav Zaitsev (Rybinsk) - 6

10.Sergey Smirnov (Moscow) - 5.5

11.Oxana Sorokina (Podyuga) - 5 (34)

12.Sergey Filippov (Moscow) - 5 (31.5)

13.Vladislav Kareev (N.Novgorod) - 5 (27.5)

14.Irina Metreveli (Podyuga) - 4.5

15.Sergey Volkov (Rybinsk) - 3.5

Best Regards,

Konstantin Nikonov


Date sent:      	We, 21 Feb 2001 18:33:23 +0100

Renju Newsletter No 3 - 2001


Estonian company made some months ago a site in estonians language,

were it is possible to play gomoku (and soon renju)in real time. 

Now same company made site in russian - 

There is also realtime gomoku and soon will be renju. So please come and try! 


Friendly, Ants


Resultats from Blitz-SM in Hoegsjoe 2001-02-17

(Swedish Blitz Championship)

1 Stefan Karlsson	Stockholm
2 Hannes Hermansson	Hoegsjoe

3 Martin Carlsson	Joenkoeping

4 Joachim Gaulitz	Stockholm

5 Linus Hermansson	Hoegsjoe

6 Petter Gardstroem	Uppsala

7 Joergen Rehnstedt	Borlänge

8 Marcus Eriksson 	Hoegsjoe

9 Peter Jonsson		Joenkoeping

10 Anders Bertilsson 	Hoegsjoe

11 Tomas Hagenfors	Kumla

12 Gunnar Andersson 	Hoegsjoe

13 Erik Lissel		Kumla

14 Jonas Kaellman 	Kumla

15 Sven-AAke Pettersson Hoegsjoe

16 Gabriel Hagenfors 	Kumla

17 Bjoern Eriksson	Stockholm

18 Bengt Nyberg		Vadstena

19 Albin Hermansson 	Hoegsjoe

20 Martin Hermansson 	Kumla

21 Carl Hermansson 	Hoegsjoe

22 Martin Lindqvist 	Kumla

23 Christina Kaellman 	Kumla

24 Cajsa-Tora HermanssonHoegsjoe


Date sent:      	Mon, 29 Jan 2001 07:26:23 +0100

Renju Newsletter No 2 - 2000


Letter from Na Wei

I´d like to give you some information about Renju in China.

The seminar on Renju in China was held by the Chinese Chess Academy in 

December 2001. The Academy announced that the government will soon take over 

of Renju officially and the person in charge is Mr. Wang Ru Nan, Vice 

President of the Chinese Chess Academy. This seminar provides great support 

to the development of Renju in China. The nationwide official organization 

will be set up by June 2001. I believe all we have achieved today derive 

great assistance from you and RIF. In the mean time, I would like to extend 

my sincere thanks to Japanese Renju Federation who have also given us a lot 

of help during the past few years. I hope you keep contact with Mr. Wang Ru 

Nan for any matter regarding Renju.

Now we got prosperous scenery all over China. So far, over a thousand 

players entitled Dan or Kyu. In order to keep the justness in Dan and Kyu 

recognition, as well as to keep track with the international practice, RIF 

China will release a new format of diploma, noted with four languages: 

Chinese, English, Japanese and Russian. The new format will be send to you 

soon by airmail. I would ask for the authorization by RIF of the recognition 

of this new diploma by each member of the RIF. In the mean time, I would 

suggest an integrated Dan diploma (like passport in appearance) to be issued 

by RIF to all Dan players.

I would like to say something about myself. My family immigrated to Canada 

since last November. I travel between Canada and China twice every two 

months. It is a hard job for me as I have to work closely with Chinese Chess 

Academy for smooth transfer. Meanwhile, I determine to develop Renju in 

Canada, just as what I did in China. My plan in Canada is to organize 

training class, set up Renju club and set up a team. I hope Canadian team 

could participate in the international tournament within the nearest future 

and I also plant to organize an international tournament here in Canada. I 

will recommend a new connect man (he maybe a government officer) as my 

replacement in all affairs regarding Renju in China.

Here is my phone number and email address in Canada:

Phone: 	(604) 2660067 (Home)

	(604) 7850706 (Celler)


Sincerely yours,

Na Wei (in Vancouver)


News from Estonia


Unfortunately we need to change the dates of Karepa. Karepa renjucamp 

will held July 23.-29.

Results of Baltic League (January 27.-28., 7 rounds Swiss system):


1.  Aleksander Klimashin 7 

2.  Ants Soosyrv 5 (31)

3.  Stefan Karlsson5 (29)

4.  Johann Lents5 (26,5)

5.  Artis Gaujens 4 (29)

6.  Arnis Veidemanis 4 (27)

7.  Ain Ostra 4 (25,5)

8.  Margus Tuvikene 4 (24)

9.  Viktor Aleksandrov 3,5 (27)

10. Vladimir Semyonov 3,5 (22)

11. Timo Ilu 3 (31,5)

12. Maris Tuvikene3 (25,5)

13. Tunnet Taimla3 (19,5)

14. Evelyn Tihkan3 (18,5)

15. Peeter Tamm 2 

16. Kaarel Peetersoo 1,5 (19,5)

17. Ester Eggert 1,5 (17,5)

18. Gatis Gurckis 1


 After long break Latvian players took part in Baltic League. 

Unfortunately Gurckis got sick during tournament and couldnt play to 

the end, but Gaujens and Veidemanis showed quite strong play.

 Some interesting results:

Lents - Karlsson 1-0

Lents- Veidemanis 1-0

Ilu - Margus Tuvikene 1-0

Ilu- Taimla 1-0


Friendly, Ants


Date sent:      	Sun, 28 Jan 2001 23:58:32 UT

Renju Newsletter No 1 - 2001 


The new RIF Connection man in United Kingdom ia Paul Smith.

His e-mail address is:

During the Cambridge Mindsports tournament on 5th and 6th he will tru to 

organise a renju tournament. More details will be published later.


 Karepa renjucamp will held July 14.- 21. Costs for lodging, food and transport

Tallinn-Karepa-Tallinn is preliminary 70 USD per person.

 I plan to have there 2 tournaments with not so long time control. One tournament

will be with RIF rules and second with free opening rules.

 Friendly, Ants


RenLib 2.4 - Renju Library program (freeware)

by Frank Arkbo you can now find on the

new URL-address:

>From this address you can also find

Renju Test Program - a Japanese program which contains 100 renju problem positions,

where black is in turn and has to find a win - comments by Frank Arkbo


Dear friends,

Renju World championship by e-mail  has started ( Sorry, Richard has started up it

some day before 1 Feb).

If someone want to refuse of participation better do it now.

Exit during tournament we'll heavy fine in next cycle and e-mail rating ( see

RIF Correspondence commission have taken following rules of World Championship by


1) World Renju Championship by e-mail put into 3 league ( Final(high league), first

and second league).

2) Next Final of 7 World Renju Championship by e-mail will have 12 participants.

3) First league consists of 2 tournaments by 12 participants (tourn. b,c).

   3 winners of each tournament first league will play in next final.

   4-6 place will stay in next first league. Last six go to next second league.

4) Second league consists of 6 tournaments by 13 participants(tourn. d,e,f,g,h,i).

   2 winners of each tournament second league will play in next first league.

  If in next cycle number of participant will increase and we'll need to establish


  league,and division by league'll make by place in second league this year.

5) Time control is 135 days for each players ( 115 if players from the same


per 120 moves. Draw after 120


This year division by first and second league and tournaments inside leagues we


by e-mail rating then by RIF

rating then by country ( not many same country in one tournament)

About Referee of first and second league I'll inform in some days.

 6 Renju World Championhip Final

Tour Name Country UserId

a Reims Aldis Latvia areims

a Bobkov Eugeny Russia bobkove

a Nikonov Konstantin Russia vanalaud

a Kozhin Mikhail Russia jenaro

a Hasegawa Kazuto Japan uo9man

a Golosov Viktor Russia golosov

a Sinyov Igor Russia sinyovi

a Lunkin Vitaly Russia lunkin

a Dvoeglazov Vladimir Russia dvoeglazov

a Zhang Jinyu China freefish

Referee Soosyrv Ants Estonia asoosorv

 7 Renju World Championhip First League

Tour Name Country UserId

b Artemyev Sergey (Ul) Russia arts

b Dufvenberg Mike Sweden mikedu

b Gaulitz Joachim Sweden joachim

b Gluhovsky Leonid Israel leonid

b Laibinis Linas Lithuania llaibini

b Madissoon Ylo Estonia ymadis

b Nazarov Vladimir Ukraine vnazarov

b Nosovsky Alexander Russia nosovs

b Salnikov Pavel Russia psalnikov

b Sitnik Sergei Russia sergei

b Tihkan Evelyn Estonia Etienne

b Yamamoto Mitsuo Japan myamamoto

c Barykin Victor Russia vbarykin

c Fedorkin Oleg Russia fedorkin

c Filinov Vladimir Russia vfilinov

c Filippov Sergey Russia filippov

c Johann Lents Estonia lents

c Kolesnik Vladimir Ukraine kvik

c Li Ming Yeh Taiwan MYLi

c Rinkis Ingus Latvia Ingus

c Salnikova Nonna Russia nonna

c Soosyrv Ants Estonia asoosorv

c Takagawa Teiji Japan takagawa

c Yamamoto Keisuke Japan itty

 8 Renju World Championhip Second League

d Echo Shi Taiwan Echo_tw

d Eriksson Bjorn Sweden bje

d Harju Eve Estonia siil

d Hu_xugang China xuchangshiyilang

d Ibragimova Mariam Russia mariam

d Jansson Stefan Sweden sjansson

d Klimachev Oleg Russia klimatchev

d Klimashin Alexandr Russia klimashin

d Lei Zhao China leizhao

d Poddubny Konstantin Ukraine underouk

d Sorokina Oksana Russia oksana

d YuFeng He China beeson

d Zhang Jie China z_jackily

e Dino Hsu Taiwan dino1

e Huan He China sinakiboy

e Kadyrov Georgiy Russia gealb

e Karapetyan Aram Armenia aramarka

e Kareev Vlad Russia kareev

e Kazarin Mikhail Russia mike

e Lu Jiu China lujiu

e Shashin Vladimir Russia vnsh

e Shieng-min Lin Taiwan mirageled

e Tibaldi Carlo Italy tibia

e Vasiljeva Nataly Russia nat

e YuXiang China faint2

e Zhang Nan China zhnan

f Artemiev Sergey (SPb) Russia artemievs

f Bashirov Rustam Russia bru

f Chingin Konstantin Russia 99

f Deng Zhiyong China landey

f Khramov Andrey Uzbekistan chandr

f Lebedeva Yelena Russia elena

f Lipsits Alexandr USA alipsits

f Medjid Abdul Turkey abmedj

f Metreveli Irina Russia irina

f Muzhou GONG China gongmz

f Stepanov Oleg & his Computer prog Russia stepanov

f Xie Jieqing China xxt22

f Zhang Zhi Qiang China wmzzq

g Cui Yue China cuiyue

g Dzainukov Eldar Azerbaijan dem

g Kozyar Alexey Ukraine eurozero

g Nekrasov Denis Russia denis

g Pang Wei China slamduk

g Savrasova Yuliya Russia julia

g Scifo Michel France miges

g Shuitao Fan China shuitaof

g Sundling Ingvar Sweden sundling

g Turko Sergey Russia sturko

g Tuvikene Margus Estonia Murjam

g Xiaofei Zhang China tainy

g Yegorov Vitaly Russia evit

h Bai Tao China baitao

h Chernikhoff Vlad Ukraine vax

h Gevorkyan Hovhannes Armenia hovik

h Good Benjamin USA ben

h Jeroen van Westrenen Netherland jerónimo

h Karapetyan Gurgen Armenia barents

h Makarov Pavel Russia mak

h Pearce Dave England dave

h Seal Wong China sealw

h Ses Pavel Russia sespavel

h Tongxiang Zhang China s02

h Vershinin Pavel Russia pavel

h Wu Chang China wuchang

i Chen Ping Cai China earthqq

i Chen Wei China chinastar

i Ilu Timo Estonia reigo

i Mammel Mark USA mmammel

i Ostra Ain Estonia Ain

i Rehnstedt J. Sweden ojr

i Sherri George USA george

i Tatarintsev Sergey Russia homa

i Tong Liu China liuhong

i Vodolazsky Konstantin Russia vodolazsky

i Wang jun peng China Holmes

i Wu Yue Sheng China wyshlawyer

i Zaytsev Vjacheslav Russia slava

Best regards in tornaments!

Sinyov Igor

Chairman of RIF Correspondence commission.


Friendly Yours,

Tommy Maltell

President of RIF

This page is everytime updated by Tommy Maltell