Renju News January - June 1995

Estonia News

Qualification for WC A-tournament: Ants Soosorv-Margus Tuvikene 6-4.

Qualified for WC A-tournament: Ants Soosorv
Qualfied for WC Qualification Tournament: Margus Tuvikene

Japan News from Norio Nishizono

The result of 1st preliminary tournament of Meijin-sen in Kansai-area May, 14, 1995

won lost draw 1st Norio Nishizono 6-dan 4 0 0 * 2nd Tunehiro Matui 5-dan 3 1 0 * 3rd Hiroyuki Tatsutomi 4-dan 3 1 0 * -> got 5dan!! 4th Kohtaro Nakamura 5-dan 2 2 0 *

10 players took part. 4-Rounds Swiss-System lating form. 50-minutes , then 1minutes for 1move. These 4 members passed , and 2nd preliminary tournament is on 11th Jun. Then two players can pass. and get the right to participate to Meijinsen-tournament (A-class league).

May 28, 1995
Today the first round of the Swedish Qualification tournament before WC 1995 was finished. 14 players took part. The 6 first are now qualified for the Qualification Final Tournament which will be played on the 3-8 of July.
List of results:

1.Stefan Karlsson 1.Tord Andersson 3.Ingvar Sundling 4.Göran Holgersson 5.Richard Johannesson 6.Petter Gardström 7.Johnny Nielsen 8.Hannes Hermansson 9.Anders Bertilsson 10.Björn Wallgren 11.Jonas Frid 12.Linus Hermansson 13.Marcus Eriksson 14.Robert Karlsson

May 5, 1995: China has decided to go to Estonia to participate in the fourth Renju World Championship.

News from Pavel Salnikov in S:t Petersburg

Two interesting tournaments have been carried out in St.Petersburg from the 29th of April till the 2nd of May. The first one was the 3rd traditional international tournament of "Baltic Cup". Three teams took part in that tournament:
Tallinn - A.Meritee, A.Soosorv, T.Orglaan;
Moscow - N.Mikhailov, S.Smirnov, P.Makarov, S.Filippov (reserved);
St.Petersburg - V.Aleksandrov, P.Salnikov, A.Mishin, V.Filinov (reserved).
The tournament results are:

1. St.Petersburg - 12.5 of 18 (3.5 + 5 + 4) 2. Moscow - 10 (4 + 4 + 2) 3. Tallinn - 4.5 (3 + 1.5 + 0)

The second tournament was the 3rd Russian Women Championship. The first place and the third title of Russian Champion have been won by Irina Metreveli (Podiuga) with he absolutely best result - 9 points of 9! The total results are:

1. I.Metreveli (Podiuga) - 9 2. O.Skuridina (N.Novgorod) - 8 3. N.Vasilieva (Rybinsk) - 6.5 3. N.Salnikova (St.Petersburg) - 6.5 5. E.Surovegina (N.Novgorod) - 5 6. G.Mirkhasanova (Tiumen) - 3 7. E.Lebedeva (Podiuga) - 3 8. T.Sidelnikova (N.Novgorod) - 2 9. A.Bikmetova (Tiumen) - 2 10. N.Molodtsova (N.Novgorod) - 0

Latest news from Aldis Reims and Latvian WC Qualification.

Decisive game between Reims and Veidemanis was played this sunday (7.5) and now, although tournament isn't finished yet, both Latvian participants for WC are known.

Latvian player in WC-Final: ALDIS REIMS

Latvian player in WC-Qualification: ARNIS VEIDEMANIS

Results and situation in tournament:

Reims-Balanova 1:0 Veidemanis-Gurckis 1:0 Reims-Veidemanis 1:0 1. Reims 8.5 (from 10) 2. Veidemanis 6.5 (from 10) 3. Gurtskis 3.0 (from 9) 4. Balanova 1.0 (from 9)

Our tournament will finish next sunday, when all games will be played.

Qualification Tournament for World Championship 1995 in Japan, 4-5 May 1995

Nara won the japanese qualification tournament. The japanese representatives in World Championship in Tallinn therefore will be
Norihiko Kawamura, Meijin
Hideki Nara, 8-dan
Reserve is Kazuto Hasegawa, 9-dan

1 Hideki Nara, Kanagawa, 8-dan 6 p 2 Kazuto Hasegawa, Osaka, 9-dan 5 p 3 Norio Nishizono, Kyoto, 8-dan 4½ p 4 Takahashi Sagara, Hyogo, 8-dan 4½ p 5 Shinichi Ishitani, Shizuoka, 8-dan 4½ p 6 Yoshimi Hayakawa, Kyoto, 8-dan 4 p 7 Akiyoshi Iwata, Osaka, 3-dan 2p 8 Yoshinori Uchimoto, Kyoto, 4-dan 2 p 9 Takeo Miyoshi, Aichi, 8-dan 1½ p 10 Hiroyuki Tatsutomi, Kyoto, 4-dan 1 p

May, 5: S:t Petersburg won the match against Tallinn. Ando Meritee, the World Champion, lost 3 games.

On the 23rd of April the Highest League tournament of the 13th St.Petersburg Championship has been finished. The tournament results are as follows:

1. P.Salnikov 9.5 of 11 2. V.Aleksandrov 8.5 3. A.Mishin 7.5 4. V.Filinov 7 5. A.Klimashin 6 6. V.Semionov 6 7. K.Moiseev 6 8. A.Ivanov 6 9. A.Ozhinsky 4 10. N.Salnikova 2.5 11. Ya.Yaroslavtsev 2 12. K.Kulikov 1

Top six players get the personal places in the Highest League tournament of the next St.Petersburg Championship.

Renju News from Alexander Nosovsky and from Russian young championship in Vladimir.

1-st place won Radzveluk 18 years old. 2-d Melnikov from Gigulevsk 3-d Klimashin S-Petersburg 4-th Chingin Gigulevsk - 11 years old.

You are able to read about Chingin Gigulevsk in Renju World No 18.

News from Japan
* Mar. 21th: Tokai regional championship final (at Hamamatsu)
Shuichi Saito (5-dan) V.S. Tsuyoshi Ohta (5-dan) Saito won by 2-1-1 (win-draw-lose).
* Apr. 2nd: Keima championship (at Tokyo)
1. Hideki Nara (8-dan) 4-0-0
2. Norihiko Kawamura (Meijin) 3-0-1

News from China:

I have now received a letter from Mr Na Wei, President of China Renju Association. He writes:

"Jing Du Renju Association is authorized to proceed professionalizing with Renju game in China. Now Jing Du Renju Association has grow to a larger scale of complex including traing center, professional team, theory research center etc. Total member reach to over 1000 people. Since Renju originated from China, the game attract billions of funs all over the country. It is our great wish to join RIF as country member. Please, take our application into your consideration. Before the nomination by China Chess Academy, I myself is acting the connection man of RIF in P.R. China.
Connection person: Mr. Na Wei Mailing address: Room 57211 Bldg. 7 Xiyuan Hotel Beijing P.R.China.100046 Tel: (8610)4255507, (8610)8313388 ext 57211 Fax: (8610)5120547

Early in 1990, Japanese Renju Association visited China´s Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhaou and med Chinese Renjuplayers. As the representative of Chinese Renju player, I met President of Japanese Renju Association Mr. Mikami and Mr. Kawamura in the tournament in Beijing and also talk with them about Renju. From them I got to know RIF and the status of international environment. We also receive The Renju Sekai and this is the only writing we receive from Japan.

About World Championship Tournament: We hope to participate into the international tournament, so we want more details (i.g. costs, events, how to enroll etc). Now we have IBM and COMPAQ pcs, but not connect with internet. We sincerely hope that you could mail us disk containing Renju games, as well as books and information on Renju. Chinese Jing Du Renju Team established its own women´s team in 1994. Their achievements are even better than men´s in some of the competitions. We would like to enroll them into international tournaments for women if possible. So far we have published 2 books on Renju in Chinese. We need adequate documents and information to fulfill our theory. Please, mail us some English Writings. Swedish is also acceptable. About Dan and Grade evaluation: Now we made our grade evaluation by imitating Japanese´s practice. We wonder whether there is opportunity for us to go through international examination for judgment, and obtain certificate accordingly?"

I also received 5 photos from a tournament played on the 29th of October 1994. These photos will be found from the RIF photo page.
Tommy Maltell

Date: Sun, 9 Apr 1995. The results from Swedish Championship of Renju "Stora SM"(Big Championship):

1. Stefan Karlsson, Jönköping 8.5 (Swedish Champion) 2. Petter Gardström, Uppsala 8.5 3. Ingvar Sundling, Stockholm 6 4. Jan Palmgren, Göteborg 6 5. Tord Andersson, Uppsala 4.5 6. Rickard Johannesson, Jönköping 4 7. Bengt Asplund, Stockholm 3.5 8. Björn Wallgren, Härnösand 3 9. Johnny Nielsen, Malmo 1 10. Stefan Ögren, Härnösand 0

The 6 best are qualified to play in next year´s "Stora SM"

The result from "Lilla SM"(B-Tournament)

1. Peter Jonsson, Jönköping 8 2. Anders Bertilsson, Högsjö 8 3. Hannes Hermansson, Högsjö 7 4. Leif Larsson, Uppsala 7 5. Linus Hermansson, Högsjö 5 6. Marcus Eriksson, Högsjö 5 7. Bengt Nygren, Linköping 4.5 8. Sven-Åke Pettersson, Högsjö 4 9. Tommy Pettersson, Högsjö 4 10. Fernando Rave, Härnösand 4

The 2 best are qualified to play in next year's "Stora SM"

The first step of the Swedish qualification tournaments before WC will be played in Linkoping 26th-28th of May. The 6 best players in this tournament will fight for the Swedish place in WC A-tournament on the 3rd-8th of July. The place of this final qualification tournament is not decided.

The First Open North American Renju Championship by e-mail started on the 2nd of March 1995. The tournament will end on September 1st, 1995. It is the first e-mail tournament of renju. List of the participants in the First Open North American Renju Championship by e-mail:

1 Alex Lipsits 1st dan, USA 2 Carlo Tibaldi, Italy 3 Heng lu, USA 4 Johanes Suhardjo, USA 5 Leonid Gluhovsky 6th dan, Israel 6 Michael Y. Li, USA 7 Marc Gonzalez i Carnicer, Spanish player living in Denmark 8 Nick Alexandrov 4th dan, USA 9 Victoria-program with which Victor Allis showed the sure win in GoMoku

Very few players have applied to play in the first World Championship of Renju by e-mail. Therefore the start of the World Championship by e-mail is changed to the 1st of October 1995.

National tournament in Sweden with 19 participants: Malmo Battle 18-19 March, 1995 Results:

1.Peter Jonsson, Jonkoping 2.Stefan Dios, Malmo 3.Goran Holgersson, Jonkoping 4.Rickard Johannesson; Jonkoping 5.Bjorn Wallgren, Harnosand 6.Johnny Nielsen, Malmo 7.Bengt Asplund, Stockholm

The Highest League tournament of the Third Open Russian Championship held in Elets, Russia from the 5th to the 12th of March, is finished. The tournament results are as follows:

1. Nikolai Mikhailov (Uzbekistan) - 11 of 15 2. Pavel Salnikov (St.Petersburg) - 10 3. Stepan Peskov (Zhiguliovsk) - 9.5 4. Igor Siniov (Moscow) - 9 5. Stefan Karlsson (Sweden) - 8.5 6. Mikhail Kozhin (Dubna) - 8.5 7. Aleksandr Mikhailov (Moscow) - 8.5 8. Viktor Aleksandrov (St.Petersburg) - 8.5 9. Dmitry Iljin (Elets) - 8 10. Evgeny Bobkov (Moscow) - 6.5 11. Oleg Fedorkin (Mytischi) - 6 12. Konstantin Nikonov (Elektrostal) - 5.5 13. Vladimir Filinov (St.Petersburg) - 5.5 14. Dmitry Kabanov (Zhiguliovsk) - 5.5 15. Andrej Mishin (St.Petersburg) - 5.5 16. Viktor Barykin (Volgograd) - 4

The title of the Russian Champion and the only Russian place in the Final tournament of the Fourth World Championship were given to Pavel Salnikov. The place in the Qualification tournament was given to Stepan Peskov. Dmitry Iljin has the same place as the Winner of the last Open tournament of the World Championship. The Russian places in the Second European Championship were given to P.Salnikov, M.Kozhin and A.Mikhailov. S.Peskov, I.Siniov, O.Fedorkin and A.Mishin have the same personal right as the best Russian players on the First European Championship. Top six players get the right to take part in the next Highest League tournament without qualification.

Swedish Blitz Championship February, 4, 1995. This year it was an open tournament. The World Champion Ando Meritee took part and he won. More than 50 players took part. The ten best:

1. Ando Meritee Estonia 2. Ants Soosorv Estonia 3. Margus Tuvikene Estonia 4. Göran Holgersson Jönköping (Swedish Champion) 5. Petter Gardström Uppsala 6. Stefan Karlsson Jönköping 7. Ingvar Sundling Stockholm 8. Kristian Lindberg Jönköping 9. Rickard Johannesson Jönköping 10. Viktor Alexandrov Russia