Renju Newsletter January-June 1999 (No 1-40)

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Renju Newsletter No 40 - 1999 

Yoshimi Hayakawa, the president of Nihon Renju Sha, The Japanese  Renju Association,
now has his own e-mail address: 


Dear renju-friends - Swedish WCQ NEWS No. 4 
1999-06-30 / ska 

We have now played 4 days(7 rounds) of the Swedish Final Qualification 
tournament to World Championship in Beijing, China. The three best  will
have places in QT in WC. The participants are: 

TA = Tord Andersson 
PG = Petter Gardström 
JG = Joachim Gaulitz 
LH = Linus Hermansson 
SK = Stefan Karlsson 

Round V (played in Alby, Stockholm): 
JG-PG 0-1 
TA-LH 1-0 

Round VI (played in Uppsala): 

JG-LH 1-0 
PG-SK 1-0 

Round VII 

LH-SK 0-1 
TA-JG 1-0 

Standings after 7 rounds(in brackets how many games played so far): 

1. SK 4½ (6) 
2. TA 4  (5) 
3. PG 2½ (5) 
4. JG 2½ (6) 
5. LH ½  (6) 

Round VIII and IX will be played in Alby, Stockholm, at 11.00 and  17.00 
hours(SWE-time) today, the 30th of June. 

With best renju-greetings, 
Stefan Karlsson 


NO GUTS, NO GLORY.(by Oleg Fedorkin, Russia) 

                      "Tovaristch, ya vahty ne v silakh derzhat, 
                       skazal kochegar kochegaru..." 
                                       Russian sad song 

"c) THE CORRESPONDENCE COMMISSION:It should investigate and decide 
eventual new rules for the next WC via e-mail. 
Chairman: Norihiko Kawamura, Japan (Withdrawal during the period) 
New chairman during the period: Oleg Fedorkin, Russia. 
Other Members: Yurij Tarannikov, Russia Tommy Maltell, Sweden, 
Ando Meritee, Estonia, Aldis Reims, Latvia, Na Wei, China, 
Albert Pogosyan, Armenia, Vladimir Kolesnik, Ukraine, 
Rickard W. Rognlie, USA".  

I asked all members of RIF Correspondence Commission if they are 
going to go on their task during next two years. I had got no reply 
from any member of Commission. 
Also I suggested several new members of the Commission. They are: 
K.Hasegawa (Japan), T.Takagawa (Japan), B.Asplund (Sweden), 
J.Gaulitz (Sweden), A.Soosorv (Estonia), M.Kozhin (Russia), 
A.Mikhailov (Russia), A.Nosovsky (Russia). I asked their opinions 
if they would like to work in the Commission. So Bengt Asplund 
and Ants Soosorv informed me that they could work in the RIF 
Correspondence Commission during next two years in the case 
of their election. 
As for me, probably, I will not have enough time next years 
to continue the work in the RIF Correspondence Commission 
as a chairman. So I would like somebody else to be the new 
chairman of the Commission for two next years but I could 
work in the Commission just as a member. 

Also I asked the opinion of members of RIF Correpondence Commission 
and several other players about the some changes in the system of 
RIF renju tournaments via e-mail. I got some suggestions. 

PROBLEM 1. How we should get the decision of RIF Correpondence 
Commission. I think that we can leave the previous method 
to decide the problems and technical details: 
The chairman of Commission will form the proposals and 
will send it to all members of our Commission to poll. 
The result of this polling will be the decision of 
the RIF Correspondence Commission. The chairman will inform 
all members about the resuls with the exact information 
about each vote. The polling should be started 
by the chairman if at least two members of Commission would ask it. 
So I would like to propose for RIF meeting to confirm this system: 


PROBLEM 2. The overcrowded semi-final tournaments: a lot of 
players, a lot of games. And in future, probably, every year 
we will have more and more new participants. It means that if 
we would not change the system of selection, in each semi-final 
20, for example, players will play two games with the every 
opponent (near 40 games!) but only the winner will play 
in the final. 

The received suggestions: a)to divide the applicants to semi-finals 
and also to quarter-finals. It could be the different systems: 12  players 
in the final, 3x12 players in the semi-finals, others - in quarter- finals, 
two games with each opponent (O.Fedorkin); 10 players in the final,  2x10 
players in the semi-finals, others - in quarter-finals, 
two games with each opponent (Yu.Tarannikov), 12 players in the final, 
others in the semi- and quarter-finals, one game with each opponent 
(B.Asplund), 15 players in the final, others in semi-finals, one  
game with each opponent (S.Smirnov). 
So I would like to propose for RIF meeting to decide: 

The technical details will be decided by RIF Correspondence 
Commission depending on the number of applicants. 

I would like to comment it so: 
If we would play 1 game/match, may be for several years we will not 
need quarter-finals. But if we would play 2 games/match as it goes  now, 
definitely we will need quarter-finals quite soon. 

PROBLEM 3. Some players (M.Kozhin, P.Salnikov) mentioned the 
presence of so-called "black" userids on PbEM server. It means that 
some unknown players play more strongly as it could be expected. 
Also some players play more strongly with only part of their opponents 
and too weak with the others, and the difference is obvious. 
Actually that's right, but I have not heard yet the good way 
to decide this problem. 
Could I suggest for RIF meeting next proposal: 

Next RIF meeting probably will be in a year after meeting in China. 

PROBLEM 4. We have no possibility to pass the move at PbEM server now 
(P.Salnikov). I think that it is a technical problem and RIF 
Correspondence Commission could ask R.Ronglie later about possibility 
to change this option on server. 

PROBLEM 5. Money qwestions. As it was announced at PbEM server, 
Richard Rognlie change his job, and now he has to pay for PbEm 
server whereas for players this server is free. So he asked if 
somebody could help him to pay for server. I know that 
RIF is not a rich organization and a lot of things 
for RIF money to be spent. But may be RIF could help the owner 
of PbEM server just symbolically? Other thing: is it so that 
RIF should reward the winners of RIF WCh via e-mail? So far 
only the winner of 1st WCh Aldis Reims got the Cup for his win. 
Could we reward the winners of WCh via e-mail by Cup and 1-6 
places in final, 1-3 places in semi-finals (1 place in quarter- 
finals in the case of being) by diploma? 

For the last two years RIF Correspondence Commission organized 
two World renju Championship via e-mail. 

1996: I.A.REIMS (LAT) II.L.Laibinis (LIT-FIN) III.I.Sinyev (RUS) 
1997: I.YU.TARANNIKOV (RUS) II.R.Kolpakov (RUS) III.A.Reims (LAT) 
25 players from 9 countries took part in the semi-finals. 
1998: I.O.FEDORKIN (RUS) II.A.Reims (LAT) III.K.Hasegawa (JAP) 
29 players from 13 countries took part in the semi-finals. 
1999. See the tables below. Those tables are not completely official, 
because the referees (Bengt Asplund and Alexander Nosovsky) should 
confirm it. 48 players from 12 countries take part in the semi-finals. 

With best wishes 
Oleg Fedorkin. 

                              1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 MtPt  Pts  Place 
1.O.Fedorkin(RUS) fedorkin    xx 1= 11 1= =0 11 == == 11 11   7   13=    I  
2.A.Reims(LAT) areims         =0 xx 1   1 =1    =0     1 =0   2=   6        
3.K.Hasegava(JAP) uo9man      00  0 xx 10 01 0  == 1  0   0   2    4        
4.R.Kolpakov(RUS) kolpak      =0 0  10 xx    =1 == 11 11 1    4    9        
5.Yu.Tarannikov(RUS) taran    1= 0= 01    xx    ==       0    2    4        
6.V.Golosov(RUS) golosov      00     1 0=    xx 00 1      0   1    2=       
7.S.Bondarenko(RUS) troter    == 1= == == == 11 xx 11 11 =1   7   13     II 
8.S.Smirnov(RUS) smirnov      ==     0 00     0 00 xx 00 01   1    2        
9.OKlimachev(RUS) klimachev  00 0   1 00       00 11 xx 0    1=   3        
10.E.Bobkov(RUS) bobkove      00 1= 1   0  1 1  0= 01  1 xx   3=   7        

Group B. 
                              1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 Pts  Place 
1.N.Kawamura(JAP) norihiko    xx 00    00 11 11 11 11 1  11 11 1  14        
2.M.Kozhin(RUS) jenaro        11 xx 01 11 11 1= 11 11 11 11 11 11 20=   I   
3.S.Filippov(RUS) filippov       01 xx  1 11 11 11 11  1 11 11 0  15        
4.B.Wallgren(SWE) bjornw      11 00 0  xx 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 10 17        
5.V.Egorov(RUS) evit          00 00 00 00 xx 00 11 11 01 00 11 00  7    9   
6.Y.Madissoon(EST) ymadis     00 =0 00 00 11 xx 11 11    11 11 00 10=       
7.M.Lalayan(ARM) lama         00 00 00 00 00 00 xx 11 00 00 10 00  3  10-11 
8.T.Wang(CHI) tomwang         00 00 00 00 00 00 00 xx 00 00 00 00  0   12   
9.V.Kolesnik(UKR) kvik         0 00 0  00 01    11 11 xx 11 11  0  9        
10.R.Brown(USA) guzzle        00 00 00 00 11 00 11 11 00 xx 11 00  8    8   
11.M.Dumanyan(ARM) dumh       00 00 00 00 00 00 10 11 00 00 xx 00  3  10-11 
12.S.Krasnonosova(RUS) odetta  0 00  1 10 11 11 11 11 1  11 11 xx 15        

Group C. 
                             1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 Pts  Place 
1.A.Soosorv(EST) asoosorv   xx 0= 01 11 10 11 11 00 11 11 11 11 16=        
2.A.Mikhailov(RUS) almi+    =1 xx 10 11 =1 11 11 11 1  11 11  1 18         
3.V.Barykin(RUS) vbarykin   01 10 xx 11 11 11 11 =0 11 11 11 11 18=        
4.R.Johannesson(SWE) ratson 00 00 00 xx 01 11 00 00 00 11 00 00  5         
5.S.Sitnik(RUS) sergei      10 0= 00 01 xx 11 11 01 11 11 11 1  14=        
6.K.Birk(EST) katrin        00 00 00 00 00 xx  1 00 00 11 00 00  3         
7.M.Minasyan(ARM) mima      00 00 00 11 00 0  xx 00 0  11  0     4         
8.Zh.Jinyu(CHI) freefish    11 00 1= 11 01 11 11 xx 01 11 11 00 15=        
9.I.Rinkis(LAT) ingus       00  0 00 11 00 11  1 01 xx 11 11    10         
10.A.Stepanyan(ARM) star    00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 xx 00 00  0     12  
11.R.Samal(CHE) rsamal      00 00 00 11 00 11 1  00 00 11 xx  0  7         
12.V.Alibabaev(RUS) alibaba 00 0  00 11  0 11    11    11 1  xx  9         

Group D. 
                             1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 13 Pts  Place 
1.A.Poghosyan(ARM) apogh    xx 00 00 00 00 00 11 00 00 00 00 00  2         
2.I.Sinyov(RUS) sinyovi     11 xx 10  0 01  1 11 11 11 10 11  1 15         
3.A.Nosovsky(RUS) nosovs    11 10 xx 10 11 01 11  1 11 11 11 == 17         
4.J.Gaulitz(SWE) joachim    11 1  10 xx 10  1 11    1  01  1  1 12         
5.V.Lunkin(RUS) lunkin      11 01 00 10 xx 1  1  1   1 01 11 0= 11=        
6.M.Kolk(EST) mkolk         11 0  01 0   0 xx 11  1 10 11 11 0= 11=        
7.A.Karapetyan(ARM) kaar    00 00 00 00  0 00 xx 0  00 00 00 00            
8.Zh.Tongxiang(JAP) s02     11 00 0      0 0   1 xx 1  0= 10  0  5=        
9.E.Gaidamauskas(LIT) volk  11 00 00  0 0  10 11  0 xx 11 01 00  8         
10.W.Huang(USA) stfan       11 10 00 01 01 00 11 =1 00 xx 11 00 10=        
11.C.Tibaldi(ITA) tibia     11 00 00 0  00 00 11 10 10 00 xx 00  6         
13.M.Dufvenberg(SWE) mikedu 11 0  == 0  =1 =1 11 1  11 11 11 xx 15         

Group E. 
                              1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 Pts  Place 
1.T.Takagawa(JAP) takagawa   xx 00 =1 00 01 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 16=        
2.K.Nikonov(RUS) vanalaud    11 xx 10 1= 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 20=    I   
3.P.Salnikov(RUS) psalnikov  0= 10 xx == 11 11 11 11 11 11 11  1 17=        
4.D.Soloviev(RUS) dsol       11 =0 == xx 11 11 11  1 11 11 11 1= 18         
5.J.Lents(EST) lents         01 00 00 00 xx 11 11 11 11 11 00    11         
6.M.Manykyan(ARM) mamh       00 00 00 00 00 xx 00 00 00 00 00 00  0    12   
7.M.Carlsson(SWE) muppin     00 00 00 00 00 11 xx 11 11 00 00 00  6         
8.A.Kobzev(ARM) kai          00 00 00 0  00 11 00 xx 11 01 00 00  5         
9.A.Lipsits(USA) alipsits    00 00 00 00 00 11 00 00 xx 00 00 00  2    11   
10.G.Baggio(ITA) beppejb     00 00 00 00 00 11 11 01 11 xx  0 00  7         
11.E.Tihkau(EST) etienne     00 00 00 00 11 11 11 11 11 1  xx 01 12         
12.B.Asplund(SWE) basplund   00 00 0  =0    11 11 11 11 11 01 xx 11=        

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Renju  Newsletter No 39 - 1999

Swedish WCQ NEWS

We have now played 2,5 days(4 rounds) of the 
Swedish Final Qualification
tournament to World Championship in Beijing, 
China. The three best best will
have places in QT in WC. The participants are:

TA = Tord Andersson
PG = Petter Gardström
JG = Joachim Gaulitz
LH = Linus Hermansson
SK = Stefan Karlsson

The 3 first rounds were played in Uppsala, close 
to Uppsala Cathedral, the
biggest church in Scandinavia! Results:

Round I

LH-JG 0-1
PG-SK 0-1

Round II

JG-TA ½-½
SK-LH 1-0

Round III

TA-SK ½-½
LH-PG ½-½

On Monday round IV and V will be played in Alby, 
Stockholm at 11.00 and
17.00 hours. Referee of the tournament is Björn 

Round IV (played in Alby, Stockholm):

PG-TA 0-1
SK-JG 1-0

Standings after 4 rounds(in brackets how many 
games played so far):
1. SK 3½ (4)
2. TA 2  (3)
3. JG 1½ (3)
4. PG ½  (3)
   LH ½  (3)

Later this afternoon round V will be played in 
Alby, Stockholm at 17.00

With best renju-greetings,

Stefan Karlsson

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Renju Newsletter No 38 - 1999
My Internet supplier still has problem with DNS

When today I tried to go to

I received the message
HTTP Error 404
404 Not Found
The Web server cannot find the file or script you 
asked for. Please check the URL to ensure that 
the path is correct.
Please contact the server's administrator if this 
problem persists.

When today I tried to go to
I came to

Therefore for some time you have to go to
or to

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Renju Newsletters No 37 - 1999

Final results of the 17th Championship of St.Petersburg:

1. Aleksandr Klimashin     8.5   35.75
2. Pavel Salnikov          7     30.75
3. Vladimir Sushkov        7     29.25
4. Viktor Aleksandrov      6.5   27.00
5. Pavel Ses               5.5   21.50
6. Kirill Moiseiev         5.5   19.25
7. Nonna Salnikova         3.5   14.00
8. Vladimir Filinov        3.5   12.50
9. Vitaly Yegorov          3     14.00
10. Konstantin Vodolazsky  2      7.50
11. Aleksandr Ivanov       2      5.50

Sincerely Yours,
Pavel Salnikov

Date sent:      	Mon, 21 Jun 1999 11:20:43 +0200

Renju Newsletter No 36 - 1999
     Dear Renju friends,
     Following is the players namelist for the 6th World Championship in
     Beijing. Please let us know if we missed out anyone. Namelist for 
     China and Chinese Taipei will be announced before Jul.10,1999.
     Qualification Tournament
     Aldis Reims                Latvia
     Arnis Veidemanis           Latvia
     Gatis Gurckis              Latvia
     Artis Gaujens              Latvia
     Makarov Pavel              Russia
     A Tournament
     Kazuto Hasegawa            Japan
     Norio Nishizono            Japan
     Takashi Sagara             Japan
     Yshimi Hayakawa            Japan
     Ando Meritee               Estonia
     B Tournament
     Juris Skuskovniks          Latvia
     Roberts Idelsons           Latvia
     Nossovski Alexandre        Russia
     Milevsky Alexandre         Russia
     Lunkin Vitaly              Russia
     Filippov Serguei           Russia
     Tchernov Serguei           Russia
     Smirnov Serguei            Russia
     Kaoufman Victor            Russia
     Masao Mitsumori            Japan
     Kyozo Isobe                Japan
     Shinich Ishitani           Japan
     Hideki Nara                Japan
     Hiroshi Sakamoto           Japan
     Hiroyuki Tatsutomi         Japan
     Joachim Gaulitz            Sweden
     Peter Jonsson              Sweden
     Martin Karlsson            Sweden
     Kristian Lindberg          Sweden
     Women's Tournament
     Mutsumi Tatsutomi          Japan
     Chie Tatsutomi             Japan
     Olga Skouridina            Russia
     Irene Einberg              Estonia
     Na Wei
     President of RIF China

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Renju Newsletter No 35 - 1999 - Adds to RIF GA Agenda   

Now it seems that we can see the RIF Web site  again on the orginal URL-address,

 but to be sure  I ask you all. Can you see the RIF Web site
 on the URL-address:  
Please, let me know if you cannot see the web site. 


2 adds to RIF GA Agenda 


1. The first part of the RIF General Assembly will be 
    held on Sunday July, 25 starting from 6:00 pm. 

2. I have forgotten one suggestion which should have been included from the beginning.
 It is a     suggestion to correct the grammatical errors  
 in the rules of renju  without changing the 
 intended meaning of any of the rules. 

It is a task for the RIF Rules Commission to  
check that the intended meaning of any of the  rules will be changed and give me a report
 before  the 25th of July. 

The suggestion is enclosed below. 
The currents rules will be found on the URL- address: 

Results from three tournaments and RIF rating  changes because of the results from these

7th Russian Championchip for women  1-3 May 1999 
in Nizhni Novgorod 

                                      Sco     RIF rating 
 1. Irina Metreveli       Podyuga     9       +39   2124        
 2. Anastasia Leshukova   Rybinsk     6,5      --   1893 
 3. Yelena Lebedeva       Podyuga     6,5     -29   2036 
 4. Natalia Vasilieva     Rybinsk     6,5     -46   2195 
 5. Julia Savrasova       Podyuga     6        --    -- 
 6. Anastasia Sokolova    Rybinsk     5       -50   1894 
 7. Oksana Sorokina       Podyuga     4,5      --   1859 
 8. Yelena Chizhkina      N.Novgorod  3,5      --    -- 
 9. Olga Skuridina        N.Novgorod  3        --   1898 
10. Olga Kocheshkova      N.Novgorod  2,5      --    -- 
11. Evgenia Zakatova      N.Novgorod  2        --    -- 

Swedish WC-Qualification Step 1 in Jonkoping 990522-990524  

                                           RIF rating 
1. Rickard Johannesson Jonkoping   7,5     +43   2404             
2. Tord Andersson      Uppsala     5       -33   2280  
3. Martin Carlsson     Jonkoping   5       +34   2198 
4. Bengt Asplund       Norrtalje   5       - 3   2240 
5. Linus Hermansson    Hogsjo      4,5     +50   2077 
6. Anders Bertilsson   Hogsjo      3       -67   2178 
7. Marcus Eriksson     Hogsjo      3       +20   1975 
8. Peter Jonsson       Jonkoping   3       -44   2132 
9. Jan-Olov Andersson  Jonkoping   0        --    -- 

MOSCOW  OPEN																												 
12.06.1999 - 14.06.1999																												 
                                            Sco     RIF Rating 
 1	Sushkov Vladimir   Gatchina	    Russia   7	    +60   2471 
 2	Nikonov Konstantin Elektrostal	Russia   6,5    +28   2449 
 3	Kozhin Mikhail     Dubna	    Russia   6,5    -37   2551 
 4	Tarannikov Yuri	   Moscow	    Russia   6      - 8   2452 
 5	Sinyov Igor	       Moscow       Russia   6      +29   2434 
 6	Smirnov Sergey	   Moscow       Russia   6      +55   2348 
 7	Kareev Vladislav   N.Novgorod	Russia	 6      +21   2400 
 8	Krasnonosov Dmitri Moscow       Russia   5,5   -11   2329 
 9	Makarov Pavel	   Moscow	    Russia   5,5   -34   2393 
10	Golosov Victor	   Moscow	    Russia   5     -44   2315 
11	Bertilsson Anders  Hogsjo	    Sweden   5     + 7   2185 
12	Eriksson Markus	   Hogsjo	    Sweden   5     +85   2060 
13	Sirategyan Karen   Moscow	    Russia   5     -21   2164 
14	Soosyrv Ants       Tallinn	    Estonia  4,5   -53   2415 
15	Ivanov Alexey      Moscow	    Russia   4,5   -36   2127 
16	Khramov Andrey     Tashkent	 Uzbekistan  4,5   -15   2056 
17	Taimla Tunnet      Tallinn	    Estonia  4     +34   2201 
18	Ogorodov Sergey    Moscow	    Russia   4      --   1926 
19	Lents Johann       Tallinn	    Estonia  4     + 9   1993 
20	Kolesnikov Alexey  Tomsk	    Russia   4     -70   2244 
21	Hermansson Linus   Hogsjo	    Sweden   4     -20   2057 
22	Shubin Alexander   Moscow	    Russia   3,5    --   2072 
23	Tyaglo Yuri        Belgorod	    Russia   3,5    --   1943 
24	Tuvikene Maris     Tallinn	    Estonia  3     -10   1907 
25	Lunkin Vitali      Moscow	    Russia   3     -48   2072 
26	Krasnonosova Serafima Moscow	Russia	 2,5    --   1816 
27	Zvereva Anna       Moscow	    Russia   1      --    -- 
28	Zakatova Yevgenija N.Novgorod	Russia   1      --    -- 

The RIF rating lists have been updated and you  can find them on the following URL-addresses: 

Enclosure: The suggestion to correct the  grammatical errors in the rules of renju without 
 changing the intended meaning of any of the rules. 


From:           	Michael Bevin   
(RIF Connection man of New Zealand) 

I'm not sure who to send this to but you looked  pretty likely - I guess 
you can pass it on to whoever.... 

I downloaded the official rules of renju from  your site and found a number of grammatical 
 errors which made it very hard for me to 
understand. It was obvious from reading that the  creator was not a native English speaker, 
so I  thought you might appreciate it if I corrected  the obvious errors so as to remove any 
 ambiguities and make it generally easier to  understand. I have attached this corrected 
to this e-mail. Originally I thought I might list  the corrections so you can include 
whichever ones  you saw fit, but I had to make a large number 
of them, so I've just included the corrected text  file. In order make editing it easier, 
I had to  convert it from html to text, so you will 
obviously have to convert it back again, but this  should be relatively simple. If you have 
 questions about any of the changes please e-mail  me.  

I have been careful not to change the intended  meaning of any of the rules, but 
instead simply  correct the grammar and make it easier to 
understand. Having English as my first language  and having a good education in grammar, 
I hope  you can trust that the improvements 
represent better English, even if you do not  recognise the original errors. I avoided any  
major changes to the text so it is still not 
worded perfectly (ie some sentences were a bit  long but I left this alone), but the grammer 
and  ambiguities should all be resolved (or are 
at least much improved). 


Michael Bevin 


Decided by RIF 2nd of May 1996 
with minor corrections made by RIF Central  Committee 3rd of May 1998 


Renju is played between two opponents on a board  by making moves with black and white pieces 
called stones. 

The board has 15 vertical and 15 horizontal lines  with 225 intersections. 
Five of these intersections are reference points.  The colour of the board must not be the 
same as  the colour of any of the stones. 


A combination of stones of the same colour,  either situated on a diagonal, 
vertical, or horizontal line, which is limited by  the edge of the board, an opponent 
stone or a  free intersection, with no opponent stones 
situated among the own stones. 

A row where between any stones there is no free  intersection. 

An unbroken row with five stones. 

An unbroken row consisting of six or more stones. 

A row with four stones to which you can add one  stone to attain five in 
a row. 

An unbroken row of four stones ("four") to which  you, in two different ways, 
can add one more stone to attain five in a row. 

A row with three stones to which you, without at  the same time making a five in a row, 
can add one  more stone to attain a straight four. 

Putting a stone on an intersection, which at the  same time makes more than one four that 
meet each  other in this intersection. 

Putting a stone on an intersection, which at the  same time makes more than one three that 
meet  each other in this intersection. 


4.1 One of the players has at his disposal the  black stones and the other player has the 
white  stones. 
4.2 Both players must alternately make one move  each turn. Black (the player with the black  
stones) begins the game by making a move in the 
middle of the board. 
4.3 Black to play means that it is black's turn  to move. White to play means that it is 
white's  turn to move. 

A move consists of either the placing of a stone  on one of the intersections of the board, 
or of  the declaration by the player to play that he  gives up his right to put a stone on 
the board  (he passes). 

The making of a move is considered to be ended  when the player has released the stone. When 
a  player passes, the move ends the moment he  declares that he passes. 

A player to play has the right to adjust one or  several stones on their intersections, but 
before  they adjust the stones they must inform their 

If during a game one or several stones have  become disarranged, or if the stones are 
incorrectly removed or replaced, the position  must be reconstructed as it was before 
the  mishap, and after that the game will continue. If 
one of the players is responsible for the  disarranged position, and if the game cannot 
be  reconstructed, he will lose the game. If the  position is disarranged and the game 
cannot be  reconstructed, and if none of the players can be  regarded as responsible for the disarranged  position, the game is void and a new one must be  played. 

9.1 The winner of the game is the player who is  the first to attain five in a row. For 
white an  overline is also counted as a win. 
9.2 The game is won for white if black, without  at the same time attaining five in a row: 
a) makes an overline; 
b) makes a double-four; 
c) makes a double-three (however there are some  double-threes which black is allowed
 to make, see  9.3); 
9.3 A black double-three is allowed if at least  one of the following conditions a) or
 b) are  fulfilled: 
a) Not more than one of the three's can be made  into a straight four when adding another
 stone in  any intersection, without at the same time an 
overline or double-four being attained in this  intersection. To find out which
 double-three's  are allowed, you must make the move, which causes  the double-three,
 in your mind, and then continue  trying to make straight fours, which are allowed, 
 in your mind. 
b) Not more than one of the three's can be made  into a straight four when adding
 another stone in  any intersection, without at the same time at 
least two three's meeting in this intersection  and making a forbidden double-three.
 To find out  if this last double-three is forbidden or not, 
you must first examine if the double-three is  allowed according to a) above,
 and then in your  mind continue trying to make straight fours out  of the three's
 in your mind. If, when making a  straight four in your mind, another double-three
  would also be attained, these double-three's must  be examined in the same way
 as described in this  point 9.3, etc. 
9.4 The game is won for the player who can prove  that the time of their opponent
 has ended, or who  can prove that the opponent has not made the 
stipulated number of moves within the stipulated  time. 
9.5 The game is won for the player whose opponent  gives up the game. 
9.6 The player who wants to win must always claim  the win, and at the same time must
 both clocks.  To obtain a win according to 9.1-9.4 the 
winning player's clapper must be up when both the  clocks have been stopped. 
9.7 If black gets five in a row, but does not see  his win and does not call
 attention to it, and if  white makes a move and black continues to play, 
and black makes a prohibited move according to  9.2, then white is the winner
 of the game (if he  calls attention to it) in spite of the fact that 
black has attained five in a row. 
9.8 If black makes a forbidden double-three or a  double-four, and white does
 not call attention to  this and continues to play, white cannot afterwads 
claim the win with respect to this double-three  or double-four. If black makes
 an overline and  white does not call attention to this and 
continues to play, white still has the option of  calling attention to black's
 overline in a 
later phase of the game, so long as black hasn't  made five in a row and claimed
 the win, and the  game has not been finished in another way. 

10 DRAW a) The game is draw 
10.1 when all the intersections of the board are  occupied; 
10.2 by agreement between both the players; 
10.3 when both players (after each other) pass  (refrain from making their moves); 
10.4 when both players' time has ended. 
b) An offer of a draw according to 10.2 can only  be made by a player 
at the same time as he makes  his move. After he has offered a draw he starts 
the clock of his opponent. The opponent is able  to accept or refuse the 
offer either orally or by  making a move showing the refusal. In the  meantime, the 
player who has made the offer has  no right to cancel the offer. 

Only the following 13 indirect and 13 direct  patterns are possible to play. 
(This means that  the second and third moves must be played as in  the below pictures. 
Two alternatives are possible  for the second move and after the second move 13  
alternatives are possible for the third move.) 

[Image] and [Image] 

12.1 In starting the game a tentative Black and a  tentative White are decided between
the two  players. 12.2-4.The tentative Black plays all the  first three moves (two moves
 for black and one  move for white i.e. he decides which of the 26  patterns will be used.) 

The rule 12.2-4 is a new rule decided by the  General Assembly on the 2nd of May 1996. 

12.5 The tentative White decides which of the  players that will play as Black and as
White in  the game (White has the right to change sides). 
12.6 The newly decided white player makes the 4th  move in an optional unoccupied
12.7 BLACK'S CHOICE Black (the player with the  black stones) has to make two different
proposals  for the 5th stone. The proposals have to be  unequal in all respects. White
 as the right to  choose one of Black's two proposals to 
become the 5th move of the game. The time for  Black goes till he has given two correct
proposals. For White the time goes till he has 
accepted one of the proposals and till he has  made the 6th move which can be made 
in any unoccupied intersection. 
12.8 With the 5th move the special opening rules  for the moves are ended. 
12.9 Passing is not allowed within the first  three moves. 

13.1 During the game both players are required to  record the game (both their own 
moves and their  opponent's) move by move in a legible way on a 
record decided by the organizer of the  competition. 
13.2 If a player has only five minutes or less  left of his time, he does not need to 
fulfil the  duty prescribed in 13.1, but must complete his 
record as soon as the lack of the time is over,  if this is possible. 

14.1 During a certain time both players must make  a certain number of moves. 
14.2 The control of the time for the player is  made with help of a special
clock for this  purpose. 
14.3 At the time when the game begins Black's clock will be started.
Henceforth, after making a  move each player has to stop his own clock with 
the same hand as he used for making the move. At the same time as he stops
his own clock he must  start his opponents' clock. The stop of his own 
clock and the start of his opponent's clock must  always be made immediately,
so as not to disturb  the opponent's making of moves. This rule does not prevent
a player from forgetting to stop the  clock, and his opponent does not have to point 
out if he notices the forgotten stop. 
14.4 When it is time to decide if the stipulated number of moves have been made
within the time  stipulated, the last move is considered not to be 
made until the player has stopped his clock. 
14.5 The time registered by the clock is  considered as decisive unless obvious
defects  exist. A player who wants to point out defects in  the clocks must do 
this immediately. 
14.6 If the game has to be interrupted for some  reason, not caused by any of the
 players, the  clocks must be stopped till the matter is solved. 
14.7 The players must not decide for themselves  to stop their clocks without
 immediately sending  for the organizer of the competiton. 
14.8 It is not allowed for anyone other than the  players in a game, including 
the organizer of a  competition, to point out that the time is out  for a player, 
or that a player has forgotten to  stop his clock. 
14.9 It is allowed for the organizer of a  competition to use "TIME REFEREES". If 
TIME  REFEREES are used, the TIME REFEREES control the  time and 14.8 is not valid. 
If TIME REFEREES are  used then the organizer must see to it 
that all games can get a TIME REFEREE when one is  needed. When 5 minutes are left 
of the time  stipulated in a game, the players must  immediately send for a TIME REFEREE. 

When the games have to start all the clocks must  be started on the request
of the organizer of the  competition. If both players are absent one 
clock will be started. The time of this clock  runs for both players. 

When the game has started, it is prohibited for the players to use
written or printed documents  or to analyse the game on another renju board. 

When games are going on or when one or several  games are interrupted,
no analyse is allowed in  the room or rooms for play. 

No one may distract or disturb the opponent in  anyway. 

Players must follow the rules stipulated for the  competition. 

Transgression against the above mentioned rules of behaviour can lead
to punishment and loss of a  game. 

To lead and organize the competition, an organizer has to be appointed. 
The tasks of the organizer are: 
17.1 to control that the valid rules are carefully used; 
17.2 to judge in all disputes that may occur during the competition; 
17.3 to ensure that good circumstances are  presented during the 
17.4 to ensure that the players are not disturbed by each other or by 
17.5 to punish players who do not follow the  rules; 
17.6 to decide the order in which interrupted games should start again; 

These rules can only be changed after a decision  made by the General
Assembly of the Renju  International Federation. 

Date sent:      	Sun, 13 Jun 1999 23:49:51 +0200

Renju Newsletter No 34 - 1999 

The magazine "Renju World No 29/30" is now  available from the URL address: 
It is a zipped file including 20 Word97-files. 
The HTML version is not yet finished. 

Printed versions will of course also be sent to  all subscribers. 
Adds to RIF GA Agenda  

1. Poposal from Chinese Taipei: 

Dear Mr. Maltell, 

If we Chinese-Taipei can be adopted as a member 
of RIF, we'd like to organize the 8th WC in 2003. 
We also hope it can be a proposal in the 2nd part 
of General Assembly. Although we are not member 
yet, we hope you'd like to consider our  suggestion. 
Thank you very much! 

Sincerely Yours, 

Chung, Hsien-chi 
The secretary-general of Chinese Renju Association 
(in Chinese Taipei) 

Comments from Tommy Maltell: 
3 World Championships in a row in East Asia maybe is too much 
because it is planned that Japan will  arrange the championship
of year 2001. So, if  your country also is interested to arrrange
WC in  the year 2003, please, let me know. 

2. Mind Sports Olympiad in the year 2000 

In earlier Renju Newsletters I have informed you  about Mind Sports Olympiad.
This year a Renju  tournament is not included. I suggest that on GA  RIF
will decide to act so that it will be a renju  tournament next year 
and that a new commission  will take care of the preparations. 

As an information I enclose parts of a letter  from David Levy: 

It seems to me that Mr Tatsutomi from Japan is 
interested to visit Mind Sports Olympiad as a  representative for renju. 
I suppose he has contacted you via e-mail. 

Yes he did. 

Will there be tournaments in renju or gomoku  during Mind Sports Olympiad? 

Not this year. We would not want to do it without  the help of RIF
or yourself. We need to be able  to publicize it widely in the Renju
and Gomoku communities and at the moment we have not way to do this. 
But for next year I would like to start the  planning as soon as poossible
if we can have some  help. This year we have a 100,000 prize fund and next 
year we expect to have at least that muvch  and maybe more. If you can help 
us to get a lot  of Renju/Gomoku players we will offer very nice  prizes. 

If there is some important tournament in your  calendar for which 
you want a host (e.g. European  Championship) we would be interested. Dates for 
2000 are August 19-27. 

Date sent:      	Sun, 6 Jun 1999 19:53:39 +0200

Renju Newsletter No 33 - 1999 

Correction of writing mistakes in Renju Newsletter No 32: 

The Agenda of The RIF General Assembly 1999  

Correct first sentence is: 

Agenda of the RIF General Assembly 1999 (not 1997). 

Correct paragraph 10 is: 

10. The number of players in A-tournament and in  
Qualification Tournament (QT).  
My proposal is 13 players which means 7 players decided  
from last WC, 1 player from China as organizer and 5  
players decided from QT.
Swedish federation propose that we should also consider
the alternative to arrange this WC with 14 players which 
means 7 players decided from last WC, 1 player from China
as organizer and 6 players (not 5 players) decided from QT.  

Info about date and time for General Assembly will be sent  within short. 


Recently I found a good list of main libraries in  
the world on Internet: 

On Thirsday June 3 I sent, which was decided long ago, 
Renju For Beginners to 128 of these libraries. Coming week
I intend to send also to the 42 remaining addresses. 


NEW ! NEW ! NEW ! 
SPECIAL Summer suggestions from 25.6 till 15.8.99 

Dear Renju friends !!! 

Real good suggestion. 

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If you want one of RenBase products, I will advice how to download 
RenBase-98 and best way to payment. 

Best Regards Alexander Nosovsky 

Date sent:      	Sat, 5 Jun 1999 00:37:21 +0200

Renju Newsletter No  32 - 1999/Agenda for GA 
Short info about the RIF web site: 

The Web hotel were the web site is situated has changed the  IP-number for the site.
The DNS-servers all around the world maybe not yet has been updated.  
If you cannot see the pages, till it will work again you  can use the
IP-number directly i.e. you can use the address  


Please, cheque the agenda below and inform me if I have forgotten something 
that you have sent to me and that should be added. I am in a  
hurry so maybe I have missed someting. If I have forgotten something  
I will add it in a future newsletter. 

I also ask all chairmans of RIF Commissions to send me their reports 
about commission activity via e-mail before 1st of July  1999. Every report must
give the answer to the question if the commission should remain as it works
today or if some  changes are necessary? The reports should also include
eventual proposals and for each member of the commission if  the member
is a candidate for 2 more years or if the member  wants to withdraw from his task. 
The reports may be published in Renju Newsletter and then 
everybody knows about them and these reports will not take
to much time during the assembly. The names of all chairmans
and members) are listed below. 

The financial report probably also will be published before the meeting. 

The Agenda of The RIF General Assembly 1999. 

Agenda of the RIF General Assembly 1999 during the WC in 
Beijing China. The General Assembly probably will be held 
in two parts. However if it is good time maybe it is enough 
with one part. 

The exact time for these two General Asseblies is 
not yet decided.  

The first part must take place before the QT and the  tournament. 

The second part of General Assembly will be held later 
during the tournament days. 

1. Opening of the General Assembly (and election of the 
chairman of the assembly) 
2. Election of the secretary of the assembly 
3. Election of 3 persons to check the minutes and 3 
4. Approval of this agenda and roll-call 
5. Annual report from the President 
6. Annual report from the Treasurer and the Auditor 
7. Approval of the work of the Central Committee for the 
last two years 
8. The budget and the membership fee for 
the period July  1999 - August 2000 or also for 
July 2000 - August 2001 
9. Election of the Central Committee: 
     President              Tommy Maltell (re-election) 
     Vice President         Kosho Hayakawa (re-election) 
     Vice President         Alexander Nosovsky (re-election) 
     General Secretary      Peter Jonsson (re-election) 
     Treasurer              Stefan Karlsson (re-election) 
     Auditor                Lars B. Melin (re-election) 

10. The number of players in A-tournament and in 
Qualification Tournament (QT). 
My proposal is 13 players which means 7 players decided 
from last WC, 1 player from China as organizer and 5 
players decided from QT.
Swedish federation propose that we should also consider the alternative
to arrange this WC with 14 players which  means 7 players decided from
last WC, 1 player from China as organizer and 6 players decided from QT. 

11. Adopting of Chinese Taipei as a member of RIF with 
member rights regarding number of participants in QT. 

12. The number of players in A-tournament in WC in Japan 
2001. We also have to decide wheather the rule in paragraph 
#5e from the RIF Extra General Assembly in Riga on August 
7, 1992: 

"The organizing federation for the World Championship has 
one free place in the A-tournament, if the federation does 
not have any PP(Personal Places) or NP(National Places)." 

shall be left or not for future WC (2001 maybe is not so 
interesting but we do not know about 2003). Personally I 
think that of many reasons it is of great importance for 
organizing country to have this right left. If we decide to 
keep this rule we also have to decide if it should mean 
that one more players then should take place in A- 
tournament or if it will be one place less in QT. 

In this point it could also be decided once again which 
will be the rules for places in WC 2001 to avoid future 

12b. Suggstion from Alexander Nosovsky: Also, I would like
to suggest that if rule of 5e will occur it means 
that 13 players will play in A-Final. 
Thus we will not need to change anything in our decisions. 
Here is a possible stop and then the assembly will meet  again later.
Paragraph 10-12 must be decided before QT. 

13. Reports from all RIF Commissions. Every member of a 
commission must inform his chairman if he wants to go on 
with his task. Every chairman has to inform me before 1st of July  
in the report mentioned above which players that do not want to go on. 
If the chairman has proposals for new delegates he should include such 
proposals in this report. If he has no such proposals CC 
can try to find new delagates. 

Should the commissions remain as they work today? 

14a. Report and proposal from RIF Correspondence 
Commission is enclosed in the end of this agenda. 

14b. Suggestion from Alexander Nosovsky: Every Chairman of RIF Commission have to
send report to President about 
commission activity before 10 of May each second year. 

15. Elections for delegates in all RIF Commissions.
 The former delegates are listed below. 

16. Eventual report regarding RIF rating system 

17.Future international tournaments - Report from Sports 

a. Team World Championship in May 2000 in Tallinn, Estonia 

b. Youth World Championship in July 2000 in Arjeplog, Sweden 
   The Arjeplog club propose also to organise an Open International Tournament 
   during the same week as the Youth World Championship. 

c. World Championship in  end of July - beginning of August 
   in Japan 2001 

18.End of General Assembly 


10a. Report and proposal from RIF Correspondence 

As current chairman of RIF Correspondence 
Commission, I would like to propose to 
discuss at the RIF meeting in China  
the problems of RIF e-mail tournaments. 
At least one problem has to be discussed. 
Every year more and more new players 
take part in Renju WCh via e-mail. This 
year we have situation when 12 players 
play 2 games all together in each semi-final 
group. As a result, it is very difficult now 
to win the semi-final (only winner will play 
next year in a final tournament), because 
every year more and more really strong 
players take part in competition. Secondly, 
what will we do, when we will get 20, 
for example, participants in each semi-final? 
It will be too hard for players to play near 
40 games in the tournament. 
It could be the case next years because the number 
of participants grows every year. I would like 
to propose to discuss a possibility to make 
not only semi-final but quarter-final tournaments 
also. For example, as it was announced 
previously, in the final of the next 5 WCh 
via e-mail will take part 6 best of the current 
4 WCh final and 4 winners of semi-final 
groups. Simultaneously, the 3 semi-finals 
of the 6th WCh will start. In each semi-final 
group will play 12 players - 4 from the previous 
final A and 32 players from the current  
semi-final (2-9 places from each have right 
to play). In the case of rejections to play 
free places in these semi-finals will be replaced 
by the applicants with the highest RIF 
international ranking. 2 winners of each 
group will take part in the final of 6th 
WCh, so from the 6th final 12 players 
will play in the high league tournament, 6 best 
will play next high league and 6 others 
will be replaced by the winners of semi-finals. 
From the other hand, 4 players from each 
ended semi-final of 6th WCh will be replaced 
by the winners of quater-finals. 
Of course, these changes 
of the system of selection have a significant 
meaning in the case of every year growing 
of the number of participants. But it seems 
so that we actually have this permanent 
growing. So I guess it should be discussed. 

With best wishes 
Oleg Fedorkin 

The following commissions have worked within RIF for two  years. 

a) THE RULES COMMISSION. It should work with the playing rules and 
also investigate possibilities for new rules. 

Chairman: Aldis Reims, Latvia. 
Other members: Norihiko Kawamura, Japan Kazuto Hasegawa, Japan 
Yurij Tarannikov, Russia Mikael Kozhin, Russia 
Ando Meritee, Estonia Arsen Avetisyan, Armenia 
Sergei Varov, Armenia Nikolai Ponomarenko, Ukraine 
b) THE SPORTS COMMISSION. It should work with the organization 
of international tournaments and also recommend which of the 
tournaments who should be counted in the rating list. 

Chairman: Konstantin Nikonov, Russia 
Other members: Kazuto Hasegawa, Japan Viktor Kaufman, Russia 
Stefan Karlsson, Sweden Na Wei, China 
Arnis veidemanis, Latvia Ants Soosorv, Estonia 
Albert Pogosyan, Armenia Nikolai  Ponomarenko, Ukraine 

and decide eventual new rules for the next WC via e-mail. 

Chairman: Norihiko Kawamura, Japan (Withdrawal during the period) 
New chairman during the period : Oleg Fedorkin, Russia. 
Other Members: Yurij Tarannikov, Russia 
Tommy Maltell, Sweden Ando Meritee, Estonia 
Aldis Reims, Latvia Na Wei, China 
Albert Pogosyan, Armenia Vladimir Kolesnik, Ukraine 
Rickard W. Rognlie, USA 

d) THE QUALIFICATION COMMISSION. It will work with the 
rating list and make suggestions for the General Assembly in case of new rules. 

Chairman: Bengt Asplund, Sweden 
Other Members: Kazuto Hasegawa, Japan Sergei Smirnov, Russia 
Felix Degtiar, Byelorussia Na Wei, China 
Ants Soosorv, Estonia Artis Gaujens, Latvia 
Nerses Grigorian, Armenia Nikolai Ponomarenko, Ukraine 

e) THE TRANSLATION COMMISSION. The task will be to try to translate 
Renju rules into each language of the connection men. If possible it 
will also translate the book “ The Click Of Stones” into English. 

Chairman: Na Wei, China 
Other Members: Norio Nishizono, Japan Alexandr Nosovsky, Russia 
Ando Meritee, Estonia Gatis Gurtskis, Latvia 
Albert Pogosyan, Armenia Oleg Mostovlansky, Byelorussia 

f) THE EUROPE COMMISSION. It will try to start Renju activities 
in new countries and also help other european “not established countries” to 
develop Renju activities. 

Chairman: Peter Jonsson, Sweden 
Other Members: Alexandr Nosovsky, Russia Ants Soosorv, Estonia 
Albert Pogosyan, Armenia Nikolai Ponomarenko, Ukraine 

g) THE REFEREE COMMISSION: It will see that a system for referee 
categories will be set up. National federations should apply 
for candidates for international referees. In future all international 
championships must have an appointed international referee. 
The chairman should be the referee of the WC via e-mail and  
when difficult problems occure he should ask the commission for help. 

Chairman: Alexei Skuridin, Russia 
Other members: Hiroyuki Tatsutomi, Japan Pavel Salnikov, Russia 
Felix Degtiar, Byelorussia Ants Soosorv, Estonia 
Artis Gaujens, Latvia Nikolai Ponomarenko, Ukraine 
Albert Pogosyan, Armenia  

h) THE YOUTH COMMISSION. It should work with youth activities. 

Chairman: Alexei Skuridin, Russia 
Other members: Hiroyuki Tatsutomi, Japan Anders Bertilsson, Sweden 
Na Wei, China Ants Soosorv, Estonia 
Gurgen Karapetyan, Armenia Valentin Uspensky, Ukraine 

Date sent:      	Mon, 24 May 1999 23:07:47 +0200

Renju Newsletter No 31 - 1999 

Swedish WC-Qualification Step 1 in Joenkoeping 990522-990524 

1. Rickard J		7.5p         
2. Tord A          	5p 
3. Martin C         	5p 
4. Bengt A         	5p 
5. Linus H		4.5p 
6. Anders B	 	3p 
7. Marcus E		3p 
8. Peter J		3p 
9. Jan-Olov A		0p 

The three best above together with the three best from
Swedish Championship will play in QT step 2 
June, 28 - July, 3 to decide the 3 Swedish players in WC QT 

The three best in Swedish Championship 

1. Joachim Gaulitz              8                
2. Petter Gardstroem            7.5              
3. Stefan Karlsson              6  


Some news from Estonia. 
Estonian Federation has 2 suggestions for General Assemble. 
1. Tallinn would like to have Team World Championship in  the begin-ning of May 2000. 
2. We suggest that organizing country has right to play in  TWC with 2 teams. 

From October 1998 till May 1999 we had serie of tournaments  in Hobby- 
center Kullo and Kivimae school 

Results in Kullo (12 players totaly) 

1.Tunnet Taimla  51 
2.Johann Lents   45 
3.Pavel Voznjuk  33 
4.Lauri Naber    25 
5.Maris Tuvikene 22 
6.Evelyn Tihkan  20 
7.Katrin Birk    12
Results in Kivimae (11 players ) 

1.Tunnet Taimla  57 
2.Johann Lents   46 
3.Pavel Voznjuk  29 
4.Evelyn Tihkan  24 
5.Juri Viital    21 
6.Katrin Birk    12 


Changed ratings because of Estonia qualification tournament  

                             +/-   rating 
1. Ando Meritee     9 points -12   2680 
2. Ants Soosyrv     7,5      - 8   2468 
3. Tunnet Taimla    7       +118   2167 
4. Lauri Naber      3,5      -38   2125 
5. Johann Lents     2        -26   1984 
6. Maris Tuvikene   1        -34   1917 

Date sent:      	Sun, 9 May 1999 23:45:25 +0200

Renju Newsletter No 30 - 1999

World Championship Estonian qualification finished today.Tunnet
Taimla couldnt play his last game with Ando Meritee earlier.But Ando
won this game and here are total results :
                     1   2   3   4   5   6
1. Ando Meritee     X  1d  d1  11  11  11  9 points

2. Ants Soosyrv    0d  X   11  11  11  11  7,5

3. Tunnet Taimla   d0  10  X   1d  11  11  7

4. Lauri Naber     00  00  0d  X   11  01  3,5

5. Johann Lents    00  00  00  00  X   11  2

6. Maris Tuvikene  00  00  00  10  00  X   1

Ando Meritee and Ants Soosyrv will play in WC final.
In qualification will play Peeter Tamm.


Date sent:      	Thu, 6 May 1999 23:36:58 +0200

Renju Newsletter No 29 - 1999

Information from China regarding WC 1999
     Dear Renju friends,
     As the next Would Championship in Beijing China is drawing near, I 
     would like to remind you again to inform your namelist of
     who come to the tournament. Please let us know details per following
     1. Total number of your delegation (including players and
     2. Number of non-players
     3. Indicate clearly who participate A tournament, who participate B
     tournament and who participate women's tournament
     4. Indicate clearly for each member of your delegation, their sex, 
     date of birth, passport number and occupation
     I have received namelist from some countries. However, none of them
     gave full details on above request. Please do it ASAP so that we can
     send invitation to you with no delay.
     Na Wei
     president of RIF China

Date sent:      	Wed, 5 May 1999 20:15:34 +0200

Renju Newsletter No 28 - 1999

I forward a letter from David Levy.



Would you and your colleagues like to have a Renju & Go-Moku tournament
the Mind Sports Olympiad this year? We are expanding our event and would
your participation. We provide a venue, prizes, medals and an
What we would need is your help in publicizing the event.

We would also be interested in hosting your world championships at some
in the future if you need a venue, and/or the European Championships.

David Levy 

       +                                      +
       +       3rd MIND SPORTS OLYMPIAD       +
       +                                      +
       +  Olympia, London, August 21-29 1999  +
       +                                      +
       +       Preliminary Announcement       +
       +                                      +

We are delighted to announce that the venue for the 3rd Mind
Sports Olympiad will be the Conference Centre at Olympia,
one of London's premier exhibition and conference sites. 

The dates, as announced at the end of last year's event, are
August 21st-29th. By extending the event to nine days we
have made it possible to accommodate more players and to
organize more tournaments. 

We plan to have events for most games throughout the
Olympiad. Typically, for each game, there will be some
tournaments on the first weekend, then some 5-day events on
the middle Monday-Friday (August 23-27) and finally some
more tournaments on the final weekend. But every game will
have its own requirements and at this stage we are still
flexible in our tournament planning. For example, we are
organizing a very strong chess tournament with 9 rounds,
extending thhroughout the Olympiad, in which players will
be able to obtain norms towards international titles. This
tournament is in addition to the quickplay and 5-minute chess
tournaments which we have held in the past. 

This year there will be a substantial prize fund. We will be
dramatically upgrading our web site over the next few
months. We are also opening a full time central London office
on May 14th.

Further details will follow during May. In the meantime will
all organisers please contact me with suggestions as to how
they would like to see the tournaments for their particular
game(s) to be scheduled.

Best regards,
David Levy

P.S.  Please note that since last year my telephone and fax numbers
      have changed:

      Tel: +44 171 435 9496

      Fax: +44 171 435 2870

      As from May 14th there will be additional contact numbers for me
      at the new MSO office.

      Snailmail still reaches me at P.O. Box 13388, London NW3 5FB.


Date sent:      	Wed, 5 May 1999 19:50:58 +0200

Renju Newsletter No 27 - 1999

Pavel Makarov won Qualification Tournament for WC in Russia.
Russia have decided participants of WC there
M. Kozhin (Dubna)
V. Sushkov (St, Petersburg)
P. Makarov (Moscow)
S. Peskov (Zhigulevsk)
Y. Bobkov (Moscow)

Reserv Nikonov, Sinyov

The full table of games in Russian Championship you can   
find on the URL-address:

The new RIF ratinglists you can find on the following URL-

Date sent:      	Fri, 30 Apr 1999 00:27:30 +0200

Renju Newsletter No 26 - 1999

Notice to attend RIF General Assembly during China WC 1999
27th of July - 6th of August

The General Assembly will this time be separated in two 
parts. The first part of the meeting will be before QT and 
WC starts because we have to decide 2 questions.

1. The number of players in A-tournament and in 
Qualification Tournament (QT). 
(My proposal is 13 players which means 7 players decided 
from last WC, 1 player from China as organizer and 5 
players decided from QT.)

2. Adopting of Chinese Taipei as a member of RIF with 
member rights regarding number of participants in QT.

The second part of General Assembly will be held later 
during the tournament days.

The agenda will soon be sent within a Renju Newsletter.
(RIF CC will first have some days to discuss the agenda)

Of some reason the new rating lists announced in Renju 
Newsletter No 25 was not updated. However, now you will 
find them updated on the following URL-addresses


Those people who knows Tomas Hagenfors from Kumla knows 
that he is very good to enthusiast people to start playing 
renju. He has arranged school championships in little town 
Kumla ( with 18900 inhabitants (12600 
in the centre). 447 pupils participated in the championship.
Those who can read Swedish can read more about the 
championship on the URL-address:

Date sent:      	Tue, 27 Apr 1999 23:47:46 +0200

Renju Newsletter No 25 - 1999

Results and international rating changes 
from Swedish Championship in Vadstena,
April 21-25 1999.

Final standings, Group A
      Po		+/-		rating
1. Joachim Gaulitz 		8		+141	2342
2. Petter Gardstroem 		7.5		+ 61	2419
3. Stefan Karlsson 		6		- 35	2462
4. Bengt Asplund 		5		+ 46	2243
5. Anders Bertilsson 		4.5		+ 20	2245
6. Rickard Johannesson 		3.5		-107	2361
7. Martin Carlsson 		3.5		+ 22	2164
8. Goeran Holgersson 		3		- 53	2235
9. Jan Palmgren 		2.5		- 43	2180
10.Johnny Nielsen 		1.5		- 52	2113

Final standings, Group B, 11 rounds

1. Peter Jonsson 		10		+ 19		2176
2. Linus Hermansson 		9.5		+ 46		2027
3. Hannes Hermansson 		8		- 48		2116
4. Haakan Moeller 		8		  -		  -
5. Tomas Hagstroem 		7		  -		1984
6. Olga Skuridina 		7		  -		  -
7. Tomas Hagenfors 		7		  -		1942
8. Marcus Eriksson 		5.5		- 56		1955
9. Johan Vikerskog 		5		  -		  -
10.Erik Lissel 			5		  -		  -
11.Sven-AAke Pettersson 	5		  -		  -
12.Jan-Olov Andersson 		5	        -	        -
13.Kim Kemilae 			4		  -		  -
14.Jan Paulander 		4		  -		  -
15.Mikael Johansson 		4		  -		  -
16.Gabriel Hagenfors 		3		  -		  -
17.Andreas Johansson 		1		  -		  -
18.Carl Hermansson 		1		  -		  -

The new rating lists you will find on the following URL-

Date sent:      	Sun, 25 Apr 1999 21:09:26 +0200

Renju Newsletter No 24 - 1999

Rsults from Swedish Championship in Vadstena,
April 21-25 1999.

New Swedish Champion in Renju is Joachim Gaulitz!

Round 5
Joachim Gaulitz-Goeran Holgersson 1-0
Stefan Karlsson-Martin Carlsson 1-0
Bengt Asplund-Johnny Nielsen 1-0
Petter Gardstroem-Jan Palmgren 1-0
Anders Bertilsson-Rickard Johannesson 1-0

Round 6
Joachim Gaulitz-Bengt Asplund 1-0
Stefan Karlsson-Jan Palmgren 1-0
Anders Bertilsson-Goeran Holgersson 1-0
Petter Gardstroem-Johnny Nielsen 1-0
Martin Carlsson-Rickard Johannesson 0.5-0.5

Round 7
Petter Gardstroem-Rickard Johannesson 1-0
Stefan Karlsson-Goeran Holgersson 1-0
Joachim Gaulitz-Jan Palmgren 1-0
Anders Bertilsson-Johnny Nielsen 1-0
Bengt Asplund-Martin Carlsson 1-0

Round 8
Petter Gardstroem-Stefan Karlsson 0.5-0.5
Goeran Holgersson-Rickard Johannesson 0.5-0.5
Anders Bertilsson-Bengt Asplund 1-0
Joachim Gaulitz-Martin Carlsson 1-0
Jan Palmgren-Johnny Nielsen 1-0

Round 9
Joachim Gaulitz-Anders Bertilsson 1-0
Goeran Holgersson-Petter Gardstroem 1-0
Stefan Karlsson-Rickard Johannesson 0.5-0.5
Bengt Asplund-Jan Palmgren 1-0
Martin Carlsson-Johnny Nielsen 1-0

Final standings, Group A

1. Joachim Gaulitz 8
2. Petter Gardstroem 7.5
3. Stefan Karlsson 6
4. Bengt Asplund 5
5. Anders Bertilsson 4.5
6. Rickard Johannesson 3.5
7. Martin Carlsson 3.5
8. Goeran Holgersson 3
9. Jan Palmgren 2.5
10.Johnny Nielsen 1.5

Final standings, Group B, 11 rounds

1. Peter Jonsson 10
2. Linus Hermansson 9.5
3. Hannes Hermansson 8
4. Haakan Moeller 8
5. Tomas Hagstroem 7
6. Olga Skuridina 7
7. Tomas Hagenfors 7
8. Marcus Eriksson 5.5
9. Johan Vikerskog 5
10.Erik Lissel 5
11.Sven-AAke Pettersson 5
12.Jan-Olov Andersson 5
13.Kim Kemilae 4
14.Jan Paulander 4
15.Mikael Johansson 4
16.Gabriel Hagenfors 3
17.Andreas Johansson 1
18.Carl Hermansson 1

Peter and Linus are qualified for next years A-group.

Date sent:      	Fri, 23 Apr 1999 17:15:01 +0200

Renju Newsletter No 23 - 1999

Situation in final stage of Estonian WC qualification is 

1.Tunnet Taimla 5,5 points from 6
2.Ando Meritee  4,5 (5)
3.Ants Soosyrv  4,5 (6)
4.Lauri Naber   2,5 (8)
5.Maris Tuvikene 0  (4)
6.Johann Lents   0  (5)

 We shall finish next week.


Swedish Championship of Renju - standings after 4 rounds.

Round 1
Petter Gardström-Martin Carlsson 1-0
Stefan Karlsson-Anders Bertilsson 1-0
Bengt Asplund-Göran Holgersson 1-0
Rickard Johannesson-Jan Palmgren 1-0
Joachim Gaulitz-Johnny Nielsen 1-0

Round 2
Petter Gardström-Joachim Gaulitz 1-0
Johnny Nielsen-Rickard Johannesson 1-0
Bengt Asplund-Stefan Karlsson 1-0
Göran Holgersson-Jan Palmgren 1-0
Anders Bertilsson-Martin Carlsson 0.5-0.5

Round 3
Petter Gardström-Anders Bertilsson 1-0
Rickard Johannesson-Bengt Asplund 1-0
Joachim Gaulitz-Stefan Karlsson 1-0
Göran Holgersson-Johnny Nielsen 0.5-0.5
Martin Carlsson-Jan Palmgren 0.5-0.5

Round 4
Petter Gardström-Bengt Asplund 1-0
Stefan Karlsson-Johnny Nielsen 1-0
Martin Carlsson-Göran Holgersson 1-0
Jan Palmgren-Anders Bertilsson 1-0
Joachim Gaulitz-Rickard Johannesson 1-0

Petter Gardström 4
Joachim Gaulitz 3
Bengt Asplund 2
Martin Carlsson 2
Rickard Johannesson 2
Stefan Karlsson 2
Göran Holgersson 1.5
Johnny Nielsen 1.5
Jan Palmgren 1.5
Anders Bertilsson 0.5

Date sent:      	Tue, 20 Apr 1999 00:02:17 +0200

Renju Newsletter No 22 - 1999  

On Saturday 17th of April 1999  
Peter Jonsson, Joenkoeping, Sweden 
Olga Skuridina, Nizhni Novgorod, Russia, 
were married. 

From the URL-address: 
you can find 6 photos from the wedding 


Letter from Jeff Zucker: 

Also, for my own benefit I created a renju opening 
tutorial that uses the images from RIF in a javascript
that makes it easy to see the opening moves.

Please take a look  at
Jeff Zucker 


How to find a renjufriend in your own country? 

Nowadays it is not so difficult to find a friend
to play renju with via Internet.
There are several places for that  for example 

Richard's Play-By-eMail Server with the URL-address: 

Playsite with the URL-address: 

5WIN Game Server with the URL-adress: 

E-mail addresses to all Renju Newsletter subscribers you
can also find from the URL-adress:

On the list of Renju subscribers you can only find name,
country, eventual C and the e-mail address. 

A player who is a contactman for his country
has a C after the nationality for example 
"Ants Soosorv, Estonia, C" 

Still I have been told to arrange some possibility for
players to register themselves so that other players are
able to contact them.  

Therefore I have made a special guestbook called 
"Renjucontact's guestbook"
just for this purpose on the  following URL-address: 

The old guestbook is still left and it can be
used for all other guestbook purposes. 

In the new guestbook every player could register
himself as a person interested in contacts with other renjuplayers.  

In this guestbook any player are able to write for example  his/her: 
mailing address (snail-mail) 
e-mail address 
what kind of contact he/she is interested in  
for example: 
interested in contacts via e-mail or in real life 
interested to play games via e-mail, via some server or in  real life  
interested to discuss analysis 
interested to organize a club 
interested to found a national organization  
and so on 

You and of course also non-subscribers are welcome to write  in this guestbook. 
A place (in Swedish)for children who want to play gomoku: 

Date sent:      	Sun, 11 Apr 1999 19:19:03 +0200

Renju Newsletter No 21 - 1999

Letter with info about free game software from TaoYin

Hi tommy:
We programed a renju game , we also call it renju manager.
It's a Free Software . If you like that you can distribute
it at your site .
Now we are programing a new version which have Multi Media functions .
If you want more infomation please contact us.

(1st :arj x free.arj , then run setup.exe)



You can find the files mentioned above
on the following URL-address:

Arj.exe  -  104614b
Free.arj -  417825b


These are the results of Helsinki Open tournament (10-11 April).

Gomoku tournament. 11 rounds.

1.Pellikka Marko (FIN) - 10
2.Aager Sten (EST) - 9
3-4.Milva Helen (EST) - 7,5
Talihaerm Maria (EST) - 7,5
5-6.Rauk Raile (EST) - 7
Evart Kristjan (EST) - 7
7.Nurkse Mariliis (EST) - 6
8-10.Milva Kadi (EST) - 5,5
Puks Toomas (EST) - 5,5
Ilu Timo (EST) - 5,5
11-14.Salmela Matti (FIN) - 5
Ikonen Tatu (FIN) - 5
Salmela Mari (FIN) - 5
Vooras Mario (EST) - 5
15-17.Pensasmaeki Jouni (FIN) - 4,5
Lemstroem Niklas (FIN) - 4,5
Jaakonsaari Sara (FIN) - 4,5
18-19.Utt Teele (EST) - 4
Savi Helina (EST) - 4
20-21.Karimaeki Teemu (FIN) - 3
Pellikka Pasi (FIN) - 3

Renju tournament. 7 rounds

1.Meritee Ando (EST) - 6,5
2.Asplund Bengt (SWE) - 5,5
3.Fedorkin Oleg (RUS) - 5
4.Soosorv Ants (EST) - 4,5
5.Skuridin Alexei (RUS) - 4
6.Jonsson Peter (SWE) - 4
7.Holgersson Goeran (SWE) - 3,5
8.Lents Johann (EST) - 3
9.Voznyuk Pavel (EST) - 2
10.Tihkan Evelyn (EST) - 2
11.Viital Juri (EST) - 1
12.Hagenfors Thomas (SWE) - 1

Some interesting results in renju tournament:

Meritee - Asplund 0,5-0,5
Jonsson - Meritee 0-1
Soosorv - Meritee 0-1
Meritee - Fedorkin 1-0
Holgersson - Meritee 0-1
Skuridin - Meritee 0-1
Fedorkin - Asplund 1-0
Asplund - Jonsson 1-0
Asplund - Holgersson 1-0
Holgersson - Fedorkin 0,5-0,5
Soosorv - Fedorkin 0,5-0,5
Soosorv - Skuridin 1-0
Holgersson - Soosorv 1-0
Holgersson - Skuridin 0-1
Skuridin - Jonsson 0-1
Lents - Jonsson 1-0.

With best wishes
Oleg Fedorkin.


This is current standings of renju WC e-mail tournaments.

Group A.

                               1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 MtPt  Pts
1.O.Fedorkin(RUS) fedorkin    xx  = 11 1= =  1  ==       11   4    8=     
2.A.Reims(LAT) areims         =  xx                           0    =      
3.K.Hasegava(JAP) uo9man      00    xx 10  1    =         0   1    2=     
4.R.Kolpakov(RUS) kolpak      =0    10 xx        = 11         1=   4      
5.Yu.Tarannikov(RUS) taran     =    0     xx    ==            =    1=     
6.V.Golosov(RUS) golosov       0             xx               0    0      
7.S.Bondarenko(RUS) troter    ==     = =  ==    xx 11     1   2=   6      
8.S.Smirnov(RUS) smirnov               00       00 xx 00  1   =    1      
9.O.Klimachev(RUS) klimachev                       11 xx      1    2      
10.E.Bobkov(RUS) bobkove      00    1           0  0     xx   =    1      

Group B.
                               1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 Pts Place

1.N.Kawamura(JAP) norihiko    xx 0     0  11  1 11 11    11 11    11      
2.M.Kozhin(RUS) jenaro         1 xx    11 11 1= 11 11    11 11    14=     
3.S.Filippov(RUS) filippov          xx    11 11 11 11  1 11 11    13      
4.B.Wallgren(SWE) bjornw       1 00    xx 11 11 11 11    11 11    13      
5.V.Egorov(RUS) evit          00 00 00 00 xx 00 11 11 01 00 11 00  7     9 
6.Y.Madissoon(EST) ymadis     0  =0 00 00 11 xx 11 11    11 11  0 10=     
7.M.Lalayan(ARM) lama         00 00 00 00 00 00 xx 11 00 00 10 00  3 10-11
8.T.Wang(CHI) tomwang         00 00 00 00 00 00 00 xx 00 00 00 00  0    12 
9.V.Kolesnik(UKR) kvik              0     01    11 11 xx 11 11     9
10.R.Brown(USA) guzzle        00 00 00 00 11 00 11 11 00 xx 11 00  8     8 
11.M.Dumanyan(ARM) dumh       00 00 00 00 00 00 10 11 00 00 xx 00  3 10-11 
12.S.Krasnonosova(RUS) odetta             11 1  11 11    11 11 xx       11       

Group C.
                             1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 Pts Place
1.A.Soosorv(EST) asoosorv   xx 0  01    10 11    0     11 11     8      
2.A.Mikhailov(RUS) almi+     1 xx          11  1 11    11  1     9      
3.V.Barykin(RUS) vbarykin   01    xx    1  11     0    11 1      7      
4.R.Johannesson(SWE) ratson          xx  1 11          11        5      
5.S.Sitnik(RUS) sergei      10     0 0  xx 11    01    11        6      
6.K.Birk(EST) katrin        00 00 00 00 00 xx    00 0  11 00     2      
7.M.Minasyan(ARM) mima         0              xx       11        2      
8.Zh.Jinyu(CHI) freefish     1 00 1     01 11    xx    11        7      
9.I.Rinkis(LAT) ingus                       1       xx 11        3      
10.A.Stepanyan(ARM) star    00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 xx 00 00  0    12
11.R.Samal(CHE) rsamal      00 0   0       11          11 xx     4      
12.V.Alibabaev(RUS) alibaba                            11    xx  2       

Group D.
                             1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 13 Pts Place
1.A.Poghosyan(ARM) apogh    xx 00 00 00 00 00 11 00 00 00 00 00  2      
2.I.Sinyov(RUS) sinyovi     11 xx 1   0       11       10 1      7      
3.A.Nosovsky(RUS) nosovs    11  0 xx  0  1  1 1      1 11    =   8=     
4.J.Gaulitz(SWE) joachim    11 1  1  xx     1 11        1        8      
5.V.Lunkin(RUS) lunkin      11    0     xx 1  1        01    0   5      
6.M.Kolk(EST) mkolk         11    0  0   0 xx 1     10 11  1 0   7      
7.A.Karapetyan(ARM) kaar    00 00  0 00  0  0 xx    00 00     0         
8.Zh.Tongxiang(JAP) s02     11                   xx    0         2      
9.E.Gaidamauskas(LIT) volk  11    0        10 11    xx 11  1     8      
10.W.Huang(USA) stfun       11 10 00 0  01 00 11  1 00 xx    00  7      
11.C.Tibaldi(ITA) tibia     11  0          0         0    xx     2      
13.M.Dufvenberg(SWE) mikedu 11     =     1  1 1        11    xx  7=      

Group E.
                              1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 Pts Place
1.T.Takagawa(JAP) takagawa   xx  0  1 0   1 11     1 11 11 1     10      
2.K.Nikonov(RUS) vanalaud    1  xx 1      1 11  1 11 11 11 11 1  15      
3.P.Salnikov(RUS) psalnikov  0   0 xx  =  1 11     1 11  1 1   1  9=     
4.D.Soloviev(RUS) dsol        1    =  xx  1 11     1 1   1 11     9=     
5.J.Lents(EST) lents         0  0  0  0  xx 11       11 11  0     6      
6.M.Manykyan(ARM) mamh       00 00 00 00 00 xx 00 00 00 00 00 00  0   12 
7.M.Carlsson(SWE) muppin        0           11 xx    11           4      
8.A.Kobzev(ARM) kai          0  00 0  0     11    xx 11 01    00  5      
9.A.Lipsits(USA) alipsits    00 00 00  0 00 11 00 00 xx 00 00 00  2   11 
10.G.Baggio(ITA) beppejb     00 00 0  0  00 11    01 11 xx    00  5      
11.E.Tihkau(EST) etienne      0 00  0 00 1  11       11    xx  1  6      
12.B.Asplund(SWE) basplund       0 0        11    11 11 11 0  xx  8     

With best wishes
Oleg Fedorkin

Date sent:      	Sat, 10 Apr 1999 01:23:31 +0200

Renju Newsletter No 20 - 1999

The Swedish Magazine Fem i Rad No 3 - 1998
is now available on the URL-address:

All pages are in Swedish but some of them could be 
understood by everyone for example
Results from different tournaments and
Poängligan 1998 - Slutställning i.e. total sum of points 
from different tournaments 1998
Aktuell rankinglista 990101-990430 i.e. the Swedish actual 


The following Russian language magazines you can find on 
Internet on the URL-address:

1.The very sucsessfull magazine project "Moscow Almanah:"
  by Fedorkin and Golosov as cheif-editors.
2.Theoretical magazine "Analitick" by A. Mikhaylov.
3.Local magazines for example by P.Makarov in Moscow,
  by P. Salnikov in SPB,
  by Vasileva in Ribinsk

Date sent:      	Tue, 6 Apr 1999 00:25:07 +0200

Renju Newsletter No 19 - 1999 

On Saturday 17th of April 1999 
Peter Jonsson, Joenkoeping, Sweden, General Secretary of  RIF,
Olga Skuridina, Nizhni Novgorod, Russia,
Nr 6 in the 1st Women Renju World Championship 1997,
will marry. 

Result of Japanese Qualification tournament for WC6 

 Qualification tournament for the 6th WC of Japan (3-4 Apr.) 

                        R1   R2   R3   R4   R5   R6   R7   Pts TB1 rank 
 1. Takashi  Sagara     7-1  8-1  5-=  2-1  3-1  6-1  4-=   6        1 
 2. Hideki   Nara       8-0  7-1  6-1  1-0  4-0  5-1 10-1   4   10   5 
 3. Yoshimi  Hayakawa   9-0 11-1 10-1  5-1  1-0 12-1  8-1   5        2 
 4. Shinichi Ishitani  10-0 12-0 11-1  9-1  2-1  8-0  1-=   3=  13   6  
 5. Akihiko  Kashihara 11-1  9-1  1-=  3-0  6-0  2-0  7-1   3=  11   7 
 6. Hiroshi  Matsuura  12-1 10-1  2-0  8-=  5-1  1-0  9-0   3=  9,75 8 
 7. Takeo    Miyoshi    1-0  2-0 12-0 11-1  9-0 10-1  5-0   2    3  11 
 8. Hiroshi  Sakamoto   2-1  1-0  9-1  6-= 12-1  4-1  3-0   4=       3 
 9. Masato   Kusajima   3-1  5-0  8-0  4-0  7-1 11-1  6-1   4   12,5 4 
10. Koichi   Iida       4-1  6-0  3-0 12-0 11-0  7-0  2-0   1       12 
11. Teiji    Takagawa   5-0  3-0  4-0  7-0 10-1  9-0 12-1   2    4  10 
12. Masayuki Hata       6-0  4-1  7-1 10-1  8-0  3-0 11-0   3        9 

 Sagara and Hayakawa was qualified to the A tournament. 

Hasegawa(Present World Champion) and Nishizono (winner of latest 
meijin-sen tournament) have already qualified. 
Nishizono was qualified because of Nakamura's avoidance going abroad. 
Kawamura was absent from this tournament. 

 Kazuto Hasegawa 


Because of this tournament and the Estonian Qualification 
tournament reported in Renju Newsletter No 18 already new
RIF ratinglists are available on the following two URL-adresses: ---------------------------------------------- Kazuto Hasegawa has got a new e-mail address for his personal use. The new address is ---------------------------------------------------- Date sent: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 01:44:43 +0200 Renju Newsletter No 18 - 1999 ---------------------------------------------------- On the URL-addresses you will find the new RIF ratings from March 31, 1999 --------------------------------------------------------- The Renju Association in Taiwan named "Chinese Renju Association" (translate in directly) has be established on March, 21. The 1st president is Mr. Camel Chen. I Hsien-chi Chung(or Chung, Hsien-chi) am the secretary-general. We'd like to apply a member of RIF. Could you tell me how to do it? Thank you very much. Sincerely Yours, Chung, Hsien-chi ----------------------------------------------------------- The Russian Youth Championships took place in Rybinsk (the small town in Yaroslavl region with the good renju club) during March 25-30. Most people had Chingin, the reigning Champion, as the favourite for the elder boys title. But… (Look below) Boys born 1981-1984 (six players, double Round Robin) 1: Shevelyov N. Novgorod 8.5p 2: Chingin Zhigulyovsk 7 3: Ses St. Petersburg 6.5 4: Yegorov St Petersburg 5.5 5: Nogovitsin Podyuga 2.5 6: Mikryukov Podyuga 0 Boys born 1985 and after (24 players, 11 rounds Swiss System) 1: Diner Zhigulyovsk 9 2: Kazarin Podyuga 8.5 3: Grishnin N. Novgorod 8.5 4: Provorov N. Novgorod 8.5 5: Ogorodov Moscow 6.5 Girls group (16 players, 11 rounds Swiss System) 1: Leshukova Rybinsk 9 2: Sokolova Rybinsk 8 3: Mihailova Zhigulyovsk 8 ---------------------------------------- Report from Estonia 2.-3.04.we played 2.stage of Estonian qualification to WC. 9 players ,Round Robin ,results: 1.Ants Soosyrv 7 (1) 2.Lauri Naber 6 3.Tunnet Taimla 6 4.Maris Tuvikene 4,5 5.Johann Lents 4 6.Pavel Voznjuk 4 7.Evelyn Tihkan 2,5 8.Peeter Tamm 1 (1) 9.Katrin Birk 0 5 best will play last stage together with Ando Meritee. Friendly,Ants --------------------------------------------------- Date sent: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 16:47:26 +0100 Renju Newsletter No 17 - 1999 --------------------------------------------------- Dear Renju friends, Here are some information about the 6th World Championship in Beijing, China during Jul.27-Aug.5,99. 1. Accommodations Hotel: US$20/day including breakfast The organizing committee will provide free tea and cake in the noon time and free dinner in the evening. 2. Players name list It is suggest that each country send participants name list to us as soon as possible, so that we can send out invitation letter. Please provide following personal data: Name Occupation Job Title Passport No. 3. For those countries with financial problem, RIF China can provide free hotel and food. Please send your application together with name list. 4. All companions pay for their own costs. 5. Enrollment fee The enrollment fee is US$100/person, however, the Organizing Committee will bear US$60 for each player, therefore, the enrollment fee is USD40/person. 6. There will be a lot reports to be show on TV or on newspapers, therefore, please let us know your sponsors requirement asap so that we can communicate with the reporters with no delay. Should you have any question, please fell free contact with RIF China: Email: Telephone: 8610-64268385 Sincerely, Na Wei President of RIF China ------------------------------------------------- Date sent: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 21:27:38 +0100 Renju Newsletter No 16 - 1999 ------------------------------------------------- 20.-22.03 played Baltic High and First League in Tallinn. Results of High League- 1.Stefan Karlsson 6 2.Ants Soosyrv 5,5 3.Vladimir Sushkov 4,5 4.Tord Andersson 4 5.Petter Gardstrom 3 6.Tunnet Taimla 2 7.Pavel Voznjuk 2 8.Marie Lestander 1 Interesting results had Tord,who beated Stefan,Vladimir and Petter, but lost against Marie and Tunnet! Results of First League- 1.Lauri Naber 4 2.Johann Lents 4 3.Maris Tuvikene 3 4.Katrin Birk 3 5.Irene Einberg 1 6.Juri Viital 0 Friendly,Ants ------------------------------------------------- Date sent: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 19:53:36 +0100 Renju Newsletter No 15 - 1999 ------------------------------------------------- On the URL-address: you will find the results from 7th Russian Championship. Highest league. in Verbilki 27.02.1999 - 7.03.1999 On the following URL-address you can find the new international ratinglist On the following URL-address you can find the new international ratinglist country by country ------------------------------------------------- Date sent: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 21:24:59 +0100 Renju Newsletter No 14 - 1999 ------------------------------------------------- Results from Malmoe Battle (Malmoeslaget) played March, 13-14, 1999 1. Peter Jonsson 8 2. Johnny Nielsen 7 3. Olga Skuridina 6 4. Jan Paulander 4 5. Johan Vikerskog 3.5 6. Bengt Nyberg 3 7. Haakan Moeller 2 8. Kim Kemilae 1.5 9. Micael Naeslundh 1 ------------------------------------------------- Date sent: Mon, 1 Mar 1999 00:19:25 +0100 Renju Newsletter No 13 - 1999 ------------------------------------------------- Russian Championship Hello from Verbilki Moscow region. After first day we have next situation in Russia Ch. Kozhin 2 (2) !!! Mikhailov A.,Nikonov,Tarannikov,Salnikov 1.5 (2) Sinyov 1 (1) Suhkov,Filippov,Golosov,Smirnov 1 (2) Makarov, Lapshin 0.5 (2) Krasnonosov 0 (1) Vasilyeva, Ivanov A-j 0 (2) Best regard Igor Sinyov ------------------------------------------------- Date sent: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 21:57:09 +0100 Renju Newsletter No 12 - 1999 ------------------------------------------------- Results from Blitz Swedish Championship 1999 1 Stefan Karlsson Stockholm 2 Peter Jonsson Jönköping 3 Göran Holgersson Jönköping 4 Rickard Johannesson Jönköping 5 Hannes Hermansson Högsjö 6 Tomas Hagenfors Kumla 7 Anders Bertilsson Högsjö 8 Linus Hermansson Högsjö 9 Marcus Eriksson Högsjö 10 Olga Skuridina Jönköping 11 Martin Carlsson Jönköping 12 Sven-Åke Pettersson Högsjö 13 Gunnar Andersson Högsjö 14 Bengt Nyberg Vadstena 15 Martin Karlsson Jönköping 16 Sören Wirén Kumla 17 Irene Einberg Stockholm 18 Erik Lissel Kumla 19 Morgan Svensson Kumla 20 Gabriel Hagenfors Kumla 21 Andreas Johansson Kumla 22 Conny Roos Kumla 23 Johan Pettersson Högsjö 24 Tobias Flood Kumla 25 Dergham Mowares Kumla 26 Sandra Johansson Kumla 27 Linus Roos Kumla 28 Joakim Larsson Kumla ------------------------------------------------- Date sent: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 20:16:30 +0100 Renju Newsletter No 11 - 1999 ------------------------------------------------- Helsinki Open in Finland Here is information about Helsinki Open. Helsinki Open will be in school(Kotinummen ala-asteen koulu)about 10 km.from centre of Helsinki. There will be 2 internatinal competitions at same time: 1.Internatinal Renjutournament,which timetable is approximately next: 10.april 11.00 Opening ceremony 11.30 1.round 13.45 2.round 17.00 3.round 19.15 4.round 11.april 8.30 5.round 10.45 6.round 14.00 7.round 16.30 Closing ceremony Timecontrol in this tournament is 60 minutes to 60 own moves(control moves are 119.and 120).After 120. move is draw. 2.International Gomokutournament.There will be 11 rounds(2 games in each round).Players get 15 minutes per game.Opening and Closing ceremony are together with Renjutournament,exact timetable will be published later. During tournament is possible to stay in Park Hotel.Prices are next (including breakfast and sauna): room for 1 person - 100 dollars, Friday and Saturday 70 dollars room for 2 persons - 125 dollars, F,S 82 dollars room for 3 persons - 140 dollars,F,S 110 dollars room for 4 persons - 160 dollars ,F,S 120 dollars Also is possible to take own sleepingbags and sleep in the floor of gymnastic hall in school. I think about 30 estonian players will play in Helsinki Open and many finnish players. Who are interested to take part,please let me know as soon is possible. Friendly,Ants Soosyrv "Ants Soosorv, Estonia, C" ------------------------------------------------ Date sent: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 00:12:10 +0100 Renju Newsletters No 10 -1999 ------------------------------------------------ A final match of the 13-th St.Petersburg Cup tournament between Vladimir Sushkov and Aleksandr Klimashin is finished. Vladimir Sushkov won the match with a score of 2.5-1.5 and became a winner of that competition second time. Sincerely Yours, Pavel Salnikov ------------------------------------------------ Date sent: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 20:03:19 +0100 Renju Newsletter No 9 - 1999 ------------------------------------------------ Information from Alexander Nosovsky about new program Now, the commercial version of Blackstone by Victor Barykin is available. Winner of World Championship among computers can play with you, analyze positions and help you to play better in 5Win-server or PBM-server games. Play against strong opponents with the help of program !!! Your strength will increase rapidly ! This is not free software. Price 40 USD. If you decided to Buy it, you have to send e-mail to Alexander Nosovsky Ask him about serial number for Blackstone and country which are you from. After receiving serial number and link of ftp you can make installation of this software and make a payment which depends which country are you from. Please, send the Code Entry Computer Number Serial Number to Mr. Nosovsky again. After confirmation of receiving your payment of 40 USD you will receive pasword. This software works in Win-95 and Win-98 (but not works in Win311 ; we are not sure about other systems). It is working rather fast at Pentium-200 and Pentium-II mashines. If you have only 486 mashine it may be too slowly. Our recomendations for Pentim-200 mashine 1 dan time 7 minutes per move 1 kyu time 5 minutes per move 2 kuy time 2 minutes per move 3 kyu time 0.5 minutes per move It means that you have to change Level and time control for 2 kuy 60 moves for 120 minutes. It is very useful with RenBase-95 software which able save any game from Base in .pos format. The pos format is standart for Renju, many of Renju programs support it. With the help of this software you can download .pos files position , then use key - you can create position and the run this program. It is very usefull playing e-mail or 5Win online games. RenBase-95 subscribers receive new games which was played at 5Win and Pbm-server just in time (by e-mail)! (Only 2 USD per each 100 games). All what you need to add this upgrade to your Base by yourself !!! You can also create your own position with the help of this software (RenBase). Then you can load it to Blackstone software, (it is also compatable with "Renju for Windows", "Solver" and other famous programs. Blackstone also possible to change load position. Use mouse put moves clicking mouse then stop thinking with Button stop thinking (STOP mark) and then put next your move you can make it many times and create position which you had need. If you want practice in Renju game with RIF rules you can do it. Just read help file or push PLAY button. Enjoy Renju !!! ------------------------------------------------------ Date sent: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 23:40:41 +0100 Renju Newsletter No 8 - 1999 ------------------------------------------------------ To all participants in the e-mail WC tournament in renju: 1. In the D pool someone took the userid 'dufven' and pretended to be Mike Dufvenberg from Sweden. He has now withdrawn from the tournament, and I hope he regrets his action. The real Mike Dufvenberg, from Sweden, is now playing under the userid 'mikedu'. All players taking part in the e-mail WC in renju must play with there own REAL identities. It means that everybody must tell there real name, and country they live in, as a minimum amount of information. 2. The UNDO command on the PBeM server. It is not allowed to request to undo moves in this tournament. All moves, which are sent to an opponent, are definite and cannot be changed, so please, do not try to use the UNDO command on the server. Just, please, be careful when you write the coordinate of the move you are sending! Noone likes to see poor mistakes. Good luck in the games! Bengt Asplund, referee of A-final and D-pool. e-mail: userid: basplund ------------------------------------------------ Date sent: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 00:10:28 +0100 Renju Newsletter No 7 - 1999 ------------------------------------------------ BALTIC QUALIFICATION LEAGUE IN STOCKHOLM 30-31 OF JANUARY Now the first Baltic League tournament played in Stockholm has finished. It has been a successfull 2-day-tournament with participants from Arjeplog in north, Tallinn in east and from Jonkoping in south. Final Results: 1.Rickard Johannesson, SWE 6,5 2.Ants Soosorv, EST 6 3.Stefan Karlsson, SWE 5 4.Petter Gardström, SWE 4,5 5.Tord Andersson, SWE 4 (33) 6.Tunnet Taimla, EST 4 (29) 7.Hannes Hermansson, SWE 4 (28,5) 8.Anders Bertilsson, SWE 4 (27) 9.Linus Hermansson, SWE 4 (25,5) 10.Peter Jonsson, SWE 4 (23,5) 11.Joachim Gaulitz, SWE 4 (22,5) 12.Marcus Eriksson, SWE 4 (21,5) 13.Marie Lestander, SWE 3,5 (19) 14.Pavel Voznjuk, EST 3,5 (17,5) 15.Marek Kolk, EST 3 (27) 16.Evelyne Tihkan, EST 3 (23) 17.Lars Helander, SWE 3 (22) 18.Linnea Widman, SWE 3 (19) 19.Peter Widman, SWE 3 (17,5) 20.Johan Lents, EST 2 (26,5) 21.Christoffer Widman, SWE 2 (23,5) 22.Nils Widman, SWE 2 (19,5) 23.Jürij Viital, EST 2 (18) The seven first players are directly qualified to High League in Tallinn 19-21 of March. Also one player from S:t Petersburg and Gatis Gurckis and Yelena Balanova, both from Latvia, have the right to take part in High League. Reserves are no. 8 and further down in above resultlist. At the same time as High League, there will be played Baltic First League where all players who want can take part. Please contact Ants Soosorv, e-mail: , if you are interested. From a very nice RENJU-event in Stockholm, Sweden Stefan Karlsson ------------------------------------------------- Date sent: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 11:20:12 +0100 Renju Newsletter No 6 - 1999 ------------------------------------------------- BALTIC QUALIFICATION LEAGUE IN STOCKHOLM 30-31 OF JANUARY The first day, of Baltic Qualification League has now been played. 3 rounds are still to be played. The standings after 4 rounds: 1.Ants Soosorv, EST 4 2.Rickard Johannesson, SWE 3,5 3.Anders Bertilsson, SWE 3 (11) 4.Tord Andersson, SWE 3 (10,5) 5.Tunnet Taimla, EST 3 (8,5) 6.Marek Kolk, EST 3 (8) 7.Petter Gardström, SWE 2,5 8.Stefan Karlsson, SWE 2 (11,5) 9.Christoffer Widman, SWE 2 (9) 10.Markus Eriksson, SWE 2 (8) Linus Hermansson, SWE 2 (8) Evelyne Tikhan, EST 2 (8) Hannes Hermansson, SWE 2 (8) 14.Peter Jonsson, SWE 2 (7,5) 15.Lars Helander, SWE 2 (6) 16.Linnea Widman, SWE 2 (5) Jürij Vital, EST 2 (5) 18.Joakim Gaulitz, SWE 1 (10,5) 19.Johan Lents, EST 1 (9) 20.Peter Widman, SWE 1 (8) 21.Nils Widman, SWE 1 (7) Pavel Voznjuk, EST 1 (7) 23.Marie Lestander 1 (6,5) ------------------------------------------------- Date sent: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 23:52:24 +0100 Renju Newsletter No 5 - 1999 ------------------------------------------------- This is a special message to the participants in the Renju WC via e-mail. If you have any problems in the tournament you have to send e-mail not to me or to Oleg Fedorkin but to your referee. The referees: Bengt Asplund (A and D tournaments), Alexander Nosovsky (B, C, E tournaments). E-mail addresses: "Alexander Nosovsky, Russia" "Bengt Asplund, Sweden" ------------------------------------------------- Date sent: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 21:39:00 +0100 Renju Newsletter No 4 -1999 ------------------------------------------------- Baltic First League will be played in Stockholm 30-31 of January 1999 More info about the tournament will be found in a pdf-fil. You need Acrobat Reader to see it. The URL-address is -------------------------------------------------- Date sent: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 19:41:48 +0100 Renju Newsletter No 3 - 1999 -------------------------------------------------- ---Info about already started Renju WC via e-mail--- Dear Tommy, Richard Rognlie kindly made the boards of renju e-mail tournaments. I have not yet the complete list of the tournament boards. I attach to my letter the big part of this list. So the tournaments have been started already, please inform about the start of tournaments the all renju players. They can see the boards list and a tournaments standings when will send a "Renju games" and "Renju ratings" as Subject of message to PbEM server ( ). In the group E B.Asplund (basplund) missed again, I asked Mr.Rognlie to includ him. With best wishes Oleg Fedorkin ---------------------------------------------- Pool Name W L ---- ---------------- --- --- a fedorkin 0 0 a areims 0 0 a uo9man 0 0 a kolpak 0 0 a taran 0 0 a golosov 0 0 a troter 0 0 a smirnov 0 0 a klimachev 0 0 a bobkove 0 0 b norihiko 0 0 b jenaro 0 0 b filippov 0 0 b bjornw 0 0 b evit 0 0 b ymadis 0 0 b lama 0 0 b tomwang 0 0 b kvik 0 0 b guzzle 0 0 b dumh 0 0 b odetta 0 0 c asoosorv 0 0 c almi+ 0 0 c vbarykin 0 0 c ratson 0 0 c sergei 0 0 c katrin 0 0 c mima 0 0 c freefish 0 0 c ingus 0 0 c star 0 0 c rsamal 0 0 c alibaba 0 0 d apogh 0 0 d sinyovi 0 0 d nosovs 0 0 d joachim 0 0 d lunkin 0 0 d mkolk 0 0 d kaar 0 0 d s02 0 0 d volk 0 0 d stfun 0 0 d tibia 0 0 d dufven 0 0 e takagawa 0 0 e vanalaud 0 0 e psalnikov 0 0 e dsol 0 0 e lents 0 0 e mamh 0 0 e muppin 0 0 e kai 0 0 e alipsits 0 0 e beppejb 0 0 e etienne 0 0 ---------------------------------------------- a0102 fedorkin areims fedorkin to start a0103 fedorkin uo9man fedorkin to start a0104 fedorkin kolpak fedorkin to start a0105 fedorkin taran fedorkin to start a0106 fedorkin golosov fedorkin to start a0107 fedorkin troter fedorkin to start a0108 fedorkin smirnov fedorkin to start a0109 fedorkin klimachev fedorkin to start a0110 fedorkin bobkove fedorkin to start a0201 areims fedorkin areims to start a0203 areims uo9man areims to start a0204 areims kolpak areims to start a0205 areims taran areims to start a0206 areims golosov areims to start a0207 areims troter areims to start a0208 areims smirnov areims to start a0209 areims klimachev areims to start a0210 areims bobkove areims to start a0301 uo9man fedorkin fedorkin's turn a0302 uo9man areims areims's turn a0304 uo9man kolpak kolpak's turn a0305 uo9man taran taran's turn a0306 uo9man golosov golosov's turn a0307 uo9man troter uo9man's turn a0308 uo9man smirnov smirnov's turn a0309 uo9man klimachev klimachev's turn a0310 uo9man bobkove bobkove's turn a0401 kolpak fedorkin kolpak to start a0402 kolpak areims kolpak to start a0403 kolpak uo9man kolpak to start a0405 kolpak taran kolpak to start a0406 kolpak golosov kolpak to start a0407 kolpak troter kolpak to start a0408 kolpak smirnov kolpak to start a0409 kolpak klimachev kolpak to start a0410 kolpak bobkove kolpak to start a0501 taran fedorkin taran to start a0502 taran areims taran to start a0503 taran uo9man taran to start a0504 taran kolpak taran to start a0506 taran golosov taran to start a0507 taran troter taran to start a0508 taran smirnov taran to start a0509 taran klimachev taran to start a0510 taran bobkove taran to start a0601 golosov fedorkin golosov to start a0602 golosov areims golosov to start a0603 golosov uo9man golosov to start a0604 golosov kolpak golosov to start a0605 golosov taran golosov to start a0607 golosov troter golosov to start a0608 golosov smirnov golosov to start a0609 golosov klimachev golosov to start a0610 golosov bobkove golosov to start a0701 troter fedorkin troter to start a0702 troter areims areims's turn a0703 troter uo9man troter to start a0704 troter kolpak troter to start a0705 troter taran troter to start a0706 troter golosov golosov's turn a0708 troter smirnov troter to start a0709 troter klimachev troter to start a0710 troter bobkove troter to start a0801 smirnov fedorkin smirnov to start a0802 smirnov areims smirnov to start a0803 smirnov uo9man smirnov to start a0804 smirnov kolpak smirnov to start a0805 smirnov taran smirnov to start a0806 smirnov golosov smirnov to start a0807 smirnov troter smirnov to start a0809 smirnov klimachev smirnov to start a0810 smirnov bobkove smirnov to start a0901 klimachev fedorkin klimachev to start a0902 klimachev areims klimachev to start a0903 klimachev uo9man klimachev to start a0904 klimachev kolpak klimachev to start a0905 klimachev taran klimachev to start a0906 klimachev golosov klimachev to start a0907 klimachev troter klimachev to start a0908 klimachev smirnov klimachev to start a0910 klimachev bobkove klimachev to start a1001 bobkove fedorkin bobkove to start a1002 bobkove areims bobkove to start a1003 bobkove uo9man bobkove to start a1004 bobkove kolpak bobkove to start a1005 bobkove taran bobkove to start a1006 bobkove golosov bobkove to start a1007 bobkove troter bobkove to start a1008 bobkove smirnov bobkove to start a1009 bobkove klimachev bobkove to start b0102 norihiko jenaro norihiko to start b0103 norihiko filippov norihiko to start b0104 norihiko bjornw norihiko to start b0105 norihiko evit norihiko to start b0106 norihiko ymadis norihiko to start b0107 norihiko lama norihiko to start b0108 norihiko tomwang norihiko to start b0109 norihiko kvik norihiko to start b0110 norihiko guzzle norihiko to start b0111 norihiko dumh norihiko to start b0112 norihiko odetta norihiko to start b0201 jenaro norihiko jenaro to start b0203 jenaro filippov jenaro to start b0204 jenaro bjornw jenaro to start b0205 jenaro evit jenaro to start b0206 jenaro ymadis jenaro to start b0207 jenaro lama jenaro to start b0208 jenaro tomwang jenaro to start b0209 jenaro kvik jenaro to start b0210 jenaro guzzle jenaro to start b0211 jenaro dumh jenaro to start b0212 jenaro odetta jenaro to start b0301 filippov norihiko norihiko's turn b0302 filippov jenaro jenaro's turn b0304 filippov bjornw bjornw's turn b0305 filippov evit evit's turn b0306 filippov ymadis filippov's turn b0307 filippov lama lama's turn b0308 filippov tomwang tomwang's turn b0309 filippov kvik kvik's turn b0310 filippov guzzle guzzle's turn b0311 filippov dumh dumh's turn b0312 filippov odetta odetta's turn b0401 bjornw norihiko bjornw to start b0402 bjornw jenaro bjornw to start b0403 bjornw filippov bjornw to start b0405 bjornw evit bjornw to start b0406 bjornw ymadis bjornw to start b0407 bjornw lama bjornw to start b0408 bjornw tomwang bjornw to start b0409 bjornw kvik bjornw to start b0410 bjornw guzzle bjornw to start b0411 bjornw dumh bjornw to start b0412 bjornw odetta bjornw to start b0501 evit norihiko evit to start b0502 evit jenaro evit to start b0503 evit filippov evit to start b0504 evit bjornw evit to start b0506 evit ymadis evit to start b0507 evit lama evit to start b0508 evit tomwang evit to start b0509 evit kvik evit to start b0510 evit guzzle evit to start b0511 evit dumh evit to start b0512 evit odetta evit to start b0601 ymadis norihiko ymadis to start b0602 ymadis jenaro ymadis to start b0603 ymadis filippov ymadis to start b0604 ymadis bjornw ymadis to start b0605 ymadis evit ymadis to start b0607 ymadis lama ymadis to start b0608 ymadis tomwang ymadis to start b0609 ymadis kvik ymadis to start b0610 ymadis guzzle ymadis to start b0611 ymadis dumh ymadis to start b0612 ymadis odetta ymadis to start b0701 lama norihiko lama to start b0702 lama jenaro lama to start b0703 lama filippov lama to start b0704 lama bjornw lama to start b0705 lama evit lama to start b0706 lama ymadis lama to start b0708 lama tomwang lama to start b0709 lama kvik lama to start b0710 lama guzzle lama to start b0711 lama dumh lama to start b0712 lama odetta lama to start b0801 tomwang norihiko tomwang to start b0802 tomwang jenaro tomwang to start b0803 tomwang filippov tomwang to start b0804 tomwang bjornw tomwang to start b0805 tomwang evit tomwang to start b0806 tomwang ymadis tomwang to start b0807 tomwang lama tomwang to start b0809 tomwang kvik tomwang to start b0810 tomwang guzzle tomwang to start b0811 tomwang dumh tomwang to start b0812 tomwang odetta tomwang to start b0901 kvik norihiko kvik to start b0902 kvik jenaro kvik to start b0903 kvik filippov kvik to start b0904 kvik bjornw kvik to start b0905 kvik evit kvik to start b0906 kvik ymadis kvik to start b0907 kvik lama kvik to start b0908 kvik tomwang kvik to start b0910 kvik guzzle kvik to start b0911 kvik dumh kvik to start b0912 kvik odetta kvik to start b1001 guzzle norihiko guzzle to start b1002 guzzle jenaro guzzle to start b1003 guzzle filippov guzzle to start b1004 guzzle bjornw guzzle to start b1005 guzzle evit guzzle to start b1006 guzzle ymadis guzzle to start b1007 guzzle lama guzzle to start b1008 guzzle tomwang guzzle to start b1009 guzzle kvik guzzle to start b1011 guzzle dumh guzzle to start b1012 guzzle odetta guzzle to start b1101 dumh norihiko dumh to start b1102 dumh jenaro dumh to start b1103 dumh filippov dumh to start b1104 dumh bjornw dumh to start b1105 dumh evit dumh to start b1106 dumh ymadis dumh to start b1107 dumh lama dumh to start b1108 dumh tomwang dumh to start b1109 dumh kvik dumh to start b1110 dumh guzzle dumh to start b1112 dumh odetta dumh to start b1201 odetta norihiko odetta to start b1202 odetta jenaro odetta to start b1203 odetta filippov odetta to start b1204 odetta bjornw odetta to start b1205 odetta evit odetta to start b1206 odetta ymadis odetta to start b1207 odetta lama odetta to start b1208 odetta tomwang odetta to start b1209 odetta kvik odetta to start b1210 odetta guzzle odetta to start b1211 odetta dumh odetta to start c0102 asoosorv almi+ asoosorv to start c0103 asoosorv vbarykin asoosorv to start c0104 asoosorv ratson asoosorv to start c0105 asoosorv sergei asoosorv to start c0106 asoosorv katrin asoosorv to start c0107 asoosorv mima asoosorv to start c0108 asoosorv freefish asoosorv to start c0109 asoosorv ingus asoosorv to start c0110 asoosorv star asoosorv to start c0111 asoosorv rsamal asoosorv to start c0112 asoosorv alibaba asoosorv to start c0201 almi+ asoosorv almi+ to start c0203 almi+ vbarykin almi+ to start c0204 almi+ ratson almi+ to start c0205 almi+ sergei almi+ to start c0206 almi+ katrin almi+ to start c0207 almi+ mima almi+ to start c0208 almi+ freefish almi+ to start c0209 almi+ ingus almi+ to start c0210 almi+ star almi+ to start c0211 almi+ rsamal almi+ to start c0212 almi+ alibaba almi+ to start c0301 vbarykin asoosorv vbarykin to start c0302 vbarykin almi+ vbarykin to start c0304 vbarykin ratson vbarykin to start c0305 vbarykin sergei vbarykin to start c0306 vbarykin katrin vbarykin to start c0307 vbarykin mima vbarykin to start c0308 vbarykin freefish vbarykin to start c0309 vbarykin ingus vbarykin to start c0310 vbarykin star vbarykin to start c0311 vbarykin rsamal vbarykin to start c0312 vbarykin alibaba vbarykin to start c0401 ratson asoosorv ratson to start c0402 ratson almi+ ratson to start c0403 ratson vbarykin ratson to start c0405 ratson sergei ratson to start c0406 ratson katrin ratson to start c0407 ratson mima ratson to start c0408 ratson freefish ratson to start c0409 ratson ingus ratson to start c0410 ratson star ratson to start c0411 ratson rsamal ratson to start c0412 ratson alibaba ratson to start c0501 sergei asoosorv sergei to start c0502 sergei almi+ sergei to start c0503 sergei vbarykin sergei to start c0504 sergei ratson sergei to start c0506 sergei katrin sergei to start c0507 sergei mima sergei to start c0508 sergei freefish sergei to start c0509 sergei ingus sergei to start c0510 sergei star sergei to start c0511 sergei rsamal sergei to start c0512 sergei alibaba sergei to start c0601 katrin asoosorv katrin to start c0602 katrin almi+ katrin to start c0603 katrin vbarykin katrin to start c0604 katrin ratson katrin to start c0605 katrin sergei katrin to start c0607 katrin mima katrin to start c0608 katrin freefish katrin to start c0609 katrin ingus katrin to start c0610 katrin star katrin to start c0611 katrin rsamal katrin to start c0612 katrin alibaba katrin to start c0701 mima asoosorv mima to start c0702 mima almi+ mima to start c0703 mima vbarykin mima to start c0704 mima ratson mima to start c0705 mima sergei mima to start c0706 mima katrin mima to start c0708 mima freefish mima to start c0709 mima ingus mima to start c0710 mima star mima to start c0711 mima rsamal mima to start c0712 mima alibaba mima to start c0801 freefish asoosorv freefish to start c0802 freefish almi+ freefish to start c0803 freefish vbarykin freefish to start c0804 freefish ratson freefish to start c0805 freefish sergei freefish to start c0806 freefish katrin freefish to start c0807 freefish mima freefish to start c0809 freefish ingus freefish to start c0810 freefish star freefish to start c0811 freefish rsamal freefish to start c0812 freefish alibaba freefish to start c0901 ingus asoosorv ingus to start c0902 ingus almi+ ingus to start c0903 ingus vbarykin ingus to start c0904 ingus ratson ingus to start c0905 ingus sergei ingus to start c0906 ingus katrin ingus to start c0907 ingus mima ingus to start c0908 ingus freefish ingus to start c0910 ingus star ingus to start c0911 ingus rsamal ingus to start c0912 ingus alibaba ingus to start c1001 star asoosorv star to start c1002 star almi+ star to start c1003 star vbarykin star to start c1004 star ratson star to start c1005 star sergei star to start c1006 star katrin star to start c1007 star mima star to start c1008 star freefish star to start c1009 star ingus star to start c1011 star rsamal star to start c1012 star alibaba star to start c1101 rsamal asoosorv rsamal to start c1102 rsamal almi+ rsamal to start c1103 rsamal vbarykin rsamal to start c1104 rsamal ratson rsamal to start c1105 rsamal sergei rsamal to start c1106 rsamal katrin rsamal to start c1107 rsamal mima rsamal to start c1108 rsamal freefish rsamal to start c1109 rsamal ingus rsamal to start c1110 rsamal star rsamal to start c1112 rsamal alibaba rsamal to start c1201 alibaba asoosorv alibaba to start c1202 alibaba almi+ alibaba to start c1203 alibaba vbarykin alibaba to start c1204 alibaba ratson alibaba to start c1205 alibaba sergei alibaba to start c1206 alibaba katrin alibaba to start c1207 alibaba mima alibaba to start c1208 alibaba freefish alibaba to start c1209 alibaba ingus alibaba to start c1210 alibaba star alibaba to start c1211 alibaba rsamal alibaba to start d0102 apogh sinyovi apogh to start d0103 apogh nosovs apogh to start d0104 apogh joachim apogh to start d0105 apogh lunkin apogh to start d0106 apogh mkolk apogh to start d0107 apogh kaar apogh to start d0108 apogh s02 apogh to start d0109 apogh volk apogh to start d0110 apogh stfun apogh to start d0111 apogh tibia apogh to start d0112 apogh dufven apogh to start d0201 sinyovi apogh sinyovi to start d0203 sinyovi nosovs sinyovi to start d0204 sinyovi joachim sinyovi to start d0205 sinyovi lunkin sinyovi to start d0206 sinyovi mkolk sinyovi to start d0207 sinyovi kaar sinyovi to start d0208 sinyovi s02 sinyovi to start d0209 sinyovi volk sinyovi to start d0210 sinyovi stfun sinyovi to start d0211 sinyovi tibia sinyovi to start d0212 sinyovi dufven sinyovi to start d0301 nosovs apogh apogh's turn d0302 nosovs sinyovi nosovs to start d0304 nosovs joachim joachim's turn d0305 nosovs lunkin lunkin's turn d0306 mkolk nosovs nosovs's turn d0307 nosovs kaar kaar's turn d0308 nosovs s02 s02's turn d0309 nosovs volk volk's turn d0310 nosovs stfun stfun's turn d0311 nosovs tibia tibia's turn d0312 dufven nosovs dufven's turn d0401 joachim apogh joachim to start d0402 joachim sinyovi joachim to start d0403 joachim nosovs joachim to start d0405 joachim lunkin joachim to start d0406 joachim mkolk joachim to start d0407 joachim kaar joachim to start d0408 joachim s02 joachim to start d0409 joachim volk joachim to start d0410 joachim stfun joachim to start d0411 joachim tibia joachim to start d0412 joachim dufven joachim to start d0501 lunkin apogh lunkin to start d0502 lunkin sinyovi lunkin to start d0503 lunkin nosovs lunkin to start d0504 lunkin joachim lunkin to start d0506 lunkin mkolk lunkin to start d0507 lunkin kaar lunkin to start d0508 lunkin s02 lunkin to start d0509 lunkin volk lunkin to start d0510 lunkin stfun lunkin to start d0511 lunkin tibia lunkin to start d0512 lunkin dufven lunkin to start d0601 mkolk apogh mkolk to start d0602 mkolk sinyovi mkolk to start d0603 mkolk nosovs mkolk to start d0604 mkolk joachim mkolk to start d0605 mkolk lunkin mkolk to start d0607 mkolk kaar mkolk to start d0608 mkolk s02 mkolk to start d0609 mkolk volk mkolk to start d0610 mkolk stfun mkolk to start d0611 mkolk tibia mkolk to start d0612 mkolk dufven mkolk to start d0701 kaar apogh kaar to start d0702 kaar sinyovi kaar to start d0703 kaar nosovs kaar to start d0704 kaar joachim kaar to start d0705 kaar lunkin kaar to start d0706 kaar mkolk kaar to start d0708 kaar s02 kaar to start d0709 kaar volk kaar to start d0710 kaar stfun kaar to start d0711 kaar tibia kaar to start d0712 kaar dufven kaar to start d0801 s02 apogh s02 to start d0802 s02 sinyovi s02 to start d0803 s02 nosovs s02 to start d0804 s02 joachim s02 to start d0805 s02 lunkin s02 to start d0806 s02 mkolk s02 to start d0807 s02 kaar s02 to start d0809 s02 volk s02 to start d0810 s02 stfun s02 to start d0811 s02 tibia s02 to start d0812 s02 dufven s02 to start d0901 volk apogh volk to start d0902 volk sinyovi volk to start d0903 volk nosovs volk to start d0904 volk joachim volk to start d0905 volk lunkin volk to start d0906 volk mkolk volk to start d0907 volk kaar volk to start d0908 volk s02 volk to start d0910 volk stfun volk to start d0911 volk tibia volk to start d0912 volk dufven volk to start d1001 stfun apogh stfun to start d1002 stfun sinyovi stfun to start d1003 stfun nosovs stfun to start d1004 stfun joachim stfun to start d1005 stfun lunkin stfun to start d1006 stfun mkolk stfun to start d1007 stfun kaar stfun to start d1008 stfun s02 stfun to start d1009 stfun volk stfun to start d1011 stfun tibia stfun to start d1012 stfun dufven stfun to start d1101 tibia apogh tibia to start d1102 tibia sinyovi tibia to start d1103 tibia nosovs tibia to start d1104 tibia joachim tibia to start d1105 tibia lunkin tibia to start d1106 tibia mkolk tibia to start d1107 tibia kaar tibia to start d1108 tibia s02 tibia to start d1109 tibia volk tibia to start d1110 tibia stfun tibia to start d1112 tibia dufven tibia to start d1201 dufven apogh dufven to start d1202 dufven sinyovi dufven to start d1203 dufven nosovs nosovs's turn d1204 dufven joachim joachim's turn d1205 dufven lunkin lunkin's turn d1206 dufven mkolk dufven to start d1207 dufven kaar kaar's turn d1208 dufven s02 dufven to start d1209 dufven volk dufven to start d1210 dufven stfun dufven to start d1211 dufven tibia dufven to start e0102 takagawa vanalaud takagawa to start e0103 takagawa psalnikov takagawa to start e0104 takagawa dsol takagawa to start e0105 takagawa lents takagawa to start e0106 takagawa mamh takagawa to start e0107 takagawa muppin takagawa to start e0108 takagawa kai takagawa to start e0109 takagawa alipsits takagawa to start e0110 takagawa beppejb takagawa to start e0111 takagawa etienne takagawa to start e0201 vanalaud takagawa vanalaud to start e0203 vanalaud psalnikov vanalaud to start e0204 vanalaud dsol vanalaud to start e0205 vanalaud lents vanalaud to start e0206 vanalaud mamh vanalaud to start e0207 vanalaud muppin vanalaud to start e0208 vanalaud kai vanalaud to start e0209 vanalaud alipsits vanalaud to start e0210 vanalaud beppejb vanalaud to start e0211 vanalaud etienne vanalaud to start e0301 psalnikov takagawa psalnikov to start e0302 psalnikov vanalaud psalnikov to start e0304 psalnikov dsol psalnikov to start e0305 psalnikov lents psalnikov to start e0306 psalnikov mamh psalnikov to start e0307 psalnikov muppin psalnikov to start e0308 psalnikov kai psalnikov to start e0309 psalnikov alipsits psalnikov to start e0310 psalnikov beppejb psalnikov to start e0311 psalnikov etienne psalnikov to start e0401 dsol takagawa dsol to start e0402 dsol vanalaud dsol to start e0403 dsol psalnikov dsol to start e0405 dsol lents dsol to start e0406 dsol mamh dsol to start e0407 dsol muppin dsol to start e0408 dsol kai dsol to start e0409 dsol alipsits dsol to start e0410 dsol beppejb dsol to start e0411 dsol etienne dsol to start e0501 lents takagawa lents to start e0502 lents vanalaud lents to start e0503 lents psalnikov lents to start e0504 lents dsol lents to start e0506 lents mamh lents to start e0507 lents muppin lents to start e0508 lents kai lents to start e0509 lents alipsits lents to start e0510 lents beppejb lents to start e0511 lents etienne lents to start e0601 mamh takagawa mamh to start e0602 mamh vanalaud mamh to start e0603 mamh psalnikov mamh to start e0604 mamh dsol mamh to start e0605 mamh lents mamh to start e0607 mamh muppin mamh to start e0608 mamh kai mamh to start e0609 mamh alipsits mamh to start e0610 mamh beppejb mamh to start e0611 mamh etienne mamh to start e0701 muppin takagawa muppin to start e0702 muppin vanalaud muppin to start e0703 muppin psalnikov muppin to start e0704 muppin dsol muppin to start e0705 muppin lents muppin to start e0706 muppin mamh muppin to start e0708 muppin kai muppin to start e0709 muppin alipsits muppin to start e0710 muppin beppejb muppin to start e0711 muppin etienne muppin to start e0801 kai takagawa kai to start e0802 kai vanalaud kai to start e0803 kai psalnikov kai to start e0804 kai dsol kai to start e0805 kai lents kai to start e0806 kai mamh kai to start e0807 kai muppin kai to start e0809 kai alipsits kai to start e0810 kai beppejb kai to start e0811 kai etienne kai to start e0901 alipsits takagawa alipsits to start e0902 alipsits vanalaud alipsits to start e0903 alipsits psalnikov alipsits to start e0904 alipsits dsol alipsits to start e0905 alipsits lents alipsits to start e0906 alipsits mamh alipsits to start e0907 alipsits muppin alipsits to start e0908 alipsits kai alipsits to start e0910 alipsits beppejb alipsits to start e0911 alipsits etienne alipsits to start e1001 beppejb takagawa beppejb to start e1002 beppejb vanalaud beppejb to start e1003 beppejb psalnikov beppejb to start e1004 beppejb dsol beppejb to start e1005 beppejb lents beppejb to start e1006 beppejb mamh beppejb to start e1007 beppejb muppin beppejb to start e1008 beppejb kai beppejb to start e1009 beppejb alipsits beppejb to start e1011 beppejb etienne beppejb to start e1101 etienne takagawa etienne to start e1102 etienne vanalaud etienne to start e1103 etienne psalnikov etienne to start e1104 etienne dsol etienne to start e1105 etienne lents etienne to start e1106 etienne mamh etienne to start e1107 etienne muppin etienne to start e1108 etienne kai etienne to start e1109 etienne alipsits etienne to start e1110 etienne beppejb etienne to start ------------------------------------------------- Date sent: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 23:11:09 +0100 Renju Newsletter No 2 - 1999 ------------------------------------------------- The 3-d Moscow open youth tournament was held 8-10.01.99. 9 rounds. Swiss system. Here are the results. 1. Ogorodov Sergey Moscow 7 points 2. Kazarin Mikhail Podyuga 7 3. Nekrasov Denis Podyuga 7 4. Krasnonosova Serafima Moscow 6,5 5. Savrasova Yulia Podyuga 6 6. Zhukova Ekaterina Podyuga 5,5 7. Lents Johann Tallinn 5,5 8. Tihkan Evelyn Tallinn 5,5 9. Vershinin Pavel Podyuga 5 10. Strizhov Sergey Moscow 5 11. Potapov Vyacheslav Moscow 5 12. Zvereva Anna Moscow 5 13. Voznjuk Pavel Tallinn 4,5 14. Mikrjukov Mikhail Podyuga 4,5 15. Viital Juri Tallinn 4,5 16. Trofimov Yuri Moscow 4,5 17. Novikov Nikolay Podyuga 4 18. Latutin Roman Moscow 4 19. Tuvikene Maris Tallinn 4 20. Berezin Roman Nizhni Novgorod 4 21. Rakhmatullin Ajdar Moscow 4 22. Lapteva Ekaterina Moscow 4 23. Osepjants Alexander Nizhni Novgorod 3 24. Markin Kirill Moscow 3 25. Sherbakov Mikhail Moscow 3 26. Tarannikova Ekaterina Moscow 3 27. Kreek Liisa-Mari Tallinn 2 Ogorodov-Kazarin 0:1 Ogorodov-Nekrasov 1:0 Ogorodov-Krasnonosova 1:0 Ogorodov-Zhukova 1:0 Nekrasov-Kazarin 1:0 Kazarin-Krasnonosova 0:1 Kazarin-Zhukova 1:0 Nekrasov-Krasnonosova 1:0 Savrasova-Nekrasov 0:1 Zhukova-Nekrasov 1:0 Savrasova-Krasnonosova 0:1 Zhukova-Krasnonosova =:= Sincerely Yours Dmitri Krasnonosov ------------------------------------------------------ Date sent: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 22:40:27 +0100 Renju Newsletter No 1 - 1999 ----------------------------------------------------- Stefan Karlsson from Sweden, several times participants of Renju WC A-final and also as a member of the RIF Central Committee the RIF treasurer has become engaged to Irene Einberg, one of the best femal renjuplayers in Estonia. Congratulations ------------------------------------------------------ It is possible to search the RIF web site. A lot of RIF pages are registered by Evreka and AltaVista but probably not all. You can try to search on the following URL-address: ------------------------------------------------------- Dear Tommy, We worked out a rough schedule for the 6th World Championship. I would like present it to RIF and all Renju players for comments. Qualification Tournament (Men's Group A) 27th July 9:00-12:00 Round 1 14:00-17:00 Round 2 28th July 9:00-12:00 Round 3 14:00-17:00 Round 4 29th July 9:00-12:00 Round 5 14:00-17:00 Round 6 30th July Opening Ceremony Men's Group A & B, Women's Group 31th July 9:00-12:00 Round 1 14:00-17:00 Round 2 1st August 9:00-12:00 Round 3 14:00-17:00 Round 4 2nd August 9:00-12:00 Round 5 14:00-17:00 Round 6 3rd August 9:00-12:00 Round 7 14:00-17:00 Round 8 4th August 9:00-12:00 Round 9 (Close of Men's Group A and Women's Group) 14:00-17:00 Round 10 5th August 9:00-12:00 Round 11 14:00-17:00 Round 12 6th August Closing Ceremony 7th August Sightseeing Your comments to above schedule is much appreciated. Sincerely, Na Wei President of RIF China -------------------------------------------------------- On the RIF page you can find links to a lot of other places with Renju information. Please, let me know if you miss a link to some interesting site. On the RIF page you can also find some friendly links to other games sites. These sites also include links back to the RIF site. The latest of such links goes to the Swedish Othello Federation with the URL-address: --------------------------------------- ------- Friendly Yours, Tommy Maltell President of RIF

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