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Many players around the world are asking for Pente writings and as we can understand at least the writings and newsletters by the former U.S.Pente association are very difficult to find. As the U.S. Pente association ceased for more than 10 years and as it is a pity for enthusiast that it is so difficult to find the former writings we have made some gifs (sometimes jpegs) of some of the most interesting writings by the former U.S Pente association. You can find links below.

Pente writings

Pente Strategy Book I by Tom Braunlich, 66 pages.

Pente Strategy Book II by Tom Braunlich, 108 pages

Pente Strategy Book by Tom Braunlich, 132 pages

The Official Book Of Pente.

Pente Newsletter - Winter 1981, 5 pages.

Pente Newsletter - September 1982, 4 pages.Contents:How to make problems, future rules, discussion about rule with neutral stone.

Pente Newsletter - December 1982, 16 pages.Contents:The history of pente.A game in Ninuki-Renju from 1927 in Japan. Several problems.

Pente Newsletter - Spring 1983, 20 pages.Contents:The right answer to the very difficult problem "Quincunx" by Rollie Tesh. John Hawkins solved the problem.
The 1983 Finalists in World Championship.
Proposed new tournament rule: To eliminate the advantage of moving first, Player A begins the game by placing the first three moves, then Player B decides which color he wants to play. Play then proceeds from there exactly as in basic Pente. In other words, Player A creates the "opening setup" by placing the first three stones, two "white" and one "black", wherever he wants. (One white stone must be on the center point.)Player B then chooses which color he wants to have.

Pente Newsletter - Summer 1983, 26 pages.Contents: On Saturday, July 2, Gary Gabrel,President of Pente Games, Inc. announced the sale of Pente to Parker Brothers Game Co.
The results from WC 1993. Several interesting games. Article by World Champion Rollie Tesh -Winning with Black. He writes: There is no such thing, unfortunatelly, as an equal position - one of the players always has a winning advantage.
Rating list with 50 players.

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Pente Newsletter - Fall 1983,26 pages.Contents:
Losing a won game.
More games from the 1993 Chamapionships
Looking back - The 1978 Championship games
Rating list with 99 players

Pente Newsletter - Winter 1984, 30 pages.Contents:
Several games.
USPA survey regarding new rules (13 pages).
The very important opening: "The Hammer" is discussed. This opening leads to thinking in patterns and not in counting moves.

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Pente Newsletter - Spring 1984, 22 pages.Contents:
A long interview with Rollie Tesh.
Rollie Tesh suggests Keryo-Pente as a new rule for Pente.

Pente Newsletter - Summer 1984,14 pages. This is the last issue of this magazine.Contents:
Games from "1984 Hideaway Open Pente Tournament.
First Keryo-Pente tournament. Winner: David Comberrel.

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Championship Pente - The 1983 World Tournament.,34 pages. Contents:
Almost all games from The 1983 World Tournament in Boston, Massachusetts, March 25-27, 1983. Opening index. The best book if you want to study and learn Pente.

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You are also able to read corrections by Mark Mammel

Kompendium i Pente, by Tommy Maltell in Swedish, 60 pages. Contents:
Other writings in pente
72 openings
56 games by the author
88 games from a tournament in Moscow, August 5, 1987..

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