Renjuplayers in the world - Anders Henningsson

1. Your name, your nationality, your age, male or female.
My name is Anders Henningsson and I am 30 years old. I am from Sweden .

2. When did you start to play Renju and how did you learn it? How many years have you played Renju?
I started to play F.I.A.R. in 1987. I had played Gomoku at my spare time, but when I saw the advertising of the Swedish Championships in 1987, I decided to give it a try. One year later I was informed that there was a club in Jonkoping (My hometown), and I went there. The first Renju person I ever met was Stefan Karlsson, who was responsible for the "kids" at that time. I started to play Renju in august 1988, since Mr. Honda visited Jonkoping after the Stockholm Summer Trophy that year, and I simply had to learn the rules if I wanted to play with him.

3. Do you play in a club? In which clubs have you played?
I belonged to Jonkoping :s Renju Club for a long time and then a short period to Stockholm , before I left Sweden . I was playing a lot with "OMOK-Club" in Seoul in South Korea when I lived in Korea 2000-2002.

4. Which are your best results in national and international tournaments (Usual tournaments and e-mail tournaments). Which is your international rating for the moment?
I have not been so successful in the large important tournaments. At the moment my rating is 2372 (2004-09-12) and that means the 34:th place.

5. Which is the best player you have met?
The best player ever have met is Ando Meritee. He combines a good theoretical knowledge with a very fast thinking. Obviously this is a very strong combination.

6. Can you explain why you enjoy Renju?
I do not have any good explanation. I guess it is a combination of using my brain and the social thing about meeting friends, and people from other countries.

7. Which are your plans for the future as a player?
I am Vice president in RIF since August 2003, so I hope that I can contribute to Renju globally in many ways. I moved back to Seoul in Korea the 11:th of October 2004 so I hope to play Renju there and help in any way I can. I will take part in tournaments in the future, but I do not know when.

8. Have you anything else to tell that you think that I should have asked for?
I hope that Renju and RIF will be more organized in the world in the future. Sometimes communication is a problem and many people lack information.

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