Renjuplayers in the world - 3. Carlo Tibaldi


 0.Your name, your nationality, your age, male or female.

Carlo Tibaldi, Italian, 44, male


 1.When did you start to play renju and how did you learn it?


I played 5-in-a-row at high school (27 years ago) and discovered renju

about 7 years ago


 2.Do you play in a club? In which clubs have you played?


I only play by e_mail


 3.Which are your best results in national and international tournaments

 (Usual  tournaments and e-mail tournaments). Which is your international rating

 for the  moment?

Not applicable


 4.Which is the best player you have met?


I think I played Ando Meritee in a WC by e-mail. I play Go with Kazuto

Hasegawa, Norio Nishizono and Leonid Glouhovskj


5.Can you explain why you enjoy renju?


I should say that I prefer Go. I find Renju a little too tactical


 6.Which is your plans for the future as a player?


Attend the WC by e_mail


 7.Please, send me an image of you - if possible a jpg- or gif-file.


Sorry, but I have no foto of mysefl :)

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