Renjuplayers in the world - 71. Deng-Jin Hui

I'm chinese player Deng-Jin Hui

I start my renju life from 1995,and in 1996, I became China Beijing champion, 2 kyo!

And 1996 I had got to Russian for the first team championship with Mr Na Wei and Mr Du yu! As you know we got the last!

In 1998 I won the Chinese champion,5 dan! and from 1998 I and Bai tao (5 dan), Zhang hui (5 dan), Yin li cheng (5 dan), Cui yue (5 dan) foundation a renju school!

I'm the schoolmaster, and Bai tao is assistant schoolmaster! Now there are 700 students in the school! and three students get one dan diploma!

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