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0.Your name, your nationality, your age, male or female.


My name is Irene Einberg. I am an Estonian and I am a female. I was born in 1978.



1.When did you start to play renju and how did you learn it?


I started to play renju in autumn 1996. My first teacher was Ants Soosõrv.



2.Do you play in a club? In which clubs have you played?


I have played in Tallinn renju club. Due to the changes in my life I have moved to Sweden and now I am a member of the Stockholm renju club.


3.Which are your best results in national and international tournaments (Usual

tournaments and e-mail tournaments). Which is your international rating for the



To be honest, I am not a very good player. Renju is a beloved hobby for me.

I have participated two times in Women World Championship – I was 10th in St.Petersburg and 13th in Beijing. Once I have participated in Wettercupen ‘98. I got the 19th place.

My international rating at a moment should be 1693.


4.Who is the best player you have met?


Stefan Karlsson, of course J.

If you want to know who is the strongest player I have played with, then it is Ando Meritee.


5.Can you explain why you enjoy renju?


There are many sides in renju that attract me. Firstly, although the rules and principle of renju are rather easy to understand, there is still so much to discover. So many times you find out that you have a totally wrong view on the position.

The other very side of the game is the “renju family”. We are a group of people who have very different backgrounds, but there is always a magical atmosphere when renju fans are together.

Travelling and participating in tournaments are definitely the main reason why the people involved stay together.

A value in itself for me is that the game has not reached the so called professional level. There is no struggling for the money...


6.Which is your plans for the future as a player?


My big aim is to take part in the Third Women World Championship in Japan and have the tournament of my life…
































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