Renjuplayers in the world - 67. Joachim Gaulitz

0.Your name, your nationality, your age, male or female.

Joachim Gaulitz, Sweden, born 1975, male.

1.When did you start to play renju and how did you learn it? How many years have you played renju?

I played Renju for the first time in October 1994, since March 1995 I play Renju several times per week.

2.Do you play in a club? In which clubs have you played?

Today I play for the Stockholm Renju Club, but when I started to play I played for the local club in Härnösand. There Björn Wallgren became my coach and friend. He is still my friend and in some ways he is still my coach.

3.Which are your best results in national and international

tournaments (Usual tournaments and e-mail tournaments). Which is your international rating for the moment?

1999 1st place in Swedish Championship in Renju

1999 1st place in Swedish Team Championship in Renju

1998 5th place in European Championship in Renju

1997 1st place in Swedish Championship via mail.

1998 7th place in World Championship via email

My present rating is 2290 (990929)

4.Which is the best player you have met?

hmmm, Ando Meritee is a great player, but I think that I'm even more impressed by the way Stefan Karlsson  plays Renju.

5.Can you explain why you enjoy renju?


6.Which is your plans for the future as a player?

For the moment I don't have any more goals to fulfill. So I guess my future plans are just to play fun Renju games and to teach new players the little I can.

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