Renjuplayers in the world - 27. Lauri Naber

I think, that i am not very interesting for another players, because i do not play renju very much any more, but anyway, i can give my answers

1. Lauri Naber, Estonia, 20 years, male

2. Started to play renju 1992, when one of my friends brought me to the Kullo hobbycenter in Tallinn. Before it i had played only five-in-a-row, then i learnt the renju rules.

3. About clubs: i have played in Kullo hobbycenter

4. Best results: i do not think i have any very good results, my best ones are i think: 2nd place in Estonian qualifications for 1996 EC in Stockholm, (wins over Soosyrv & Tuvikene), and 4th place in European youth championships 1997 in Karepa. I do not think the latter is a good result but in international level i have no good results at all.

5. Best player i have met: no doubt, it is Ando Meritee

6. I enjoy renju as a good mean for spending my free time, that costs nothing and give me an opportunity to use my mind

7. I have no future plans in renju, because i think i am quitted from serious playing (but who knows)

8. i have no photo to send, so i must apologise that i do not send it

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