Renjuplayers in the world - 4. Martin Kusak

0.Your name, your nationality, your age, male or female.

Martin Kusak, Czech Republic, 19, male


1.When did you start to play renju and how did you learn it?

1 year ago, I played five-in-a-row before but then I heard about renju

from another Czech, Robert Samal and read some books (from Sagara,

Ikawa & Sakata and Renju for beginners) and from January I play on PBeM

server which I really enjoy.


2.Do you play in a club? In which clubs have you played?

Unfortunetely there is no renju club in the Czech Republic yet but we

intend to found such in the future if there will be an interest.


3.Which are your best results in national and international tournaments

(Usual tournaments and e-mail tournaments). Which is your international rating

for the moment?

no tournaments yet nor rating


4.Which is the best player you have met?

I hadn't any opportunity to meet a renju player except some people from



5.Can you explain why you enjoy renju?

Probably the quick twists make this game so interesting for me - a little

mistake can be fatal.


6.Which are your plans for the future as a player?

I want to play at next WC via email. We would like to have an

international tournament in Prague if possible.


7.Please, send me an image of you - if possible a jpg- or gif-file.

Sorry but I don't have any.

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