Renjuplayers in the world - 46. Norio Nishizono

0.My name is Norio Nishizono. I'm Japanese, 43years old and male.

1. I started to play renju in 1982. Before that day, I played gomoku personally, and I could win all game against my friends even if I played white in GOMOKU's rule. So I think (believe) that I'm one of the top GOMOKU player in Japan. One day, I found Renju club in Kyoto. So I played Renju in this club. BUT! . . . I lost many games easily against young boys. My confidence was destroyed by them. After that, I learned renju books, I played many games. So I have played Renju for 17 years.

2. I usually play in Kyoto-Renju-Kai.

In INTERNET, 5WIN, PlaySite, Goo(Japanese Gomoku site).

3. My best result

10th place in World Championship 1999 in Beijing.

1st place in Meijin Tournament 1998, in Japan.

My rating is 2586.(1999/9/29)

4. I met and play with many good players.

Nakamura, Kawamura, Hasegawa, Meritee, Karlsson . . . . .

BEST? (-_-) . . . . ! Nishizono! (^_^)

5. Why do I play renju? I can't explain. I like to teach something to other people, not only Renju. Renju is the game which is easy to teach (learn) first and has long way to climb up. This will be the reason that I continued to play, enjoy, teach, Renju.

6. My player's plan is ..... hoomm . . . play for long time. That's all.

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