Renjuplayers in the world - 25. Peter Widman

0. My name is Peter Widman and I'm 38 years old and live in Arjeplog.

1. I got interested in renju when the World Championchip was in Arjeplog 1993 but I started to play 1995. I have played renju for 4 years. Mostly with other players in Arjeplog.

2. I play in AROLF Arjeplogs Renju Och luffarschack Förening.

3. I haven't played in so many national tournaments. I have only played "SM in Renju by Mail" I think that this 1999 years result in this competion is my best. My best result in a competions where you meet over a table is a 12 place in SM of Russian Luffarschack in Högsjö 1999. My swedish rating is 1469.

4. The best player I have met is Hannes Hermansson.

5. My brain get some exercise and the logical thinking improves.

6. My planes for the future is to learn more so that I one day can win even against the strongest player in Sweden and that I can enjoy playing Renju even when I'm to old to work.

7. I don't think you have any image of me and I don't have any to send you in computer format.

8. My planes for next year is to help my club arranging the Youth World Champion Chip in Arjeplog. And try to learn our young Renju players in Arjeplog more Renju so that they can give those who come and play a good match.

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