Renjuplayers in the world - 20. Tommy Maltell

0. My name is Tommy Maltell. I am Swedish, male and 57 years old.

1. I learned how to play Gomoku from my parents. 1975 I heard about a big match in Gomoku in Sweden. Alf Dahlgren should meet Knut Westlund. I went to the match as a spectator. After the match I met the winner Alf Dahlgren and we played friendly match. Then I understood that I had much to learn. I lost the match (3-17). I can say that during several other games with Alf Dahlgren I learnt to play gomoku (totally free played five-in-a-row on a paper writing crosses and circles as we played in Sweden at that time). 

Alf also know a danish player (he is still RIF Connection Man for Denmark) Torben Zahle. Sweden and Denmark played some international matches at that time and in one of them I had the honour to be a member of the Swedish team.  Alf told me that Torben had told him that Gomoku was well-known and much played in Japan. The danish players were surprisingly strong as we know they did not play so many tournaments. They had help from Japanese books about the sure win but we did not understand this fact. 

At last we understood. After some years I tried to find gomoku-players in Japan. I read about Go in Sweden and contacted a Swedish Go-player. He also know about gomoku in Japan and told me to write to the publisher Richard Bozulich. (Later he published Five-In-a-row/Renju by Ikawa/Sakata.) I wrote to Richard and he told me about Wataru Ikawa and renju and he also sent me Japanese books on renju. This way I also got in touch with Nihon Renju Sha.

2. I started the Jönköping club in the end of 1980. I have played in this club since then. 

3.   My best results are as follows: I won the Swedish Gomoku Championship  (the last time that we played with the totally free played five-in-a-row in Sweden National Championship) 1980. I also won the 1st Swedish Championship of Renju 1981. I have won the Swedish Championship of Pente 2 times. My international rating is 2080.

4.I have played some short unserious games with both Shigeru Nakamura and Ando Meritee. 

5.   I played chess a lot when I was younger but I always thought gomoku was more fun and I was very sorry that I could not find serious gomoku playing or clubs in Sweden at that time. I have always liked logical thinking and to solve logical problems. Mathematical problems of course are very interesting too but renju is on the right abstract level for me.

6.     Some day I hope I will get time to play on Internet and I also hope I will get time again to play in usua tournaments. I hope that our club in Jönköping will remain in the future so that I can play there every Wednesday evening as usual.

7.     Since the start of Renju International Federaton on the 8th of August 1988 I was the president of this organisation. 1995 I started the RIF Web Site and I also was the Webmaster for several years. On the General Assembly in Kyoto on the 6th of August 2001 I resigned as president and Webmaster.

From that date I am a usual player and when I get more time I hope to come back as a player in different ways.Till that I am local player in the Jönköping Renju Club. I am still the Web Master of this club and if you want to send some info to me, please, do it on this page after choosing link "Kontakt" in the menu.

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