Renjuplayers in the world - 74. Vladimir Nazarov

0. Vladimir Nazarov, Ukraine, 33, М.

1.   I began to play in the beginning of 80’s thanks to articles in magazine “Nauka i Zhizn” (”The Science and the Life”). The first tournament was a festival in 1984.

2.   There is no club in my town. Before 1986 I played in the Vinnitsa Polytechnic Institute’s club.

3.   Among more or less decent results, I can mention victory in the Ukrainian Championship in 1990. (4th place in tournament – 3 first were occupied by players from Moscow) I don’t have international rating now – I haven’t played for 8 years already. In 1991 before this interruption, I had rating about 2300.

4.   There is a big difference between ”to meet” and ”to play with”. The best players, I played with, are M.Biryukov, M.Kozhin, I.Sinyov..

5.   The game is beautiful, fascinating, interesting. Players (mostly) are nice, tolkative, friendly.  

6.   To return the past – sport shape, acquaintances. So, because of that – to play!    

7.   I’ll try to send a photo in the closest time. I make photos not very often, and all the more I work with own photos. Because of that, it is a problem  to find something decent, to scan and to send. Not very big, but problem. .

8.   Sometime I came to conclusion, which can seem strange, but anyway: ”Everybody conside as good that person, who had no time to do anything bad”. Renju players assemble in competitions for short time and they are busy by beautiful and interesting thing. Assemble more often and you will meet more of good people.

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