Games from the 35th Japanese Meijin Final

1st game

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TB Black: Nakamura White: Hasegawa B41

Until 12th move, it is quite popular for all over the world. Move 13 is the latest move and has a lot of unknown situation. Of course you know this move was shown in the previous WC.

Actually, the game between Nara and Nakamura in the latest Meijinsen Tournament was played 21,20 instead of 20 (Nakamura played) Nakamura mentioned after the game he believed the point of 21 was the important, so he moved 21(making four) before 20. It means until 21th, black might be a little advantage. I think 22 was doubtful. It works right side but left side is free. From 23 to 31, thier moves made black keep advantage. I believe white is difficult to protect at this situation, but 32 was lost move. If 32-34, then the situation was still difficult even though black had a great advantage. I show the 32’s variation finally. Anaway, Nakamura came back with strong power. Do you think so?

by Norihiko Kawamura

meij971b.jpg (46954 bytes)
The variation of 32th move


2nd game

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Black: Nakamura TB White: Hasegawa B41

Until 19th move, it is exactly same as the 1st game, however Hasegawa’s tentative black. Nakamura seemed to like black side at this pattern. 20th move is Nakamura’s suggestion. 23, 25 was Nakamura’s tactics. I think 26, 28th move was passive and weak even for protection. Therefor, 31th move was very good. Besides, 33th move was the winning move. After that, I could not find any protection for white. Meijin Hasegawa was so afraid of Nakamura’s attacking, I feel. ( Actually, his attacking is very strong....)

by Norihiko Kawamura

3rd game

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3rd game Nakamura(TB)-Hasegawa B41

Nakamura was black in this game, too. As you know, until 17 is the most popular situation however 5th move is different. Hasegawa chose unusual 18,20, but that was common for foreign players, I believe. I think 21 was steady and better. I don’t know 22 was good but it was Hasegawa’s choice. I don’t think 26-30 was good because they caused white disadvantage a littel bit. Black moves were natural. They were Nakamura’s move. I am surprized Meijinsen Final finished so early. The main reason was Nakamura showed his true strength and Hasegawa lost against himself, I think.

by Norihiko Kawamura

Games from 35 Meijin-Sen Tournament

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