Norihiko Kawamura vs Kazuto Hasegawa

The games of the 34th Japanese Meijin-sen Final

Link to the results of the 34 first Mejin-sen Finals.

The games shown are screen-shots from the program Database 5.9. This program mainly is an encyclopedia of renju games. However, you can also write your own games in this program. If you download Database freeware and if you also download Data.buf which is only 13 kB you are able to see all 51 Meijin-sen games. You must put the Data.buf-file in the same map (directory) as the datafree.exe and datafree.dba files. After opening the program click on F3.

The games - all comments by Norihiko Kawamura

Game 1

I am sorry but I cannot find the comments - Tommy Maltell

Game 2

2nd game --- Hasegawa won at 88th move D3

I was a tentative black and selected D3. He chose white and 5th was beside of 1st move. (under 4th move) He made three at 6th move. It means that variation was Mr. Sagara's favorite. (He played it in the Meijinsen tournament this year) I attacked very dangerously but he defenced correctly. At last I gave up attack but could not protect white's victory.

Game 3

3rd game --- Kawamura won at 60th move D8

I selected D8 as I was tentative black again. D8 was very successful last year, you know. This time, Hasegawa played old style at 9th move and changed 25th move. I spent a lot of time to make a new road at 26. As I thought 26 was good, he played beyond my idea. But the situation kept white attacking. Black made a mistake, I am sure I could win but I could not find any victory. Finally, I played "trickly" move because of spending all time. Fortunately (for me), he did not notice my "true mean". So, I could make black double four.

Game 4

4th game: Hasegawa black VS Kawamura white in D11 - Draw at 76th move

As Mr. Hasegawa chose D11, I selected white again. He changed 13th move, which was the point of upper 2nd move. As I missed white attacking at the middle of the game, black kept a little advantage. But black could not win and it lead to a draw.

Game 5

5th game Black Hasegawa 1-0 White (T.B) Kawamura D8 at 29th move - Total 3-2 Hasegawa won

Kawamura comments:
As I was a tentative black, I seleceted D8 again. Mr. Hasegawa chose another 5th move and went a typical 17th move. I think I could protect black's attack, but his 21th move was beyond my idea. Unfortunately I made a big mistake at 22th move. He found an easy win from 23.

Meijinfinal 1995