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1995 July - December

December 1995

RIF Central Committee  and  Jönköping´s Renju Club wish you

A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Renju Year

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A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Renju Year

December, 22, 1995

European Championship in Renju - Report from Pavel Salnikov

On the 21st of December the Second European Championship has been finished. Unfortunately, only 14 participants took part in that tournament. In spite of the little number of players the tournament has been held by the Swiss System in 9 rounds as it was declared before.

The list of total results is as follows:

1. Aleksandr Klimashin (Russia) - 6.5 2. Mikhail Kozhin (Russia) - 6.5 3. Vladimir Semionov (Russia) - 5.5 4. Stepan Peskov (Russia) - 5.5 5. Vladimir Filinov (Russia) - 5 6. Pavel Salnikov (Russia) - 5 7. Ants Soosyrv (Estonia) - 5 8. Bjorn Wallgren (Sweden) - 5 9. Rickard Johannesson (Sweden) - 5 10. Viktor Aleksandrov (Russia) - 4.5 11. Feliks Degtiar (Byelarus) - 3 12. Goran Holgersson (Sweden) - 3 13. Andrej Pavinich (Russia) - 2.5 14. Oleg Ermakov (Byelarus) - 1

Internet celebration game Kawamura-Reims

Preparations are made to arrange an Internet renju game between World Champion and Japanese Meijin Norihiko Kawamura and from several World Championships experienced Aldis Reims from Riga in Latvia. Two possible days are discussed: 7th or 14th of January.

How the game will be played is not yet decided. If it possible to make it they will play in "real-time".

December 19, 1995

Report from Richard W. Rognlie regarding WC via e-mail

Here are the standings thus far, along with the status of each player. Pool Name W L T Best Games Remaining ---- ---------------- --- --- --- ---- -------------------------- a * Reims 10 1 0 11 a21 a ? Laibini 9 2 0 10 a32 a ? Terekhov 7 1 0 11 a21* a26* a32* a62* a Frid 5 4 0 8 a26 a62 a76 a Li 3 8 0 4 a45 a Pedersen 2 9 0 3 a45* a Sheffi 0 11 0 1 a76* b * Sinyov 11 0 1 11.5 b * Demidov 10 1 1 10.5 b Tibaldi 6 6 0 6 b Lipsits 6 6 0 6 b Pingel 6 6 0 6 b van Dijk 2 10 0 2 b Xie 0 12 0 0 c * Alexandrov 9 0 1 9.5 c * Barth 8 2 0 8 c Gurckis 4 4 1 5.5 c15* c Rognlie 4 6 0 4 c Chen 3 6 0 4 c15 c Radkov 0 10 0 0 Pool B is done. Sinyov and Demidov will advance. Pool C is effectively done. Alexandrov and Barth will advance. Pool A is still being fought over. Reims will advance regardless of remaining games outcomes. Laibini might advance, if Terekhov loses 2 or more games, or if Reims loses his remaining game, or Terekhov loses 1 games, and Laibini wins his remaining game. All three could advance if: Terekhov and Laibini are tied after all is said and done. Remaining games in pool a: Reims-Terekhov Frid-Terekhov Terekhov-Laibinis Pedersen-Li terekhov-Frid Sheffi-Frid Remaining games in pool c: Gurckis-Chen

December 11, 1995

A Renju trip to China- Peter Jonsson

On Nov 10-21 Mr Jan Palmgren and I were in Beijing, China. We met a lot of Renju enthusiasts and the lasting impression is that China will become an important Renju nation in the future. Even if we did not take part in any tournament, we played quite many friendship games with the Beijing players.

Nowadays it is quite cheap for Swedish people to go to China. The cost for airplane ticket and lodging in a nice hotel for 11 days is about 900 US $.

When we arrived we met Mr Na Wei, his wife Hana and some other Renju players. We agreed that a lot of our time would be used to give the Chinese players dan/kyu-titles. Every evening two or more players came to our hotel and they were given the same dan/kyu tests as we have in Sweden. Early we realized that they were quite strong players but that they also lacked theory knowledge. The results of the tests varied from 10-kyu to 2-kyu.

Some days we took a trip to some schools where Renju are played by the pupils. In one school "Spring River School" 300 children played Renju. There are 20-30 schools of that kind. There are also evening- and weekendschools for Renju.

At a 32-players Women tournament we watched Gang Zhou winning the final over her younger sister Gang Tao. Those girls played very impressive and my opinion is that they can get good results in the 1st Women World Championship in 1997.

Renju in China is grooving all the time because of the work of Mr Na Wei and his Renju friends. Two persons are working full time with Renju. The Beijing club is the strongest for the time being. Other Clubs are situated in Shanghai and some other eight cities.

Internationally, the Chinese players plan to join the 1st World Team Championship and the 1st Youth World Championship. I am sure that the strongest Chinese players must take part in international tournaments in order to get stronger.

Besides all Renju we had the opportunity to visit the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace, each of them breathtaking.

When we returned home, some people asked me how the Chinese food was. My answer was simply: "Peter Jonsson + 5 kilograms, Jan Palmgren + 4 kilograms".

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Peter Jonsson
General Secretary of RIF

Mr Na Wei has already written a book on Renju in Chinese. Here you can see the first page.

December, 9, 1995

Photos from Linköping Open

You can get some photos from Linköping Open from below:

Tournament winner Ando Meritee

No 3 - Stefan Karlsson

Rickard Johannesson and Ants Soosorv

Jonas Frid (Swedish  representative in e-mail WC ) and Göran Holgersson

Björn Wallgren and Tord Andersson

Photo on many players on many boards

December, 5, 1995

Information from Pavel Salnikov about S:t Petersburg Cup

The semifinal stage of the 10th tournament for the  St.Petersburg  Cup  is
finished. Forth time one after the other Viktor Aleksandrov and Pavel Sal-
nikov will struggle for the title of the Cup Winner in the 4 games  match.
The final games dates are: 9.12 and 23.12.

The results of the previous stages of that tournament are as follows:

Quarterfinal matches:

1. Vladimir Filinov   - Kirill Moiseev      - 3:0
2. Viktor Aleksandrov - Aleksandr Klimashin - 3:1
3. Vladimir Semionov  - Andrej Mishin       - 3:0
4. Pavel Salnikov     - Aleksandr Ozhinsky  - 3:0

Semifinal matches:

1. Viktor Aleksandrov - Vladimir Filinov  - 2.5:0.5
2. Pavel Salnikov     - Vladimir Semionov -  3 : 1

Info from Ando Meritee about Karepa tournament in Estonia August 1996

December, 4, 1995

News From Aldis Reims in Riga

On December 2/3 in Riga was held first part of Baltic Championship Final tournament. 10 best players of Baltic States played first 4 rounds from 9.

Situation of tournament after rounds 1-4:

1.-2. Gatis Gurtskis LAT 4.0 (SOO 1,MAT 1,DRE 1,AND 1) Aldis Reims LAT 4.0 (MER 1,BAL 1,VEI 1,SOO 1) 3. Ando Meritee EST 3.0 (REI 0,DEM 1,MAT 1,BAL 1) 4.-5. Yelena Balanova LAT 2.0 (AND 1,REI 0,DEM 1,MER 0) Ants Soosorv EST 2.0 (GUR 0,DRE 1,AND 1,REI 0) 6.-10. Arnis Veidemanis LAT 1.0 (DRE 1,AND 0,REI 0,DEM 0) Raimonds Dreimanis LAT 1.0 (VEI 0,SOO 0,GUR 0,MAT 1) Andris Andersons LAT 1.0 (BAL 0,VEI 1,SOO 0,GUR 0) Valery Matyuk LAT 1.0 (DEM 1,GUR 0,MER 0,DRE 0) Alexei Demidov LAT 1.0 (MAT 0,MER 0,BAL 0,VEI 1)

Most interesting results:

ROUND1. Reims won Meritee as black in I4. Gurtskis won Soosorv as black in I6. Balanova won Andersons in I10 as black.

ROUND2. Veidemanis lost against Andersons, Reims in a long game as white won Balanova in D3. Gurtskis won Matyuk in I12 as black.

ROUND3. Reims won Veidemanis in I1 in 16 moves with white stones. Meritee (white) in a very long game tricked Matyuk in I3. Andersons didn't realize probably winning situation against Soosorv and lost.

ROUND4. Meritee(white) easy won Balanova in I3. Demidov won Veidemanis (!!!) and Dreimanis won Matyuk (!!!). Reims won by white Soosorv in I10. Gurtskis won Andersons in a long game.

Rounds 5-9 will be played on January 20/21. Two best players from this tournament will play Baltic "Meijinmatch" from 4 games in Tallinn (February/March).

In Division B first tournament won Vairis Mutsenieks (LAT). Players in Division B play 2 tournaments and player with best total result will get a place in next year's Final tournament without qualification.

November, 28

Contents: 1. Results from Linköping Open. 2. 1996 Tokai regional championship qualification final. 3. Announcement of 21st VCF contest from Japan.

Report from Linköping Open 25th-26th of November 1995

With this tournament it is decided which 5 players from Sweden that are qualified to play in European Championship in December in S:t Petersburg.

It is
A) The 2 finalists in the Swedish Cup:
Ingvar Sundling and Stefan Karlsson.
B) Qualified because of Linköping Open :
Tord Andersson, Göran Holgersson and Rickard Johannesson.

Some of the qualified players have problems to go and probably  the Swedish representatives will be Göran Holgersson, Rickard Johannesson, Björn Wallgren and Bengt Asplund.

1996 Tokai regional championship qualification final

26th Nov, 1995 @ Hamamatsu

Shinichi Ishitani (8 dan) 3-0 Takeo Miyoshi (8 dan) 2-1 Tsuyoshi Ohta (5 dan) 1-2 Shuichi Saito (5 dan) 0-3

Top two persons were qualified for the final three games match which will be held on 21st Jan, 1996.

Announcement of 21st VCF contest from Japan.

21st VCF(Victory of Continuous Four) contest will be held on "Renju Sekai", which is a monthly Renju magazine in Japan, in April 1996. We call for new, interesting and artificial VCF problems from all over the world.

The contributed problems ought to meet the following restrictions:

1) Black stone must be placed on the center of the board. 2) If the problem is intended to win of black, the number of black and white stones in the problem must be the same. Whereas if the problem is intended to win of white, the number of black stones must be the number of white stones plus one. 3) Each problem must have a title. One contributor can send more than one problem.

Contributor is requested to send problems and their answers to Tsuyoshi Ohta by e-mail,, by January 31, 1996. We are looking forward to your problems!

21th VCF contest committee

Tsuyoshi Ohta Research Assistant Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Information, Shizuoka University, 3-5-1 Johoku, Hamamatsu, 432 JAPAN E-mail: Tel: 81-53-478-1238 Fax: 81-53-475-4595

November 18, 1995

Results from Swedish Championship in Five-In-A-Row

New Web-pages showing member-countries and connection-men in tables

If you have at least Netscape 1.1 or an equal browser you can now see the list of countries withing RIF also in four tables:
Members and Connection Men within RIF
E-mail addresses within RIF
Telephone numbers and Fax numbers within RIF
Mailing addresses within RIF

November 16, 1995

New interactive Web-page where you can play gomoku

From Nick Alexandrov today I received information about a new Web-page called WinFive. On this page you can play gomoku on line with a computer. A shareware MS-Windows version is available from this page. This is the first text when you check the page: "WinFive(TM), also known as Go-Moku or Rengi is an ancient game of strategy. This version of WinFive(TM) uses a highly sophisticated computer algorithm making it very hard to beat. The algorithm has been developed by Alexander Sidorenko. This is the best algorithm ever implemented on a computer. The interface has been developed by Leon Charny." I have not tested the program yet myself. I will try but as usual I have very little time to do it. However, if you do it, please, let me know about your opinion. You will find the page on this URL-address:

Russian First League from the 6th to the 11th of November in Briansk

New Web-page with information from Alexander Nosovsky about
RenbaseW - Global Database

November 14, 1995

Now you will find all 3 Meijin-Final games with comments to all 3 games by Aldis Reims from the links below.

Japanese Meijin Final Games with links to photos of players (quicker loading).
Japanese Meijin Final Games with photos of players.

November, 12, 1995

Results from just finished Semi-Finals in the Swedish Cup.

All games were played November 11th - November 12th.

November 11, 1995

2 letters from Japan to the Renju Players in the World

To all fan of renju all of the world.

Nihon Renju Sha, the incorporated body, had been managed as the derector general was Mr. Shigetaro Mikami for a long time. But the growth of renju in the world was rapid and changing to use any medium(computer, network, etc.), Mr. Mikami retired voluntarily , hoping to gather the young power that cope with the world renju situation.

After that, Mr. Yoshimi Hayakawa who is the vice-president of RIF and familiar to the fan of renju in the world, have taken up his post as the derector general of Nihon Renju Sha.

We think that we must strengthen the Hayakawa organization as soon as possible, and cope with the world's Renju which continue to spread all around the world.

Please, expect to new Hayakawa executive organization.

1st November, 1995
Nihon Renju Sha, the incorporated body.

(translated by Nishizono)

To all fan of renju all of the world.

I, Hayakawa, took up my post as the derector general of Nihon Renju Sha, the incorporated body.

This year is 13th from visit to Sweden putting up "Spread Renju to the world". The speed of spreading Renju is ten years earlier than my biggining plan. I'm now little puzzeled.

I and Mr. Masao Mitsumori 9-dan have been to Peking in China to spread Renju, 7th-10th Oct. Renju had great popularity in China. There are 260 players gathering to open guidance. We prepared only 50 texts only from Japan.... We suprised again that the leader said there are 900 persons who wanted to look to me for guidance!

They could use every technique, and very strong. We authorized one 1-dan, one 2-kyu , two 3-kyu ..(cut after)... But if they understand the opening pattern, Dan player will be over 50 players at once. They will appear to the world's stage, I think it is not so far.

The day after the open guidance, we were showed the elementary school which used Renju to school work. This elementary school had 630 students, and ALL students played Renju as school work. The rule is RIF rule, we felt intensity from them.

I felt actualy that we must not stand idle. When I felt it , I agreed to be the derector general. Now I am making contact to all friends of similar tastes all over Japan, and I start to make active organization.

Mr. Masao Mitsumori, Mr. Toshiro Sawai and Mr. Goro Sakata, who are famous in the world, are vice derector general to make agreement smoothly. Mr. Shin-ichi Ishitani, Mr. Hiroyuki Tatsutomi, Mr. Norio Nishizono, Mr. Hideki Nara, Mr. Kazuto Hasegawa and other person who had been to forreign countries, took the post of main charge in Renju Sha. So I think that they will play the important parts to contact to you all over the world.

September of next year(1996) is the 30th anniversary of our incorporated body. I think that we held any event that you expect. Please wait a little to organize well the Hayakawa organization in Japan. After that, we will start to take an active role in Japan and world's Renju.

KANPAI(bottoms up) ! Renju the hobby.

1st November, 1995
Nihon Renju Sha, the incorporated body.
Yoshimi Hayakawa the derector general.

Head office :

Kyoto branch:

(translated by Nishizono)

Norihiko Kawamura won the Japanese Meijin Final

Norihiko Kawamura won also the 3rd game in the Japanese Meijin-Final. Therefore he won the whole match and he is still Meijin till he will be challenged next year. All three games and comments by Aldis Reims to game 1 and 2 you will now find on the

New page showing the games in the Japanese Meijin Final

with comments by Aldis Reims

Today only 2 full games are presented but the page will soon be updated with all three games and with more comments.

Japanese Meijin Final Games with links to photos of players (quicker loading).
Japanese Meijin Final Games with photos of players.

November 6, 1995

New RIF page

New page with links to all results from different tournament.

October 30, 1995

News from Latvia

Results from Baltic Championship Qualification Round in Riga.

October 29, 1995

Results from Swedish School Championship

October 28, 1995

Proposed new opening rule for renju

During the RIF General Assembly in Tallinn in August (#19) Mr Hayakawa spoke about the new opening rules for the Meijin-Sen. The new rule is as follows:

"In starting the game the tentative Black plays all the first three moves" (two for black and one for white)i.e. he decides which of the 26 patterns that will be used.(Instead of #12.2-12.4 in the official rules of RIF). "Then the tentative White decides which of the players that will play as Black and as White in the game" (White has the right to change sides).This is the same as #12.5 in the official rules of RIF and the following opening rules are also the same as before.

Some important players have said that they want to change the rule of RIF to be the same as was tested in the Meijin-Sen tournament mentioned above. The organizer of the European Championship Pavel Salnikov even wanted to use these rules in the EC in December. However in big international tournaments we have to use the current official rules. We have the same situation in the World Team Championship Tournament in April-May 1996.

Only the General Assembly of RIF can decide to change the rules. If several member-countries within RIF want to change the rules it is possible to arrange an extra General Assembly during WC-team championship in April-May 1996. Then the new rules could be used in tournaments arranged after the Team World Championship.

What is the reason for the suggestion to change the opening rule?
Today it is possible for a player to study only 13+1 opening patterns for example all 13 indirect openings and 1 direct opening. In the long run this will not develop the theory of renju. For example today the openings D3, D8 are therefore not played so often. With the new rule all players must study all 26 openings.

What will be the problems if we change the rules?
It is always difficult to inform about changes of the offical rules and it is good if the offical rules will be firm during a long period without being changed. This gives a solid impression.

Any RIF member-country but also any individual player that have comments to the proposal may send the comments to Tommy Maltell. After some time I will give these thoughts to Central Committee to decide wheater we should arrange an extra General Assembly or not.

Official information

Offical RIF terminology is as follows:

Direct opening 3 = D3
Indirect opening 1 = I1
Please, do not use the words
Vertical (V) instead of Direct (D) or
Diagonal (D) instead of Indirect (I).

New possibilities using the program "Database" by Oleg Stepanov

There are three encyclopedias, collections of games, in renju.

As you have maybe seen on the Web-page of RIF one of them is the program "Database" from Oleg Stepanov from Russia with more than 13000 games in a DOS-program. A free version with more than 1000 games played by strong players you can get from the RIF Web page. Info: If you install the free program, press F1, F8, F3 and browse with the arrrow keys between the games.

Now inside the version 4.2 with 13000 games is also a playing program. According to Oleg Stepanov it has a fast and deep algorith.

Actually I do not have the price for the full version but if you want to subscribe on updates every month the cost is 5$ per month in advance. You can get more information from Oleg Stepanov with e-mail address:

There are two more encyclopedias. On the New Web-page about Encyclopedias you are able to read about all three encyclopedias.

October 24, 1995

See all 26 opening patters of renju and the best alternatives for the 5th move

There are 26 opening patterns of renju. From the Renju Opening Page you can find them all. For the most opening patterns you are also able to see the best and sometimes also some bad alternatives for the 5th move in the most usual variations.

October 22, 1995

New Swedish Magazine is now available

The Swedish Magazine "Fem I Rad" No 2 1995 is now available
med svensk innehållsförteckning
with Table of contents in English.

The deadline for applications to European Championship is 13th of November

Read here about latest news of European Championship in S:t Petersburg in December.

October 20, 1995

Results from Swedish Team-Championship

Results so far from The Swedish Cup

October 16, 1995

Renju World Championship via e-mail has started

Click here if you want more information about this tournament.

October 15, 1995

New easier way to read the pages of RIF

The RIF Pages are now possible to see using "frames".You can only see the frames if you have Netscape 2.0. Click here if you want to see the RIF pages using Frames.

October, 9

Meijin Kawamura won the 1st game in Meijin-match against Hasegawa.

Schedule for the Japanese Meijinsen Final between Kawamura and Hasegawa

1st game 8th of October in Kyoto 2nd game 22th of October in Kyoto 3rd game 5th of November in Kobe 4th game 19th of November 5th game 3rd of December

Japanese Meijin Final Games with links to photos of players (quicker loading).
Japanese Meijin Final Games with photos of players.

Russia is intending to organize the Fifth World Championship in Renju.

New suggested rules of

The 2nd European Championship
The 1st World Team Championship

October, 3

2 delegations will go to China

On the 7th of October Vice President of RIF Mr Hayakawa and former Japanese Meijin-finalist Mr Mitsumori will go from Japan to China to visit the Chinese Renjuplayers.

On the 10th-18th of November General Secretary of RIF Peter Jonsson and winner of Wettercupen Jan Palmgren will go from Sweden to China to visit the Chinese Renjuplayers.

October, 1

2 Chinese players and 2 Chinese organizers will visit Bryansk 1st League of Russian Championship on the 7th-14th November

September, 29

The list of addresses and telephone numbers are updated

For example you can find new fax number to Estonia and Armenia

September, 19

Results from The Japanese Meijin-sen Tournament September 15th - 17th

September, 18

Results from Wettercupen in Renju in Jönköping, Sweden, September 16th-17th

August, 18

List showing the places  in next WC:

AT = A-Tournament:

Japan           -   Kawamura + 1

Russia          -   2

Latvia          -   1

Estonia         -   1

Sweden          -   1

Organizer       -   1 (if the organizing country is not one

                       of the above mentioned countries that

                       already has a place)

The best in QT  -   4 or 5 

QT = Qualification Tournament

Japan      -   Hayakawa + 2

Russia     -   Sinyov + 1

Latvia     -   Gurtskis + 1

Estonia    -   2

Sweden     -   2

Belorussia -   3

Armenia    -   1 (If they pay member-fee 3 QT)

Azerbaidjan-   1 (If they pay member-fee 3 QT)

All countries that will become members before next

WC have  3QT each if no WC 

All other countries than members have 1QT

Denver Software has entered into a marketing agreement

with JC Research of San Jose, California, to market

the computer game " Renju For beginners". They will do

some modification to the game and repackage. 

Tommy Maltell

August, 13

1.Link to the protocol for the General Assembly of the Renju International Federation in Tallinn, Estonia on the 2nd of August 1995

2. On another page you will find information about how to buy the book "Renju For Beginners". RIF will send this book without cost for the addressee to libraries around the world. However, we cannot send to all libries and to how many is not decided yet. The rest of the books will be sold to single players. If you have any good suggestions where to find a list to good libries for this purpose or if you know addresses to special libraries that you recommend, please, let me know.

3.Links to 4 future international tournaments in Renju:

4.Links to information about The Renju World Magazine No 19


Did you know that just before the World Championship of Arjeplog 1993 the General Secretary of RIF Peter Jonsson made a CD with 12 songs. The main song is "Renju is the game".

This CD is possible to order directly by sending 15 US $ in cash in a usual leter to

Peter Jonsson

Munkgatan 5



His telephone is INT +46 36 136735

If you are interested in more information about this CD you are also able to send e-mail to me

(Tommy Maltell) and I will give your questions to Peter.

July, 29, 1995

All news from World Championship in Tallinn, Estonia will be found on the WC Newspage.

July, 10

Results from Swedish Qualification Tournament before WC in Tallinn.

Jonkoping, July 8, 1995

Recently I received this message:

"Date: Thu, 6 Jul 95 20:50:51 +0400 Dear Tommy Very bad news. Nick Mikhailov died yesterday. Yours Respectfully Nosovsky" Nikolai Mikhailov from Tasjkent in Uzbekistan lived since some time in Moscow. Some weeks ago I heard that he had meningitis and was very ill at hospital. On the 12th of March this year he won the Third Open Russian Championship held in Elets. 1989 in the 1st World Championship in Kyoto he was No5 and the strongest player from USSR. 1993 in the 3rd World Championship in Arjeplog, Sweden he was No 9. Nick Mikhailov was a very nice man and he was much liked by many players because of his personal charm. All players within RIF have mourning. Tommy Maltell President of RIF

Old news from the period January - June 1995