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Short general info:

This RIF web site is pretty big. It includes more than 80 folders and more than 2100 files. Most of the info on this site you can find directly from this first page. You are also able to search for pages within this site

This site is MSO Worldwide's thirty-third ever "Link of the Week".

The most important page on this site is the newspage. Almost all new information you will find on this page and usually this info will not be found on other pages. Old news you can find since January 1995. All news are first sent via e-mail in the free Renju Newsletter. Try the subscription page. If you have news that should be published in Renju Newsletter, please see how to send e-mail to webmaster.

The oldest saved version of our site is from March 23, 1995.

Some more interesting pages:

RenjuNet - The entrance to the world of renju    

Online Renju Class - Study Renju online every Thursday with former World Champion Ando Meritee as the teacher.

During the 100-year celebration of the word Renju a great match was played in Japan. Read about the match Meritee-Nakamura 3,5 - 2,5.

On Renjuplayers in the world you can find info about important players.

Read the info how to translate any Japanese article into English
and the you may go to the translation page.

Use our ordinary guestbook for usual messages or the guestbook for getting renju friends

Official documents

  1. Official statues of RIF

  2. Official rules of RIF

  3. General Assembly decisions 2003

  4. General Assembly decisions 2001, part1
    General Assembly decisions 2001, part2
    Opening words from the new president of RIF
    The Commissions

  5. General Assembly decisions 1999

  6. General Assembly decisions 1997, 1995

You want to be a better player: Here are som links you should try if you want to be a better player:

  1. Online Renju Class - Study Renju online every Thursday with former World Champion Ando Meritee as the teacher.

  2. Improve your playing - Read what Alexander Nosovsky thinks in this matter

  3. 24 problems - Try to solve these problems

  4. Encyclopedias (with games) - Study some encyclopedias for example database freeware with 3559 games or buy  Renbase 4.0 for Windows 95

You want to read about or reach some other renju players in the world

  1. Renjuplayers in the world

  2. More than 200 photos

  3. E-mail addresses to renju players

  4. 40 historical renju images with comments

  5. Latest RIF international ratinglist presented by Oleg Stepanov

  6. Old ratinglists in order and according to nations

Why can black always win when you play without any rules: 

The best way to understand this is to read Japanese books about it but there is an advanced computer proof which you can see with Ghostview or try the pdf-file. Read also about Go-Moku and Threat-Space Search.

Links to national pages, rules in different languages, clubs and personal renjupages:

  1. Nihon Renju Sha- Japanese Renju Federation

  2. Swedish Renju Federation (Svenska Luffarschackförbundet)

  3. China Renju federation (RIF China)

  4. Estonian Renju Union

  5. Czech Federation

  6. Finnish Renju Federation

  7. The only official Korea Omok Association

  8. Polish Gomoku, Renju and Pente Association

  9. Hungarian Renju portal

  10. Online Renju Class - Study Renju online with former World Champion Ando Meritee as the teacher.

  11. RenjuNet - The entrance to the world of renju

  12. Alexander Nosovsky┤s page

  13. Renju's Room or Renju no Heya in Japanese
    mostly in Japanese with much info

  14. Oleg Stepanov┤s Web site

  15. California Renju Club

  16. California Club links

  17. Stockholm Renju Club

  18. Jönköping Renju Club (In Swedish)

  19. Jönköping Renju Club History (In English)

  20. Arjeplog Renju Club

  21. About renju in Portuguese language

  22. Informaciˇn general (en espa˝ol)

  23. Björn Wallgren Homepage

  24. The rules in Italian

  25. Yahoo Renju Players Club

  26. Oleg A.Mostovlyansky's page

  27. Kumla Club (In Swedish)

  28. Ren.U (Renju Uppsala)

Links to other mind sport sites:

  1. Pente and Ninuki-renju - on this site about pente

  2. Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO) Worldwide - Bringing Brains Together!

  3. Games Domain

  4. (Japanese Chess)

  5. Swedish Go Info

  6. Oleg Stepanov┤s Web site including Pente database and Shogi program

  7. Swedish Othello Federation

  8. Chess Webs - A Valuable Chess Information Resource and Website

Other links:

  1. - a web thesaurus and lexicon listing under renju, gomoku and go-moku

Short info for beginners: Renju is the professional variant of Go-Moku and uses more sophisticated rules. In renju the black player (the beginner of a game) is not allowed to make double-threes, double-fours or more than five in a row. Renju also uses sophisticated opening rules. Renju International Federation (RIF) was founded on August, 8, 1988. Read more about the history and the rules of renju and other five-in-a-row games on our FAQ-page

Sites where you can play on line or off line: Most players want to use Internet for playing with other players. Here are some links to such places:

  1. including Richard's PBeM Server where you can play a lot of brain games including gomoku, renju and pente

  2. PlaySite - gomoku, renju

  3. It┤s Your Turn

  4. How To Play Renju On

  5. Kurnik Online Games (five in a row: gomoku / renju / pente)

  6. Russian renju site

  7. renjupost Chinese renju site

  8. Online Renju Class Game Server ( national versions available )

  9. Renju Offline

  10. BBS renju Japanese site (also english and chinese)

  11. Five In Line ( gomoku )

Magazines about renju: Renju Newsletter is not the only magazine about renju. Here are some links to online magazines:

  1. Renju Newsletter - Old Renju Newsletters 

  2. Renju World Magazine Online - (Some old articles you can find on a RIF Web page)

  3. Swedish Magazine Fem I Rad

Renju Sekai (in Japanese) is a  paper magazine with 12 issues every year. You can subscribe by sending e-mail to Hideki Nara. He has the e-mail address:

Information and results from tournaments:

  1. World Championship 2005 (29.07 - 7.08)
    World Championship 2005 (29.07 - 7.08) (backup)

  2. Team Renju World Championship 2004

  3. World Championship 2003 (29.07 - 8.08)

  4. World Championship 2003 by e-mail

  5. Renju Newsletter - Usually results are first published here

  6. Latest important tournament results presented by Oleg Stepanov

  7. WC 2002

  8. WC 2001

  9. WC 1999

  10. WC 1997

  11. WC 1995

  12. Renju Youth WC in Arjeplog Sweden played July 30 - August 4, 2000

  13. WC via e-mail

  14. Japanese Meijin Finals games

  15. RIF 10 years celebration tournament

  16. European Championship 1996

  17. Old tournament results - WC, EC, Japanese Meijin finals, Russian (& former Sovjet) Supreme League (High League), Swedish championships

Opening facts: Here are som information about the openings of renju:

  1. 26 openings

  2. Renju Classificator (ROC)

Writings about renju: (from Alexander Nosovsky┤s site)

  1. Renju for beginners (English, Vietnamese)

  2. A Way to Improvement of player's standard

  3. Click of Stones

Playing computer programs:

  1. 25 freeware games and 30 JAVA games - investigation by Alexander Nosovsky

  2. Bill's UNIX Pente Program

  3. GoRenjer - Palm Renju Board

  4. Cruz - Go-Moku program

  5. Super five-stone-game - play Gomoku/Renju game online

  6. Qingqing Lab - play gomoku online

  7. NOESIS 2.1 for WINDOWS - Winner of 3rd place in game tournament in third Computer Renju Championship. Plays Renju and Gomoku including new tournament gomoku rules.

  8. The Go-moku programmers' tournament

  9. Renju Master - renju program

Other programs

  1. RenLib - Renju Library program (freeware)

  2. Database freeware with 3559 games

  3. Renbase 4.0 for Windows 95

  4. NAC - A Five In A Row Game for computer ethusiasts

  5. Luff - Go-Moku program

  6. renjuVCF - solves renju VCF problems

  7. renjuVCT - solves renju VCT problems

Test your skill about renju and renju history:

  1. R Johannesson┤s zipped file with this test and answers

  2. Renju Test Program - a Japanese program which contains 100 renju problem

Contact RIF or the Webmaster

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